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Know About Robust NetSuite Integrator- The Next Stage Integrator For Shopify

November 15, 2022

Key Highlights:

  • About Robust NetSuite Integrator
  • What is the Robust NetSuite Integrator?
  • In what way choosing ERP System Beneficial For Your Shopify Store?
  • What is the price system of Robust NetSuite Integrator?
  • Why Robust NetSuite Integrator by WebBee?
  • Conclusion

With advancements in technology and an increase in the competitive business environment, different online businesses are incorporating systems to help them stand out in the rigorous market. To run an online website like Shopify it is getting increasingly challenging to make this e-commerce service as such that it gains the attention of many and provides quality performance. For any business or site owner such as Shopify, the focus should be making the user experience of their customer as comfortable and efficient as possible. However, the website design and management experience should also be integrals for the owners. Hence, you would need software that allows seamless inventory and organization, a robust app to integrate Shopify, the most comprehensive coverage of pre-built procedures for integration, and a step-by-step guide to getting yourself onboarded with the software. WebBee Solutions is aware of your needs and wants and has once again designed the next stage of IT technology in E-commerce: The Robust NetSuite Integrator for Shopify.

What is the Robust NetSuite Integrator?

The main function of a NetSuite Integrator is to connect a NetSuite software deployment with other systems, databases, and endpoints. Its purpose revolves around enabling information to flow in sync between NetSuite and the other applications in your environment. 

The Robust NetSuite Integrator mastered by the developers at WebBee manages to support the following features:

● Order Sync: allows syncing of order-related information by importing the sales within NetSuite, whether they be in the form of a Sales Order, an invoice, or a Cash Sale. Another grand aspect of this software is that hold-order sync and real-time features are supported inside the app.

● Fulfillment & Tracking Sync: In just a few clicks, merchants can easily sync their Shopify store orders with tracking numbers. Such an ERP integration with e-commerce also has the added feature of ensuring order fulfillment in Shopify after the completion of all the entries in NetSuite.

● Refund Sync: Refunds are no small matter, and Shopify ERP integration allows the process to be much smoother. The Robust NetSuite integration allows syncing information of refunds on NetSuite or Shopify Store across both platforms in a matter of a few clicks. This system makes the refund process much smoother, as the integration offers protocols for the order- and item-level refund sync.

● Order Level Field Mapping: This innovation by WebBee allows users to create integration with NetSuite to import data about Shopify store orders on both types of NetSuite fields: standard or custom. The ERP integration with E-commerce supports list and type records, free-form text, and check box fields mapping out-of-the-box. 

As you can tell, WebBee did not hold back while aiming to design software that caters to the needs of owners of websites and their users by making management and experience of using the website smooth and swift. The app offers grand features from product sync, inventory sync, deposit sync, order sync, refund sync, tracking & fulfillment sync, field mapping, and Shopify POS, to many other features with the help of pre-configured dataflows. 

Now before we move on to the major benefits of the product, it will be useful to link you with the pricing system of the app.

In What Way Choosing ERP System Beneficial for Your Shopify Store?

Before there used to be the practice of keeping the ERPs system separate from other software such as CRM to manage the activities or tasks as both front and back end. However, with the change in times, the separation is removed. Now the integration platforms have been introduced where integration with e-commerce, supply chain integration, and oracle e-commerce solutions are kept in focus while developing any software. Shopify ERP integration such as Robust NetSuite Integrator too has been introduced due to its multiple benefits. Selecting this Shopify ERP integration is a crucial step toward the success of one’s business.

● User Driven

This Shopify integration brings in user-driven innovation. This allows the enhancement in the functionality where changes can be quickly updated thereby increasing the performance of the software. This user-driven approach is innovative and attractive to the users as it allows them to make their Shopify store custom and follow their preferences. 

● Visibility of the Metrics

The major benefit of Robust NetSuite Integrator is that it provides dashboards that enhance visibility by providing a clear view of the business metrics. This allows the user to keep a check on major tasks and act on real-time data. Moreover, NetSuite is also known to have the feature of providing a 360-degree view which further enhances the visibility of your business. This ease in the visibility of the metrics provides overall ease in the utility of the software which in turn allows users to manage their business more efficiently and productively. 

● Cost effective

Shopify ERP integration through NetSuite provides an amazing benefit of cost-effectiveness. With this Robust NetSuite Integration, the additional cost of other software is reduced. This all-in-one integration system comes with many features that allow the user to be equipped with a platform where everything is provided under the same software. This integration platform provides the holistic features of many applications all in one software and enhances efficiency while keeping costs low. Major costs that could have been used to install separate software or applications are saved. 

● Regulation of data updates

There are numerous updates to be kept on the notice in the e-commerce marketplace. With every new update being introduced in the market, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up to date with other competitors. The NetSuite allows the registration of every data which facilitates immensely in decision making by regular updates which are based on the owner’s preference. This regulation of data updates is one of the major benefits of NetSuite integration.

● Increase in Productivity

By adding this Shopify ERP integration feature, overall, the productivity of the business is enhanced based on the sales forecast, inventory position, historical sales data, and much more. This robust workflow as introduced by the ERP integration increases the rate of productivity and even flourishes the business. 

● Better Customer Service

The Robust NetSuite Integration allows the business to become more automated and streamlined. This ease of utility is highly preferable by the customers and enhances their experiences. Both the customers and your customer service team have better availability of the data which allows ease in communication and decision-making. The promptness of customer service increases the overall enhancement. 

● Flexibility

There is always expansion in the requirements of the businesses. This ever-growing nature of the ERPs system demands ever-changing solutions for different tasks. One of the major benefits of Shopify NetSuite integration is that it is highly flexible. It allows flexibility in language, holdings, or currencies which make the business proceedings easier. This flexible nature and working of NetSuite Integrator make it one of the most recommended solutions to all eCommerce problems. 

What is the pricing system of Robust NetSuite Integrator?

WebBee aim in designing this software was to utilize the most competent developing minds in building an app that manages to suit the needs and wants of integration of ERP with E-commerce platforms. Moreover, to allow you to first get to know the product the app has a ‘Free Plan’, which then follows up with the advanced unlimited plan, and lastly Max unlimited plan.

1. Free Plan: The Free Plan of this app will have the following features:

● The app will be Free until 50 initial orders. 

● It will provide Full implementation support.

● It will support all editions of NetSuite and Shopify store plans.

● It will grant you access to Standard Workflow.

Not only will this allow you to understand the working of the app, but also the reaction and feedback of your users will help you in solidifying your decision.

2. Advance Unlimited Plan: The Advance Unlimited plan costing $199.99/month will have the following features:

● There will be unlimited offers.

● It will have full implementation support.

● There will be a facilitation of support for all editions of NetSuite and Shopify store plans.

● It will grant you access to Standard Workflow.

With the commendable rate of $199.99/month, you can have access to unlimited features and have a smoother experience with the software.

3. Max Unlimited Plan: At a rate of $300/month, the Max Unlimited Plan provides extensive features:

● It will have all advanced unlimited features.

● Plus, it will have product listings from NetSuite to Shopify stores.

● Will have the additional benefit of knowing price updates.

● It will use add-ons to allow access to custom workflows.

If you are not on a strict budget and you want to have a suitable ERP integration with Ecommerce experience, then joining the Max Unlimited Plan will have great benefits. It provides you with such great features at a price you just cannot say no to!

When it comes to pricing you may ask, “What is the best time to buy a Robust Shopify NetSuite Integrator?”. Well, the grand minds at WebBee Solutions always have an answer to your every question. They reply to this query, “As you develop your online Shopify store, you should integrate Shopify with NetSuite so that you won't lose your business goals. Additionally, in case of increased customers' orders, the NetSuite integrator will help to meet the scalability goals.” This showcases how dedicated WebBee Solutions is to linking the software with the individuals when they need the features of this software the most, and planning to ensure a successful business. 

Hence, WebBee has always managed to provide services at a cost that is easy to attain, and gives you offers such as the Free Plan to help you connect with the software that you need the most. 

Why Robust NetSuite Integrator by WebBee 

For your e-commerce solution, all you need is the NetSuite integrator by WebBee because of its many features and benefits mentioned above. WebBee provides a quality source to your Shopify NetSuite Integration App as it is one the most reliable source with successful customers like ‘ahead’, ‘Soak&Sleep’, ‘Alcedo’, and many more. Through WebBee your Shopify store can be integrated with NetSuite Integrator in just one day. Furthermore, a step-by-step guide is provided for ease of onboarding, hence, with just a few clicks you will be able to equip yourself with amazing features. 

WebBee saves your time by providing your services with zero error as it provides the ERPs system that can support dataflow and enterprise-grade infrastructure requirements in just a few minutes with complete authenticity and 24 hours online customer services. A deep understanding of omnichannel e-commerce solutions, Shopify store, and supply chain integration- WebBee provides the expertise to assess the current systems and provide future updates according to the need of time. The real-time integration provided by WebBee between NetSuite and Shopify along with an effective interface and faster inventory system makes WebBee our safest choice. 


To enhance your e-commerce business and take it to greater heights, it is important to incorporate NetSuite Integration for your Shopify store. The amazing feature of it along with its benefits as discussed above gives one assurance of its significance and utility. WebBee provides easier and more authentic access to this ERP integration system with its comprehensive details that will allow you to easily incorporate this application and will help in enhancing your business. The Robust NetSuite Integrator which received 4.6 ratings out of 5 on WebBee official website makes it one of the most popular products. 

If you are planning to enhance your e-commerce business and your Shopify Store to be set apart from its competitors, then WebBee is just there for you to make it all happen with just a few clicks! Through WebBee Robust NetSuite Integrator, you can increase your sales and overall revenue and provide your customer with the most quality-based services. This transformation in your business will allow your Shopify Store to add new specifications with an even better future outcome. 

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