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March 11, 2015

The integration of NetSuite and Shopify is one of the most important app integrations in the world of technology. It is so because NetSuite is an app which can provide many different forms of cloud based software services which includes enterprise resource, customer service management and others. On the other hand, Shopify is an ecommerce system; with its help you can create an online store of your own. This Online store will be like any other big store with facilities like shipping of product and various modes of payments. Now you can figure when there is integration between these features, the result are bound to be efficient, effective and productive.

The NetSuite Shopify integration means lots of time and money and resource saved. With this time and money, you can work on other important sections of business. It helps you utilize in fixing your sales, marketing, customer relations and other more human sections of your business. What this integration basically does is that it automates many different systems and thus allows the manual assistance to concentrate on other important job profiles as the integration handles almost everything technical.

THINK Strategies conducted a recent survey asking answers about the NetSuite Shopify Integration and according to it more than 3/5th of the respondents agreed to the fact that integration, data loading and automation helps the people to concentrate on other sectors and productivity is increased.

Some of the major benefits you will avail after NetSuite Shopify Integration

• It allows you to save valuable time which is then used on other details of the business, sometimes just to make strategies.

• Now that all transactions are fully automatic between Shopify and NetSuite, focusing on customer delivery system and product quality is easy, as there is time.

• All the manual calculation is now replaced with automatic data so you will not be wasting time in fixing inaccurate data anymore.

• Advanced Logistics can be executed such as intelligent procurement with this integration, thus adding an edge to your overall business.

• With the assurance that the data and information are accurate, there is almost nil chances of errors, it helps in preparing time management charts and monitor delivery of orders.

• Using the integration, you can build a trust and loyalty among your customers as offline and online both records of the purchase are precisely accurate.

Some basic ways to successfully install the integration between NetSuite and Shopify are Custom Developed Integration, Point to Point connector and Multi Channel Integration Software.

Custom Developed Integration is an expensive way to do integration but it works through an API and easily synchronizes the data of NetSuite and Shopify. A Multi Channel Integration Software isn’t an expensive process; it is done using a technology that syncs Shopify Webstore and NetSuite by becoming an operational channel.