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The Best 25 Shopify Apps Level up your eCommerce Store Sales

July 4, 2019

If you want to sell online and but confused about where to start then don’t worry at all as Shopify provide you everything that you want. There are millions of best Shopify apps through which you can effortlessly grow your enterprise & eventually sales. As there are numerous Shopify apps available so it would not be easy for you to pick out the fabulous one for your enterprise. By using the right tools and strategies, you can surely earn huge revenue. After immense research, we have discovered a few Shopify apps that will actually help you to amplify sales. With the help of these apps, you can promote your online outlet, handle merchandise& shipping, sell goods, reward customers and earn long-term benefits in this competitive era.

Let’s have a look at the best Shopify apps:

1)Automated Multi-channel Fulfillment Shopify App

Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment on Shopify

This is an uncomplicated, cost-effective and efficient Shopify app designed by WebBee Global. It connects Shopify and Amazon FBA so that you can easily sell on Shopify and ship orders via Amazon FBA.

Features :

  • The app grabs inventory information immediately from Amazon and then update on the Shopify store.
  • If you can’t manage inventory on your own then you should install an Automated Multi-channel Fulfillment app today. Whether you need shipping updates or customer info, this app perfectly handles everything.
  • You can track stock list and updates the merchandise levels from Amazon to Shopify with the help of Automated Multi-channel Fulfillment app.
  • The app has a mapping interface because it understands that the SKU IDs on Amazon and Shopify may not be the same.

2) Oberlo


If you are unable choose what sort of ware you should sell on the web, Oberlo is there to enable you to out. It is an outsourcing application through which you can discover the inclining items, add them to your eCommerce store and begin selling. Oberlo application is about what you have to prepare your online store. With the assistance of top to bottom item measurements, you can pick the best items to begin selling on the web.

Features :

  • Oberlo assists you to locate the best items for your business and after that add them to your Shopify store.
  • Entrepreneurs can exploit Oberlo’s system and in this manner help to take your online business to a propelled level.
  • The application gives you the adaptability to deliver your items legitimately from the provider’s stockroom to buyer’s doorstep.

3) Kit


If you need some help related to marketing your store, this is the best solution for you. This app is extremely beneficial for small entrepreneurs through which they can manage Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing and thus grow your business in an efficient way.

Features :

  • Now you need not hire marketing experts as Kit perfectly handles everything.
  • Kit creates impressive Facebook ads and dynamic re-targeting campaigns that will surely attract new customers.
  • It would be easy for you to promote your ware among the Instagram audience.

4)Order Printer

order printer

Whether you want to print invoices, labels, receipts, enclosure slips or something else, Order Printer perfectly handle all tasks. Now printing documents in bulk has become easy with Order Printer app.

Features :

  • Not only preview, in fact, you can also print all the documents that you need for your orders.
  • Entrepreneurs can easily promote their brands by making customizations in HTML and Liquid.
  • Order Printers works smoothly either you want to print enclosure slips or transportation labels for your orders.

5) TrustPulse


It is an honest marketing platform that automates the real power of social proof to instantly boost trust, conversions, and sales. In present times, you can skyrocket our conversions with the power of social proof and TrustPulse is all about this.

Features :

  • TrustPulse track and highlight real purchases, signups and more.
  • No coding required and now you can create notifications & set them live in under 5 minutes with TrustPulse.
  • Display social evidence to the accurate people at the precise time and amplify your online sales significantly.

6)Plug in SEO

plugin seo

Plug in SEO is a powerful application that checks your online store for SEO problems. Once you install this app, it will determine all the verdicts and show you the necessary details. The application majorly focuses on essential areas of search engine optimization i.e., page titles, meta descriptions, headings, speed, blog post structures, quality of content, etc.

Features :

  • Plug in SEO render you a clear-cut summary of your store’s SEO, speed and blog performance.
  • Entrepreneurs can easily discover the main problems using this comprehensive SEO checker.
  • This powerful solution supply you continuous updates regarding your SEO performance so that you can hold over hefty SEO.



It is a content curation tool through which you can save your favorite content easily. Needless to say, it is an excellent tool through which you can keep a stash of content on your favorite topics. Now, you can easily curate your own space filled with everything that you need, either it is article, blog, video or something else.



It is an email marketing tool through which entrepreneurs can convert website visitors into subscribers and customers. Privy is integrated with Shopify and Shopify Plus through which you can set your account within minutes and get your first campaign live right away.

Features :

  • With this tool, you can build beautiful popups with easy to use targeting and connect with a large number of people.
  • You can detect how your campaigns are performing with Privy’s Real-time dashboards and email notifications.
  • You can also use this tool to send newsletters, abandoned cart emails and order follow up emails.

9)Trust Badge

trust badges

If you want to impress first-time visitors to your Shopify store then install “Trust Hero- Trust Badges” without any delay. Its main function is to create and show commercialism badges on merchandise pages so that users can feel more confident about their transactions and data security.

Features :

  • You can increase trust for your store by showing payment and security badges.
  • You need not hire developers as the app perfectly handles everything.
  • 3) The app is customized for all desktops, mobile and tablet devices hence help you to reach more customers.

10) Infinite Options

infinite options

The app provides shoppers the flexibility to personalize merchandise with drop-down menus, text and number inputs, radios, checkboxes, etc.

Features :

  • You can easily add an unlimited number of product customizations to your commodities.
  • With its product bundling functionality, you can add additional charges for your services.
  • Shoppers can personalize their merchandise for engraving, custom printing and monogramming.



This Shopify app is quite beneficial in generating leads and increasing sales. The app gathers email address, boost eCommerce conversions so that you can make more sales.

Features :

  • It shows you targeted promotions such as independent shipping banners.
  • To improve conversion with OnSite retargeting, you can easily run re-targeting campaigns.
  • Integration with email marketing, content management, and CRM platform has become extremely easy.

12) Referral Candy

referal candy

Transform your faithful customer into miniaturized scale influencers with Referral Candy. With Referral Candy, client can make their first referrals inside 10 minutes. The best part is Referral Candy works with each eCommerce store.

Features :

  • Referral Candy saves your time so you can maintain your business with no issue.
  • Discover another degree of commitment in the online campaigns.
  • Track traffic resources and find which clients are superstar referrers.

13) Social Photos

social photos

Showcase social proof to your customers and inspire them to get far-famed. The app is fully dedicated to win customer confidence in your trade goods and thus increase conversion rates.

Features :

  • You can compile customers product photos from social networks using website widgets and hashtags.
  • You can build trust among visitors by displaying the best photos of your goods.
  • You can keep track of social media marketing with multifaceted analytics.



The application gives you complete social and expert data about new clients and gives you moment warnings. You can without much of a stretch distinguish at whatever point any notable

individual buys your items.

Features :

  • Identify small scale influencers inside your very own customer base and convert them into your backers (image envoys).
  • UserGems gives an extraordinary encounter to all buyers.
  • You can without much of a stretch get detailed information about your customers and get customized help also.

15) Facebook Channel

facebook channel

Selling on Facebook has turned out to be simple with Facebook Channel application. Presently you can sell from the shop segment of your Facebook page and achieve an enormous number of group of spectators. Simply make a Facebook shop and deal with your items from Shopify.

Features :

  • With Shopify and Facebook channel, you can add a Facebook shop to your Facebook page.
  • You can follow Facebook deals utilizing deals channel outline.
  • You can organize the request of the accumulations on your Facebook shop.

16)Tidio Live Chat

tidio lice chat

In a study, it is uncovered that in the event that your site has live visit, at that point the greater part of the clients are bound to buy. Tidio Live Chat application is well-furnished with the capability of live talk just as Chat-bots so you can clear the entirety of your questions/inquiries, on the off chance that in the event that you have any.

Features :

  • With Tidio Live Chat, you can get all your live talk, email and dispatcher correspondence in one dashboard.
  • By utilizing wise bots, you can respond to clients’ conduct.
  • From now, you need not stress over lost deals and abandoned carts.

17)Buy Button Channel


It is an effective solution through which you can create a customized “buy” button/plugin and put anywhere so that shoppers can purchase within a few taps.

Features :

  • Buy button channel help you to embed wares, shopping carts to your site.
  • This app provides a mobile-friendly and secure shopping experience to your customers.
  • Now you can build a completely custom, branded online store on any website or platform.

18) Give and Grow

give and grow

Give and Grow is a smooth end-to-end solution that permit Shopify stores to conveniently and inexpensively donate from each acquisition, track ROI, and market real-time societal consequence.

Features :

1) Install the app and in less than 10 minutes, your store can donate seamlessly with each purchase.

2) The app builds customer loyalty by connecting people to causes they’re passionate about.

3) This donation maintains customer relationships and helps you to get rid of additional costs.

19)Wishlist Plus


exactly according to their wish. Wishlist Plus is integrated with your Shopify store and lets you keep track of items (commodities) and engagement within a dashboard.

Features :

  • With its extensive customization options, you can have full control over look-and-feel of the Wishlist UI and buttons, as well as full API support.
  • Intuitive wishlist module for your Shopify store that doesn’t require your users to be logged in.
  • You can target Wishlist users with personalized campaigns and allow them to share their Wishlist anywhere.

20) Free Shipping Bar

free shipping bar

This impressive Shopify solution permits you to exhibit your free shipping offer in a slide-out bar, display forward-moving content to inspire shoppers to reach your free shipping commencement, and compliment customers whenever necessary.

Features :

  • Advance your free shipping offers and motivate clients to enlarge sales.
  • Display assorted free shipping offers based on country, pages, device and time period.
  • Boost conversion rates through curated bar background images that impress the customers at first sight.

21) Back in Stock

back in stock

Now you need not worry to lose sales. With this Shopify apps, customers will be notified when a product they want is back in your store. Once it is, they get an automatic email notification.

Features :

  • With the instant email notification, customers can get an instant update whenever the product is back in stock.
  • There is no coding is required to install the app.
  • Personalize for your theme, or make your own button with our JavaScript API. Email template as this Shopify app support all themes.

22) Catalog Maker

catalog maker

If you don’t know how to show off product images and boost sales then install Catalog Maker today from Shopify store. It lets you create fabulous looking catalogs from your Shopify assemblage. With drag and drop editing, you can create an impressive catalog.

Features :

  • Don’t worry if your designing skills are poor as this app automatically create a catalog with 45+ templates.
  • Now you can increase the conversion by allowing customers to place orders.
  • Catalog Maker helps you to aline your wholesale strategy all in one place.

23) Printful


It is a top-rated print-on demand dropshipping and warehousing services. Besides this, Printful provides print-on-demand designs on various items (wearable or household commodities).

Features :

  • Printful provides easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services.
  • Printed and shipped on demand, under your brand is possible with Printful.
  • Compass

25) Compass


Compass is uniquely intended to help you in breaking down online business measurements to pass judgment on the exhibition of your Shopify webpage. This Shopify application likewise gives you customized proposals on the most proficient method to further improve your store.

Features :

  • Compass not just set aside your time and cash as now you can follow 30+ eCommerce metrics in a solitary dashboard.
  • Make feeling of your measurements with friend benchmarks and join the biggest eCommerce data organize.
  • The application plays a critical capacity in boosting profits with bespoke suggestions and high-grade rehearses.

25) Shopcodes


Now you can bring forth your own QR codes easily with the Shopcodes app. You can feature these QR codes in packaging artifact, at pop-up shops, in your commercialism commodities, or somewhere else.

Features :

1)Now you can create beautiful QR codes for your articles/commodities within a small time-frame.

2) With easy-to-scan code functionality, customers can buy goods through their smartphones.

3) You can track how many people scan your codes and make purchases through Shopify analytics.

Well, these are the foremost Shopify apps through which you can nurture sales, stimulate store promotion and escalate revenues. Visit the Shopify app store today and discover brand-new techniques to take your online enterprise to the forward-looking version. Therefore, determine your unique needs and then put your efforts in discovering the top-quality app from the Shopify app store. Have a Prosperous Selling