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NetSuite Amazon Connectors – A Tool To Integrate NetSuite With Amazon

June 9, 2015

The NetSuite Amazon Connector enables software developers to make software and apps. These apps use the Amazon Web Services and control the NetSuite’s highly integrated cloud-enterprise. SuiteStorage Connector is made on the development platform of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud. It is naturally built to integrate NetSuite and Amazon. With the help of this connector, NetSuite Customers will have access to the user interface which is created for storing and retrieving files from Amazon S3. While maintaining the database integrity, it will allow the data-intensive customers to see an increase in the performance.

The Prime beneficiaries of the integration of Amazon and NetSuite clouds is the customers as the two companies show their commitment to minimizing their customer’s cost and infrastructure responsibilities. Amazon.com is the biggest e-commerce platform with close to 100 million users, selling your product using it will boost your online sales for good. The NetSuite Amazon integration automates many sections of your company, for which you will probably need manual help otherwise.

Here is a list of activities automatically performed by the connector:

Import Sales Orders from Amazon:

The orders you place in Amazon will be automatically imported to NetSuite with the help of the connector.

Export Fulfillment Transactions to Amazon:

When the orders are fulfilled in NetSuite, it exports the fulfillment transactions to Amazon so that the customers will have full accessibility of their order status.

Export items:

If you are a retailer, you can easily designate items to Amazon from NetSuite and create a neat looking Amazon Product Catalog.

Other Benefits of the NetSuite Amazon Connector

Other benefits of NetSuite Amazon Connector are that it runs every necessary process in one system, so you get the whole picture clearly and it helps you decide the next move with clarity. It helps you get rid of all the unnecessary tedious jobs you need to do manually as it automates these jobs mentioned above. It charges a onetime fee and rids you of the many ongoing costs otherwise; it makes the work easier and increases productivity.

NetSuite Amazon Connector is a successful application and a tried and tested module already installed in many other companies. In this integration, the data of the Amazon settlement Report is also included in NetSuite.

Key Attributes of NetSuite Amazon Connectors

  1. Product and Inventory
  2. Sales and Fulfillment
  3. Settlement

Products and Inventory: The NetSuite Amazon Connector supports many items of the catalog and then it can be attributed to Amazon Webstore developer and can be sold at Amazon.

Sales and Fulfillment: When Connected with Amazon, the NetSuite Dashboard will alert the customers particularly when a product is available.

Settlement: Apart from all the technical advances, this connector will also reconcile with cash sales of Amazon. You can process your tax liabilities of the taxed items in Amazon.