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Multi Channel Fulfillment Integration with Amazon

December 3, 2020

Integration with Amazon:

Regarded as the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Amazon offers a wide product range on sale. You can sell anything and everything that people want to buy online. Besides, it also helps in the promotion and sale of your products on multi-channels.

Our powerful integration with Amazon supports the efficient handling of your Amazon inventory. For this, it makes use of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for automating sales orders. These SKUs ease automatic tracking of every movement of your inventory. As a result, your whole inventory management system gets improved to a great extent.

Support in the selling of your products on the Amazon platform is not a sole service offered by our integration. It also easily connects your business with Amazon’s multi-channel fulfillment. With it, you can manage the shipping of your orders within the scheduled time. You can also track the movement of your products across many inventories and sales channels.

Key features of our integration with Amazon

Amazon is the boon if you are keen on selling products on multi-channels across the world. To support you in this regard, our integration eases your business operations. It offers many advanced and distinct features for this purpose.

Some of the popular features offered by our integration are:

  • Supports profile-based product uploading and product category mapping
  • Facilitates the uploading of different products and related details in bulk
  • Generates alerts in case of low-stock and over-selling
  • Assists in retrieving details of rejected or returned products
  • Supports sync of multiple inventories at regular periods
  • Facilitates integrations with your WMS, ERP, and many others
  • Assist in winning Amazon Buy-Box with the help of Amazon Repricing tool
  • Allows customization of product condition, selling time of the day, and seller rankings
  • Facilitates creating of new product listings in bulk
  • Compares supplier UPCs with Amazon listings and provides valuable insights
  • Supports easier creation of POs in the required file format

Our robust integration helps you in saving your time with these unique features. These not only simplifies your online business processes but also enhances their output.

Key advantages of our integration with Amazon

Our powerful integration offers many perks for your online business. With these, you can improve the efficiency of your operations and logistics. Also, you can quickly share important business data across many sales channels.

Easy modification of product listing:

It helps in adding new products and submitting updates on your multiple marketplaces. Besides, it enables you to revise the live product listings without stopping their real-time visibility. It saves your time, effort, and workload to a great extent.

Quick updating of prices:

It facilitates quick raising or lowering of prices to your listed products on multiple sales channels. You can make these changes any number of times without any restrictions.

Fast automated catalog integration:

It automatically imports the product catalogs of different suppliers to your main catalog. Also, it facilitates the publishing of channel-specific product details.

Dynamic handling of Prime listing:

Displays your Prime product listings exclusively to the Prime members if only you meet all the requirements of the Prime seller. You must own a sufficient inventory of the Prime products mentioned in these listings. Also, you should be able to ship the ordered products by the Prime members within the scheduled time.

Smooth automated order sync:

Since many selling channels are integrated, your inventory levels get updated automatically. By doing so, it offers easy access to sales order-related data in real-time. You will be enabled to handle multiple sales orders from a one-point without any problem. Plus, you can easily compare the performance of any of your products on different selling channels.

Efficient inventory tracking:

As the SKUs are assigned to your products, tracking their every movement from warehouse to delivery becomes much easier. Besides, these SKUs usage also facilitates the creation of product bundling. This is one of the prime features of Amazon’s services. The management of these product bundles will be quite hassle-free with this integration.

Quick expansion of business tasks:

Assist in growing your online business tasks on multiple sales channels through sync. For instance, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and many more. You will be able to manage the inventories of these marketplaces from a single platform. Also, creating and managing listings as well as fulfilling orders becomes quite easier.

Seamless automation of drop-shippers:

Facilitates quick automation with your drop-shipping tasks. It also notifies you on a regular basis on shipping to keep you updated.

Reduces cross-docking complexity:

Facilitates the handling of purchasing, receiving, storing, and shipping of your products. Also, supports cross-docking by receiving and shipping the product(s) on the same day. By doing so, it minimizes product storage within your warehouse and its related costs.

Smart sourcing and procuring:

It assists in identifying the best set of suppliers for your business. For this, it facilitates comparing and analyzing the services of multiple suppliers. It will be done by taking attributes like quality, cost, and delivery time into account.

Effective marketing options:

It offers different products to your customers through kits, bundles, and multipacks. For this, it facilitates the assembling products and fulfilling orders via SFP.

Guides negotiations with suppliers:

Facilitates supplier profitability analysis by comparing prices of UPCs and current Buy Box. It helps in deciding the catalog performance before contacting any supplier.

Trouble-free cross-border selling:

You will be able to sell any kind of product across the world without facing any legal constraint. There will be no provision for the raise of issues related to shipping, delivery, and payment. You can sell everything and anything that customers want to buy.

Why trust our integration with Amazon?

Well-built and feature-rich, our integration offers excellent support for your online business. With it, you will be enabled to expand your operations not only in Amazon but also on many other sales platforms. Promoting, selling, shipping, and delivering of products in any corner of the world turns to be quite simple.

The key highlights of our integration with Amazon are:

  • Facilitates fast and trusted shipping at a lower price
  • Provides a single roof for storing all your inventories
  • Offers large and highly secured warehouses for your products
  • Allows you to sell and ship products on multiple sales channels
  • Facilitates picking, packing, shipping, and delivering of products
  • Assist in easy handling of returns, refunds, and customer complaints
  • Offers multiple payment options like UPI, net-banking, and credit/debit cards
  • Promotes your products on multiple websites and social media platforms
  • 24*7 reliable support from a well-experienced team through phone, email, and live chat

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