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How to win the Amazon Buy Box?

December 9, 2019

You will be astounded to realize that 83% of Amazon deals occur through the Buy Box. On the off chance that you are not in Amazon Buy Box, at that point you can’t complete wanted outcomes. For the most part, there are two kinds of Amazon merchandiser i.e., Amazon itself and outsider vendors. Since there is no restriction to the quantity of vendors who can utilize the Amazon stage, similar things are sell by different traders.

Let’s understand what is Amazon Buy Box !

Buy Box is a section on the right side of an Amazon commodity detail page where clients can add things to their cart. In any case, the majority of the Amazon dealers are not qualified to win the Buy Box. On the off chance that you are merchandising on Amazon and need to build deals on the web, at that point winning the Buy Box is critical. Buy Box is the main thing that can represent the moment of actual dealings. At whatever point a client taps on the “Add to cart” button, they are purchasing from one vendor, not all dealers. If you run advertisements on Amazon, at that point it turns out to be critical to think about whether you claim Buy Box or not. In the event that because of any reason, you don’t claim Buy Box then the majority of your Sponsored Commodities Ads for that items will quit running. The Buy Box turns between dealers who are qualified for it need to be intensely evaluated. Be that as it may, having the most minimal cost does not ensure the Buy Box.

Some important tips that you should know to win the Buy Box:

1) Shipping time matters a lot

The shipping time also has a high impact on winning the Buy Box. The shipping time can be seen on the product detail page from where users can find the important information. Generally, shipping time is arranged into these brackets which only includes working days.

2) Delivered on-time rate

The percentage of orders that buyers received by the estimated delivery date. Generally, sellers should aim for a percentage of 97% or greater. This metric can be viewed for the last 7 and 30 days in Seller Central.

3) Appropriate Fulfillment method

Fulfillment on Amazon can be done in three ways i.e., through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) and Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). Those sellers who are enrolled in SFP will have a greater chance of winning Buy Box. If you are an Amazon seller and want to enroll in the Seller Fulfilled Prime program then you must have strong performance metrics.

4) Landed Price

There are two types of prices on Amazon i.e., the price you list an item and the landed price which comprises of shipping and VAT. If your seller performance is higher than your competition for a product, you may be able to raise your price and get the share of Buy Box.

Get Featured In The Buy box and Take Your Business To Next Level

First of all, you need to make sure that your wares are Buy Box eligible by processing towards the “Manage Inventory” subdivision in the Seller Central account. Move towards the right-hand corner, tap on Preferences and then click on Buy Box eligible. If you want to monitor your commodities and their current Buy Box percentages then go through Reports>By ASIN> Detail Page Sales.

Tips to ameliorate eligibility for Buy Box:

1) Know the Cause that impact Buy Box Eligibility

It is your obligation to send things effectively, on schedule and to stay up with the latest. Cost and gratification are the two significant things that mainly decide whether you are in Buy Box or not.

2) Choose the accurate fulfillment method

While merchandising on Amazon, shippers can utilize their satisfaction. Despite the fact that Fulfillment by Amazon is turning into the most well known decision in light of its advantages in the Buy Box. FBA just means Amazon house, packs, and ships the majority of your items. On the off chance that Amazon has sensual command over your stock, at that point you need not stress over quality and amount.

3) Guarantee your item’s landed page is reasonable

Reasonable costs and reliable shipping are the two significant factors in winning Buy Box. Thus, ensure that the costs of your items are low and steady with different shippers as an afterthought. There are different Amazon dealers which continually change costs to win the Buy Box.

4) Modify your client feedback score

Criticism assumes a significant job in boosting deals and Amazon client input score is continually refreshing dependent on total surveys from Amazon orders. By and large, clients frequently leave item surveys on Seller Feedback pages which can harm your image notoriety, particularly on the off chance that you are getting negative audits.

5) Keep up your product order stock

Amazon needs customers to locate the precise items that they are searching for. In the event that because of any reason, your thing is out of stock, Amazon will get it from another vender so you need not take worry about anything. On the off chance that you are selling on the commercial center utilizing your satisfaction, make certain to have stock administration and satisfaction adjusted so your items are consistently in stock.

What to do if you don’t get the Buy Box?

On the off chance that you are doing everything directly from your end and still you are not getting the Buy Box then you need to do some additional endeavors. In the event that you are selling your items on the lower cost on your site or another channel then you could be punished by Amazon, so attempt to stay away from this circumstance. These days, Amazon is playing it safe to shield clients from potential fake merchandise which are as of now recorded at generously marked down costs. On the off chance that Amazon sees an uptick in consumer grumblings about a product, they may ensure clients by incidentally expelling the purchase box. Alongside this, they additionally do examination for what reason there’s been a kept running of grievances about imperfect or distorted articles.

Wrap Up

Indeed, there is no basic technique through which you can win the Buy Box. You have to focus on most momentous factors, for example, turning into an Amazon FBA merchant, improve your client support and understanding the method for evaluating. Winning the purchase box is a continuous procedure where merchants acquire a portion of the purchase box or lease the purchase box for quite a while. The elements which impact to what extent and how frequently you lease the purchase box are the factors you can modify and upgrade to expand your purchase box sessions and deals.