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Top 5 Features Of Complete E-commerce Solutions

May 31, 2017

E-commerce is a new way of doing trade, permitting organizations and individuals to sell goods and services online to a wide international audience.

The fastest and easiest way to create the eCommerce solutions is to find a customer-satisfying advance WebBee e-commerce integrated and customize solutions. With us, building the professional eCommerce solutions of any level includes all essential tools and features required to build and maintains e-commerce store with no programming knowledge requirements.

The complete solutions are supposed to equip with a ready storefront, supporting multiple payment and shipping methods, complete inventory control, unlimited products, promotional tools and other related features that help in building a successful and competitive eCommerce.

Moreover, the Complete eCommerce solutions should support a multilingual e-commerce store software solution, increasing search engine visibility of the commerce. The core features that makes eCommerce solutions complete should also come with a responsive wide range of advanced tools and features.

Every eCommerce comes with the challenges surrounding many processes and technologies, managing distinguished functions and departments.

A successful eCommerce management system should integrate and consolidate business-specific changing needs in real-time, this is crucial to success eCommerce. Let’s introspect the five core features any eCommerce software solution should provide to the retailer.

  1. Products and Inventory
  2. WebStore
  3. Omni-Channel Retailing
  4. Customer Management
  5. Order Management

1. Products and Inventory:

  • Supplier
  • Warehouse
  • Drop Shipper

Entrepreneurs, retailers specifically require vigorous robust eCommerce business solutions that are supported and backed with savvy item administrations and smart product management. It requires associating, collaborating suppliers, drop shippers with distribution centers and warehouses. Moreover, it must build the single unifying product information capable of raising order in a single click of a button.

From item lists, product catalogs, to stock/inventory management and pricing, it should capable synchronize and manage complete goods information related with them among every retailer, suppliers, and web will help in maintaining a strategic solution from the issues of items going out of stock, orders, and cancellations and all these will help in satisfying the customers and clients.

WebBee based ERP eCommerce business solutions are intended to adapt to the incredibly unique nature of its business markets and endless customer expectations for enhanced services.

2. Web stores

With adaptable, flexible, and multi-store solutions, one might offer products/items in a custom requirement from store to store. This approach will help in streamlining the management of product items and services, however will take you to the market instead of actual competition.

Point-of-sales, online commercial centers and shopping carts, one should be on top of the consolidation and management of product items, the order management system, the customer data information and stock/inventory all from single location or system.

3. Omni-Channel Retailing

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Customer Service
  • Store

Real-time continuous delivery framework to your every client might be your main objective and it is practically conceivable as well. The system should equip with hands-on systems that are connected with the entire channel associated to synchronize all the related data information, towards optimizing the “Omni-channel” potentials.

Retailers and clients connect with each other via practically every device that is on the web, portable, mobile, and in-store. Client explores one’s business as a unifying body and not as isolated commerce units. Retailers must guarantee that they offer satisfying customer experience which can furnish customers with the decision to study and purchase the ways they might want to. The thought that completely floats around the customer experience and standards measures are normal and expected.

4. Order Management

  • The Web
  • The B2B
  • Marketplace
  • Point of Sales
  • Shipping and
  • The Customer Service

The multi-channel online eCommerce need to manage orders from several sources. One must guarantee the consolidated reporting where the orders set up is proficient in combining the requests from various channels. This helps in keeping the stock synchronized, enhance customer services, in addition, to anticipate misrepresented offering, preventing exaggerated selling with improvement in the delivery time.

Every business has an alternate kind of order management system. One must guarantee that one can alter and customize order streams by the sales channel with the capacity to automate things as and when required. This approach absolutely will help in bringing the operational expenses within the budget threshold.

5. Customer Management

  • Email Campaigns
  • Customer following/tracking
  • Real Time support/services

To remain on top of the commerce markets, you should get hands-on eCommerce Solutions that can give you consolidation highlights like tracking whole selling history that can be acquired and obtain from every channel as this will empower eCommerce organization to find and better comprehend your purchasers’ buying practices. This will help in enhancing the sales and marketing groups to perform in accordance with the set KPIs and targets using related marketing and promotional choices.

It is not generally easy to satisfy the customers and furnish them with best purchasing experiences, however with single framework system deal with all the customers, one can guarantee order alterations/modifications in a non-redundant way. Also, the concerns and demands can be dealt progressively in a real-time environment.

Our complete e-commerce solution increases your search engine visibility as it comes with search engine friendly options inclusive of tableless layout, search engine friendly URLs, customizable META tags, etc. permitting users to find your store whenever they’re searching online in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Our e-commerce integrated software solutions come with a wide range of advanced tools and features, where no programming skills or knowledge are needed for its installation and setup, ready to provision customer with friendly and responsive support.

Are you ready to fetch your business online and investigate online eCommerce opportunities? Our integrated eCommerce web store software solutions come with a full range of powerful features and tools to help you build and manage your e-commerce website even with the minimum technical background.

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