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How to Make Your Product Optimized to Rank Top on Amazon Listing?

April 11, 2020

How to Make Your Product Optimized to Rank Top on Amazon Listing?

A seller’s success on Amazon largely depends upon how effectively he manages his product listing with respect to their Amazon rankings. As far as a product listing is able to be on the top rankings of Amazon search as similar to Google SERP, a seller has better chances to earn handsome revenue and profitability. Along with other business practices, it is the Amazon SEO that helps a business on Amazon to be at the top with respect to profitability as well as earning.

What Does Amazon SEO Services Do To Rank A Seller List On The Top Of Amazon Ranking?

As Google SEO is known for all the imperative search engine practices to rank a website/domain in Google SERP ranking, similarly, Amazon SEO consists of all important steps necessary for optimizing a product listing to appear on top of the Amazon search results for certain specific keywords.

Like Google, a buyer searches his preferred product on the basis of keywords entered by him on the Amazon Search engine and chooses a product that appears in front of the Amazon screen or first page. He, hardly, cares to move on to the second page on Amazon listing unless he wants to be sure about a price bargain. A seller having the top position on the Amazon seller list, therefore, has better opportunities to have revenue and profitability.

However, the criteria for an estimation of the ranking of Amazon search are entirely different from the Google search algorithm. Where Google search depends upon the content-based criteria, Amazon ranking revolves around product categories and the propensity of a product to be sold on Amazon. Amazon algorithm, therefore, is known to be as “A9” where A stands for Algorithm.

What Is A9 Amazon Algorithm And Impact Upon Amazon Listing?

As discussed Google ranking is primarily based upon its algorithm’s capacity to filter out the relevant page from million pages for a visitor who is seeking information about a product or a service through a keyword. The piece of information, hence, could be an image; youtube video, location, or a web page containing that keyword.

Contrary to Google algorithm, in Amy Azon A9 a product is filtered from the millions of products listed on the basis of its buying behavior shoppers on Amazon. A particular seller with most of the sale for his product will emerge on the top of ranking on Amazon listing on the basis of the A9 algorithm. For every single search query, Amazon selects from millions of products within milliseconds and ranks them accordingly.

How Amazon A9 decides which listing to rank and which ones to filter out?

While deciding a product to be listed in the best position on the Amazon search engine A9 makes its ranking decision based upon purchase likelihood by a seller. In a buying decision for A9, there three parties are involved including buyer, seller, and Amazon.

What does an Amazon SEO company know about A9 purchase likelihood?

Keyword Metrics

The science behind the Amazon A9 purchase behavior is based upon the combination of selling of products and related searches about it on the Amazon store and marketplace. Overall, A9 works upon first determining a product’s overall ranking on Amazon or not. If a product that does not contains a keyword related to the search query it can’t be positioned on Amazon search. So all the search-related keywords should be included in the product description and features.

Performance Criteria

The second important criterion for a product to be included in an Amazon A9 search is its performance on Amazon with respect to the sale it is making on Amazon. As much a product sold on Amazon as better chances it has to be ranked on Amazon. Hence, the performance of a product on Amazon is measured through CTR (click-through-rate), CR (conversion rate on the product page), and finally sales. On the basis of these KPIs, a product gets a better ranking on Amazon based upon CTR, CR, and sales for a specific keyword.

How to make your product optimized to rank top on Amazon listing?

As it is evident that how the A9 method works to rank a website on Amazon, now it is time to learn how an Amazon SEO expert optimizes your Amazon listing makes them appear on top of Amazon research results. There are three methods by which an Amazon listing is being optimized.

  • Content Optimization: Developing and improving listing content.
  • Keyword Optimization: Adding and optimizing the keywords for your listings.
  • Maintenance: Under the steps after the initial level of optimization reviews and Amazon PPC activities are being carried out, effectively

Content Optimization

From an Amazon SEO expert’s perspective, the content optimization should be based entirely upon effective information sharing with customers and buyers on Amazon. The text of your product listing should be impressive enough and persuasive so that a seller should buy it immediately. The product in the following area should have an impressive sales copy.

  • Product Title
  • Bullet points including feature and attributes
  • Product description
  • Additional product information
  • Enhanced Brand Content

All across the entire content optimization, three important aspects around Amazon SEO Services are to be considered and be focused upon.

  • Product Story: The product story should be base around product images and elaborated product descriptions give you the space to tell your product’s story in a more engaging way.
  • Brand Awareness: explaining through and across the product listing with your brand’s perspective to a customer. It helps to gain brand awareness and loyalty. It differentiates your brand entirely from other products in your category.
  • Product range: The charts and different infographics should be used to magnify your product and service so that they help a seller to make an adequate and correct buying decision. The product should have clear references and mention in PPC sales copy as well.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is another important step under Amazon SEO Services. This step begins with the search for appropriate keywords to be included with content and product listings. A novel way to look for the related keywords is through competitor listings. The customer review is another important method to look out for related keywords to judge from the commonly used keywords by customers for a specific product and services.

After the selection of the keywords, they are included into different content areas including product listing as title, bullet points, product description, features, and Meta tags.

Maintenance Optimization and Paid Campaigns

This section for Amazon listing optimization focuses upon Amazon customer review and paid campaigns that altogether have a very credible impact upon overall Amazon ranking. It is the customer service and better product quality that draws your listings better product and service reviews. You can even use parcel inserts to prompt customers to offer better reviews on product testing platform. Paid campaigns should be inspired with better keywords selections, ad copy, and better bidding methods deriving impressive CTRs, leads, and conversation for the running PPC campaign.