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Shopify Payment Gateways: An In-depth Sum-up

January 6, 2021

In the present digital era, Shopify has become the first choice for entrepreneurs for running a successful eCommerce business. It is easy to use, self-hosted content management system through which we can build professional eCommerce websites in minimal time. You can hire Shopify developers that can deliver custom solutions. Not only CMS, but an eCommerce website also need to handle transactions so there exists the need for secure online payment methods.

What is the payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes payments made to you from your customer. The gateway is responsible for encryption and sending all the data involved in the transaction. Once it authorizes everything, it ensures the transaction is processed and cleared. Security, streamlining, transaction fees are some of the crucial aspects of payment gateways that we should never ignore!

Custom Payment Integration in Shopify

In the Shopify admin panel, 1000 of payment gateways are available. Each country has its payment method, for instance, “Shopify Payments” works only in the United States. It is quite tough for merchants to find a compatible payment gateway for their stores. Getting a Shopify based custom installment entryway created from an innovation accomplice makes it uncomplicated for shippers to coordinate their Shopify store and offer installment choices through installment door. WebBee Global is a reputed Shopify development organization that have immense experience and skills in implementing custom Shopify payment gateway integration.

The Most Popular Payment Gateways:

Shopify payments

The Shopify payment platform is unique as you can grab it just by filling a form. The prices mainly depend on the Shopify plan and the payments get completed within three business days. This payment gateway comes with the number of advantages as it includes better integration into your store’s back-end and lower transaction rates.


This is one of the biggest payment gateway and its parent company eBay. PayPal has options for free and compensated businessperson accounts. Its great support system, mobile-optimized checkout, acceptance of international payments are some of its fabulous features that enable customers to pay you directly through their PayPal account.


It is the second biggest payment gateway platform after PayPal. Worldpay is accessible in nearly 120 countries. When it comes to fees, you can pay 10p per transaction or £49.99 (monthly) and if you are choosing standard then pay a monthly fee of £19.95, 10p per transaction.


Being a popular solution, Stripe allows merchants to easily set up payments for their store. Beside smooth integration, Stripe also has a clear pricing structure and the power to set up reverent charges and straightforward debits. With no setup or monthly fees, with Stripe, you pay by the transaction. For example – 1.4% + 20p for European cards, 2.9% + 20p for non-European, for direct debits in Europe, you pay 1% of the transaction + 20p.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay allows customers to pay on the store using their Amazon details, making it quick and easy for them to buy using a name that they already trust. However, their fees need to be carefully considered as they can hammer low volume merchants, and when your customers buy from you using Amazon payment gateway, it can take a few days to reach your account. They charge 3.4% + 20p (if your store is transacting less than £1,500 per month) or 1.4% + 20p for higher volume stores selling over £55,000 per month.

How custom online payment method is integrated into Shopify?

Shopify Hosted Payment SDK

Hosted Payment SDK is used to integrate a hosted payment page with Shopify checkout. All Hosted Payment SDK integrations use a full-page redirect on the payment step. Through this approach, the custom payment option is hosted with Shopify and gets listed in the Shopify’s list of payment gateways for all Shopify merchants.

Manual Integration

Manual Integration is adopted by a majority of custom payment gateway providers. This approach does not need Shopify hosted payment SDK or any post-development verification by Shopify. Well, if you want to set your payment method then hire Shopify developers.

Are self-hosted payment applications fully secure?

Self-hosted payment applications are secure as a payment application hosted by Shopify. The Shopify app development team at WebBee Global always use Shopify coding standards and server security best practices to keep both application and the hosting completely secure. We never store any client sensitive data such as Card details, Passwords, etc, on the website, hence not allowing any chance to hackers for compromising customer data.

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