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March 10, 2015

A common refrain from several enterprises is that their eBay and Shopify sales do not match expectations of the ecommerce promised potential. This is because they do not stand out among the crowd and generally have a typical experience to offer to customers. A unique website is the first prerequisite to connect with buying audiences online. While eBay and Shopify may provide direct access to a global customer base, they also rob an enterprise of its brand identity with their standard provisions for building a webstore.

The one way to overcome this and build an exclusive website is using a NetSuite Shopify and eBay connector. NetSuite is a software as a service (SAAS) that can be the great differentiator, for an online enterprise. In the hands of an expert NetSuite development company, with sound knowledge of NetSuite SuiteScript, an enterprise can build a distinct identity, with its brand characteristics intact.

NetSuite SuiteScript is an API that allows a NetSuite development company to create bespoke customizations. However, it is wise to note that most general operators use the NetSuite eBay connector for sheer data push and pull or just to address standard chain-supply issues. This is because of the lack of NetSuite SuiteScript expertise. A specialized NetSuite development company goes far beyond this and can deliver far more with a NetSuite Shopify or eBay connector.

With NetSuite SuiteScript, you can get a unique website, with images, visuals, shopping cart, payment gateways, exactly the way you want them. You can get your provider to create customizations for every step, ensuring that your brand identity is maintained and provide a familiar experience to your customers. A NetSuite development company will use the eBay and Shopify connector for other aspects, as well. These include emarketing for targeted customers, tracking and preferences and much more. In short, with NetSuite SuiteScript, you get a complete ecommerce tool that not only builds a great website, but also doubles up for marketing and sales.