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NetSuite eBay Connector – How Does It Work?

March 11, 2015

The NetSuite eBay Connector has made it easy for businesses to get their products and services out to other people through the eBay platform. This is an application that will create a connection between one’s NetSuite account and the eBay files and listings that one uses.

Specifically, product descriptions, pictures and other features are typically synced up with the listings on one’s eBay account. Information on all fulfillment processes as orders are taken care of can also be used, thus facilitating an easier process with getting different products sold the right way.

The key is to allow order information from eBay to move to one’s NetSuite account. Shipping information can also be sent out from a NetSuite file to an eBay account as a means of informing the buyer about the shipping process.

This is all offered by NetSuite, an ERP provider that helps with managing online business functions. This includes working with e-commerce sites to link items to different websites as carefully as possible while keeping all inventory and customer service processes organized appropriately.