Webbee global


December 6, 2014

Business equations changed forever, with the advent of the net and this change is irreversible. Finger tap shopping, global competition, and a short customer attention span have fuelled ecommerce to constantly evolve and offer faster and innovative shopping experiences.

Ecommerce clients, such as Amazon, eBay, Magento and Shopify provide an assured international platform to enterprises, be they big or small. The sheer volumes of established customer base, coupled with the brand reliability of these sites make them a must, for business profitability. A number of enterprises, however, have found the ecommerce business process hard to handle, with each business aspect requiring manual uploading and updating. This is now a thing of the past, with NetSuite connectors, which are cloud-based and fully automated.

As a NetSuite SDN partner, WebBee has the expertise and can give your business an amazing advantage with a customized NetSuite connector. NetSuite connectors integrate all business aspects, such as inventory, product management, customer categorization, order fulfillment, billing and shipping and much more. Webbee takes all these integrations further by customizing each to suit your needs. From product detailing, webstore and catalogue making to e-marketing, Webbee creates an enhanced NetSuite connector for every single aspect of your ecommerce, providing you with a streamlined and efficient business process. This not only saves you precious time and money, but also helps you provide your customers unique shopping experience, thus, giving you an unbeatable edge over the competition. Webbee integrations do not end at the standard Supply-Chain management solutions but go deeper to cover client shopping-habits mapping, quick response accessibility, financial solutions and a lot more, as per your requirements. WebBee makes the NetSuite connector work for you, at all times, for all aspects, as against you having to work on it.

You get the benefit of the entire ecommerce business facilitating NetSuite connectors, at a fraction of the price, along with the highly technical expertise and established the reliability of Team WebBee.