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Importance Of Suitescript And Suitetalk API For Successful E-commerce

January 30, 2015

NetSuite connectors are so reputed that many clients think their quest for an excellent ecommerce process ends with a generic NetSuite integration. Few are aware and most general operators lack the expertise to educate clients about the importance of SuiteScript and SuiteTalk APIs in NetSuite integration. These APIs account for the major difference in successful and unsuccessful ecommerce businesses. Here, we provide you with a simple overview of the role that NetSuite SuiteScript and SuiteTalk APIs play in building a unique and profitable online business.

The most important hallmarks of any salesperson are excellent communication and networking skills. Ultimately, a sale is made to an individual and this is possible through conviction. Emphasizing the value and need of your product requires smart and efficient interaction, supplied through clear communication and rapport building. A webstore works on similar principles, the only difference being that here a salesperson is replaced by the digital experience provided to the customer. If the digital experience of the site is unique and compelling, it engages the customer and convinces them to buy. Excellent ecommerce interaction will take this seller-buyer relationship further and convert one-off buyers into loyal repeat customers. For this to happen, just like a suave smooth-talking salesperson, your ecommerce webstore and shopping experience have to enchant the customer.

How to ensure that your ecommerce store is unique and offers an unmatched experience to customers? First, it is important to understand that a generally integrated ecommerce site will offer buyers a standard flat experience, without any value-addition, making it one among thousands on the net. NetSuite connectors do make integration easy and fast for ecommerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and Magento. However, basic integration means use of NetSuite as a one-fits-all solution. This translates into an ecommerce process that may be fast, but offers no different value to customers, than any other.

The differentiators that elevate an ecommerce experience for customers are the use of NetSuite SuiteScript and SuiteTalk APIs, which can be compared to the strengths of a savvy and intuitive salesperson. While convincing a buyer, it is vital to have a strong platform for selling, just as a well informed and constantly connected salesperson can answer any question about the product or company. This firm base is created through expert use of SuiteTalk, which facilitates seamless integration between your account and the ecommerce site. SuiteTalk provides a bi-directional data import/export, keeping you in control over all proceedings. The next step is providing the buyer with a unique experience, not found at other ecommerce stores. This is akin to the presence of mind, innovative presentation and targeted marketing by a smart salesperson. SuiteScript is the answer that provides these. With experienced SuiteScript enhancements, you can give your customers feature-rich online shopping experience. Customized order forms, personalized shopping accounts, quick payouts with multi-currency ease and more, you can create a premium customer interface. You can also use SuiteScript for targeted marketing, with pre-marked emailers and specified groups.

SuiteTalk and SuiteScript raise the productivity of NetSuite connectors to unbelievable levels. These are cloud based software services, which have the advantage of real time connectivity. Nevertheless, it would be wise to remember that these NetSuite APIs are profitable only through expert and proven NetSuite development companies, such as Webbee. General operators do not have the knowledge or technical expertise to leverage their manifold benefits. Webbee is a NetSuite SDN partner and has satisfactorily integrated scores of global clients with bespoke NetSuite connectors, enhancing every customization with SuiteTalk and SuiteScript APIs.