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NetSuite Customization Services Via SuiteScript: Limitless Customizing Flexibility

April 28, 2015

Did you know that more than 80% of companies that use cloud services reported an increase in productivity just within the first 6 months of use? Incredible isn’t it? What’s even more, when Software Advice calculated the market capitalization relative to the revenue run rate of various SaaS firms, they confirmed that Netsuite was in the lead with a multiple of 11x revenue, a rather clear indication that there is much truth to Netsuite CEO’s claim that we are indeed at the tipping point with cloud-based ERP. As if all this isn’t enough to get to jumping on to the Netsuite bandwagon already, there is need to mention that Netsuite is now going after the big fish. Whereas it previously dealt with small and mid-sized enterprises, Netsuite has decided to welcome companies of all sizes in to the family; no one has to be left out. Leveraging the advance features of WebBee. To know more about NetSuite, Get connect with our NetSuite consulting programm.

However, most of you will agree that it is best to customize Netsuite with additional functionality in order to realize its full potential. And although Netsuite customization can pose a challenge if you lack an extensive knowledge of Netsuite and other applications, Netsuite’s SuiteScripting technology makes it easier and convenient. Not only does the SuiteScript technology make Netsuite customization more flexible, extensible and powerful, but it also guarantees a great user experience, just what you need to keep your clients clicking.

What is SuiteScript?

Built on industry standards, SuiteScript is a JavaScript-based API that gives you the ability to extend Netsuite beyond the limited capabilities provided via SuiteBuilder point-and-click customization. Through SuiteScript, you can programmatically access the majority of Netsuite’s records, forms, customization objects and their trigger points.

Why Use Suitescript Technology for Netsuite Customization?

i) It provides unlimited customizability ii) It can trigger industry specific processes based on user events iii) It can communicate with external data sources iv) It can create or modify data v) It can string together a multi-step work-flow process vi) It has built-in debugging capabilities

This means that other than creating custom dashboard portlets, you can also run batch processes, create custom user interfaces and even perform custom business processing in the event that Netsuite records have been updated, created or deleted. Simply put SuiteScript allows you to create flexible business logic within Netsuite with just your business in mind.

How Do I run a Script in Netsuite?

The process of getting a script to run in Netsuite is suite basic. Veritably, it can be accomplished in 4 simple steps;

1. Creating a JavaScript file for your script 2. Uploading the said file in to Netsuite 3. Creating a Netsuite ‘Script’ record for your script 4. Using a Netsuite Script Deployment page to define Script runtime options

So whether you consider yours a sophisticated or small business model, rest assured that Netsuite customization services via SuiteScript is a guaranteed way to provide yourself and your clients with limitless flexible customization.