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September 28, 2013

We all use Amazon isn’t it. We all have bought from Amazon and if not than the likelihood of doing it is good. Same is with Netsuite. People dont know how often they bought from a Netsuite Powered website. Netsuite is the largest SAAS based ERP.

What i am going to do today is not speak about Amazon but its SellerCentral MWS Interface which makes it easy to sell through APIs.

WebBee recently was able to sell their Netsuite-Amazon connector to a mid-size online fashion store in the USA.


This store a German-based company, big in the USA wanted an online platform on Amazon Webstore. They also wanted to WebBee eSolutions manage their inventory, customer experience, CRM, and Accounting within Netsuite.

What we suggested to them is our Amazon- Netsuite connector. We took two months to implement this for them,

Some features for this product are:

1. Inventory management: Listing and delisting of SKUs / Managing inventory levels within Amazon based on values within Netsuite near real-time.

2. Price Management: Same as inventory management but having the functionality to list the Main price and the promotion price.

3. Order Management: Importing of the orders within NetSuite from a customized feed from Amazon Seller central.

4. Order Acknowledgement: After the order is imported in Netsuite making Amazon customer aware we are working on it.

5. Order Ship Confirmation: After the order is shipped, makes sure the online store is paid for the order shipped.

6. Error handling: Appropriate handling of unforeseen conditions, though the product is stable now, this is a thing one should not forget.

7. Customized reports and control panel within Netsuite

Some of the other functionalities though not needed but available are:

1. Creating products in Amazon and their Images and inserting their descriptions.

2. Amazon buy box: Be in it most of the time by adjusting the price based on competition.