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Everything you should know about NetSuite 2019.1 Update

April 15, 2019

NetSuite released its contemporary and most advanced update in January 2019 i.e., NetSuite 2019.1. This modern update is packed with a wide assortment of irreplaceable enhancements which are trustworthy for creating the progressive and efficient user experience. If you want to utilize clean and smooth interface then NetSuite 2019.1 update is particularly for you. NetSuite 2019.1 has a user-friendly interface and its visibility is overmuch better than its predecessor.

NetSuite 2019.1 Newly Added Features

Let’s have a look at the main features that are updated in the new version of NetSuite 2019.1:

1)Individualized dashboard You can now modify your dashboard according to your organization core requisites. Drag and drop are the most-used sections on the dashboard through which you can approach anything quickly. For instance, you can keep track of your day directly from your calendar.

2)Visual Data Overview NetSuite 2019.1 offers you a simplified user interface through which you can check absolute visual data summary. The graphical representation assists you to approach advanced data analytics. Such display helps you to keep track of your organization’s KPI and also help you to analyze results to the former time period. NetSuite users can today relish enhanced user interface in the form of visual data overview. Because users have innovative data analytics along-with drag and drop features.

3)Customer Specific Promotions If you want to use this feature then don’t forget to modify SuitePromotions. The biggest advantage of using customer specific promotion is that you can now define promotions to specific customer and unit. While marking special customers, you can conveniently get healthier performance.

4)SuiteTax Tax returns templates are now editable and this is essential for those who were affected using templates that didn’t support government standards.

Extra tax types are also added in NetSuite 2019.1 update. a)In-country transactions b)Worldwide transactions c)Intra-community transactions

By using new tax features, you can do diverse things: a)Multiple tax registrations using various two-fold tax engines b)Tax code lookup improvement c)Transaction summary box enhancements d) Automatic tax rates update

5)Period end journal entries enhancements This part is highly advantageous for accounting and professional service division. Let’s check out the enhancements with new NetSuite release:

a)Usability Users can now make over all journals at once and run mutualist steps. Now there is no necessity to make one journal at a time.

b)Added Control This is quite assistive while creating period end journals by section. Now users can group period end journals via GL impacting segments.

c)Reinforced compatibility Now users can eliminate the Balance Sheet closing period end journals, just by sanctioning a preference on the subsidiary record. Furthermore, you can manually omit any period end journal via GL audit numbering.

6)Employee Management NetSuite is primarily focusing on Employee Management or Human Capital Management. The HR department will be surprised to know that worker data will be even further secured. Core Admin Permission permit user to give a worker access to the system. NetSuite is also working on streamlining time sheets, time off and working hours for workers. The standard time-sheets have an impressive look and also supply alerts for “time off expiry”.

7)Professional Service Automation The ones who use PSA within the system, they can now appoint Projects from estimation. Because of this modish functionality, you can also move a project from sales order too. With this fresh update, it has become quite simple to design and prepare a project from the earliest stage so that you can have more future visibleness. If you have set squad that is working on projects together, now you have the facility to add them as an asset to the project as well as a unit. Once they are added as a group project resource, you can negotiate the resource separately without any trouble.

8)SuiteCommerce This update is especially for those who do not have knowledge about coding and want to make the alteration to their site. NetSuite has not only centered on usability but also have added different features too. a)Google Tags Manager b)Best selling products c)Featured products d)Multi-cart for B2B businesses

With the fresh release version, NetSuite has bought a radical change. Unnecessary to tell, NetSuite users will utilize these major transformations and modify their working standard to grab more business in the forthcoming time period.