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April 26, 2017

With the rapid advancement of the technology, it is vital for the business organizations to run with the changing pace for maintaining business continuity and staying ahead in the market.

The NetSuite ERP technology fortifying the ability of smart decision making in the business organizations. In this blog, we are going to have a glance on some of the key facts prominently playing role in shaping the future of NetSuite ERP in India.

WebBee is a leading provider of NetSuite ERP customized and integrated solutions for small and mid-size businesses across India and globally, based on our experience, we thought of sharing few of our observations predicting the state of NetSuite ERP in India that might drive industry in coming years down the line, say by 2021.

NetSuite ERP in India going to automate the entire business processes of the organizations. By creating custom apps towards the fulfillment of the unique business needs, business will be capable of managing the proliferation of the data, making data analytics smarter and easier. This is going to help business to migrate their existing on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, expanding or scaling-out business, reaching to the unexplored market, tapping business potentials.

Embracing business productivity, organizations are going to leverage the business optimization and benefits offered by WebBee NetSuite ERP customize on-demand computing solutions. We are Customer-obsessed, our team works tirelessly to attain customer satisfaction and optimum business outcomes. Our intelligent NetSuite ERP customizes services are best business management solutions for your business, reach out to WebBee for consultancy.

Listed below are few predictions of NetSuite ERP in India, driving technology by 2021.

User-Friendly NetSuite ERP systems

With increased influx of next-generation requirements in the organizations, we are sure to see a huge number of highly user-friendly NetSuite customize solutions to come up in the near future. Imagine a youth in his 20s hailing from the social media like Twitter and Facebook era is being asked to understand and work on some primitive and pale dashboard integrated with NetSuite ERP system.

Thus, businesses that are yet to make the big switch will be under acute pressure to do so. To counteract this dilemma, NetSuite ERP solutions and service providers are expected to come up with more agile, predictive, responsive, intuitive, and user-friendly ERP solutions to accommodate the next-generation workforce requirements. Looking at this, WebBee Global has rolled out WebBee NetSuite integration and customization, a modern and cutting-edge ERP software with the attractive dashboard equipped with easy to use the mobile feature.

Mobility and Wearable Technology

Coming to wearable technology, glasses, smart watches, bands, etc. would form the crux for ERP, any-time, any-where, any-user, any-device ! Such dynamism of NetSuite ERP going to make information and service accessibility dominant and versatile.

Industry stressing more on cloud and SaaS, mobility support will be a primary dominant factor in the future of NetSuite ERP market by 2021. Right from store employees to management people and clerks to back-office employees, all is expected to access NetSuite ERP systems through mobile devices instead of desktops, because more number of users are going to use the handheld devices in their personal lives, in future, therefore, would prefer using NetSuite ERP systems from their mobile devices even while moving! Hence, unmatched flexibility through mobile NetSuite ERP is just around the corner! Brace yourself for the Mobile ERP Era.

High Business Intelligence(BI) and Prompt Reporting

Bring intelligence to the routine operations improves the resource utilization and accuracy. Though business intelligence in automation of the business process has already gained a decent traction, it is expected to continue trending over the coming years. In future, organizations are going to look for more intelligence, intuitive and actionable business data, which should be smart and handy via BI reporting. Based on that the businesses are going to design, easy to maneuvre critical operations and business strategies, accordingly. Therefore, the need for robust NetSuite ERP software customization with real-time accurate business intelligence reporting is going to expand in great numbers.

Business-Specific NetSuite ERP

Business organizations are reluctant in disrupting the legacy system, however, need to scale out for the business expansion. Therefore, we observe a surge in businesses that do not necessarily prefer a full-fledged ERP software, rather prefer going for customized NetSuite ERP integrated solutions, befitting to specific business needs such as NetSuite ERP for inventory tracking, warehouse management, accounting software solutions, sales/purchase etc. It is expected in the next few years, a steep upsurge in businesses that need the customized NetSuite ERP solutions fitting to specific business preferences and requisites.


An efficient NetSuite ERP planning and strategy for any business organizations ensure to help your business sail smooth through all the challenges faced during the changing business needs of the customization, integration, implementation and adoption.

The growth of the NetSuite ERP market are being driven by business organizations who prefer to scale with the potent cloud-based software solutions and integration like NetSuite ERP integration, which is highly agile and responsive, able to scale rapidly with a changing business model as per their customers need, elastic in handling pricing and resource allocation, delivering value to continue their subscription revenue streams growing.

The business-management adopting the business model which should deliver value daily to earn subscription revenue now and in the future. There’s no time to waste and be complacent when the customers’ human resources department require software app to come up and work perfectly every time, every day with new added flexible features, providing them better experience in the every latest release, like the manufacturing units and their plant floors where they rely on ERP systems to help and guide orders from initial capture to fulfillment, with essential instructions whenever needed.

NetSuite ERP customization is capable of changing as per the changing business requirements, hence by 2021 NetSuite ERP implicitly carry the evolving business model. Predicatively NetSuite ERP customization and integrated solutions will keep pace with the evolving level of performance that business organizations need to survive and expand. A befitting maintenance are also will be extended with all capable support.

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