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How WebBee Successfully Address & Overcomes The Disadvantages Of NetSuite

June 2, 2017

There is no second opinion about NetSuite being the #1 ERP cloud solution for mid-size as well as business segments of large corporations. However, every application besides having a competitive edge, comes with its own shortcomings or disadvantages.

Today we will reflect on the advantages of NetSuite which would help you make a better decision on how it can uplift your business in no time. With NetSuite, you don’t have to invest in several applications independently to operate. Also included are the disadvantage that come with the SaaS package of NetSuite so that you know the limitations it comes with. Thirdly, this article will highlight they ways in which WebBee can help you to mitigate the flaws and use it to your benefit.

Competitive Strengths:

  • It is suitable for both single and enterprise kind of businesses and cover the entire length and breadth of the organization.
  • The dashboards are interactive as well as have the required flexibility. It facilitates the view with 360-degree view of customer data including financial transactions, invoices, credits, as well as receivables. This function separates NetSuite from other CRM only software.
  • If you have an e-commerce business, you can integrate NetSuite with your existing software and have single view of data for orders, billing, shipping, customer details and your finances all in one place.
  • The application has an impressive navigation facility which is role-based and therefore safe and secure. What you want to see as a CFO, may not be applicable to junior employees.
  • The product is a marketing powerhouse and has an aggressive approach towards advertising. This makes it an unavoidable choice for many customers and makes it a market leader in ERP array of products.
  • The launch of SuitePeople & Suite Success have further enabled ease of managing Human Resource department.
  • Initially made for accounting, but later ventured into a holistic ERP application. Its processes are second to none and comes empowered with numerous features. Especially the order to cash process which is the basis of e-commerce.
  • NetSuite’s acquisition of Open Air 2007, gives it immense credibility and should be taken into account by IT, Legal, accounting forms, government sectors as well as professional services.
  • It has several industries specific or vertical market solutions. Though most of these solutions are re-configuration of the horizontal products but nonetheless it makes up for it with quality.
  • NetSuite’s e-commerce shopping cart is so far, the best integrated solution with advanced functionality such as the keyword marketing module, affiliate management, eBay integration, promotional URLs, real-time credit card processing and basic SEO capabilities.

With so many strengths, you must be thinking how can there ever be a weakness in this product. Therefore, let us examine it critically and see it our self if we find something to point out –

  • Though it is impressive, yet it is quite complicated and a difficult system to use. The interface is quite bland and doesn’t keep its users engaged for a long time for ease of use.
  • The offline edition is weak and in in dire need of an upgrade.
  • Moving the customer support to Manila hasn’t been fruitful yet and many customers believe the support is troublesome.
  • Besides being weak, it is also costly. Most of the customers who need email and voice support are charged additional recurring fee which turns out to be 22.5to 37.5 % higher than other ERP systems hosted.
  • The customization that comes with NetSuite is very complicated and not everyone can crack it make optimum use of the application in one go. It requires expertise and intense knowledge about the software to be able to successfully integrate it and implement it.
  • Mixed review is customer service. Client churn is an ongoing issue. It has left its initial users of small businesses behind in its journey towards the enterprise edition.
  • The pricing and licensing structure has also caused much frustration in NetSuite’s customers. It knows when there is a requirement for add-ons and they are not free. So, if an add-on feature is vital for a business, NetSuite knows the client will pay for it to keep going.
  • In its race to become an all-round ERP solution, many CRM features have been lost or are not as good as other CRM applications. It further adds to the issue by not accepting ‘CRM only” deals and rather emphasizes on enterprise edition suite.
  • NetSuite does not come in individual packages. If you wish to deploy SuitePeople which is for managing employee data, salaries, appraisals, recruitment, and all other HR processes, you still have to buy the whole package of NetSuite.

With all the above and many more, the most registered grievance about NetSuite and its collection of products is about challenging way of use. Being innovative is extremely wise but ease of use is most appreciated when it comes with innovation.

WebBee Global has studies the shortcoming of NetSuite and have worked around day and night to bring solutions to the above customer complaints. We bring to you’re a unique customized application which integrates NetSuite to your system with existing applications in an impeccable manner.

WebBee’s application comes with easy to use dashboard and flexible navigation for all types of users. It is up-to the client to decide on the level of security and privacy of features.

We are located strategically and provide online customer support for all our clients not only during engagement but also after deployment of the product. We thrive of truest of our customers and it is most important for us to have high customer satisfaction.

Our prices are very competitive and our uniquely designed package comes with timely automated upgrades to keep our clients updated on the latest features and bug fixes if any.

The most distinct attribute of our product is that it suits not only enterprise customers but also those who are small scale and only looking for CRM features.

We understand our clients from the start and spend enough time to make sure we are on the same page before starting the work. This helps us give them what they require and when they require in the first attempt.

We take care of ongoing customization if any of our clients require add-on features or changes in the application. The synchronization of data is seamless and is done under expert guidance. We have dedicated teams to implement NetSuite on a stand-alone basis as well as integration basis if the client has an existing software but needs a migration to NetSuite.

With all the advantages that comes with NetSuite, we additionally provide better customer support and train the client on how to use the application going forward.

We provide solutions for all e-commerce platforms, financial platforms as well as development for NetSuite. Our product is compatible with Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce Shopify to name a few in the long list of other services.

Quality comes first in our transactions for every client; be it small or big. With us, customers only focus on their sales and leave the rest on us to manage.

Grow your business exponentially by collaborating with us on NetSuite integration and implementation. Save cost and increase your sales and productivity.

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