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How to make Amazon Multi Channel fulfillment Automated and Faster?

March 22, 2021

How to make Amazon Multi Channel fulfillment Automated and Faster ?

In the Buzz world of eCommerce inspired selling, the role of Amazon multi channel fulfillment is of a catalyst that makes the entire order-to-cash and delivery cycle smooth and fast for impatient online customers that wish every order to reach at their door step as soon as had been checked out and payment being made. eCommerce selling being competed between a marketplace and eCommerce store can’t neglect need and requirement of efficient and fast fulfillment services like Amazon FBA.

Multi Channel Fulfillment by FBA is an efficient and faster Shipping and delivery services for sales orders generated from Amazon seller central account holder that sells from its Amazon market place as well as third party stores like BigCommerce, Shopify and others.

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment for a third party seller from storefront like Shopify and BigCommerce to overcome the problem of redundant inventory, warehouse and information systems. FBA Multi Channel Fulfillment, let a Shopify owner to have a full control over all the three imperative components of eCommerce business i.e., inventory, infrastructure and information.

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Resolving Inventory Issues

As on the inventory part, Amazon Multi Channel fulfillment let a seller to have item stocking facility at Amazon’s massive and huge fulfillment centers, that just not stores but also packs, ships and delivers to a customer’s door steps. Amazon MCF unifies entire inventory management system, completely, eliminating need for a separate warehouse and shipping arrangement. It along with providing stocking, packing and delivery service under one roof also provides full, real-time view of entire inventory at distribution centers and on route. The prices to stock and ship items at Amazon fulfillment centers are far more competitive and low in comparison to other service providers in the market.

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Resolving Infrastructure Issues

One another most important part and segment of entire fulfillment related activities that is sorted out by FBA Multi Channel Fulfillment is an effective warehouse management. Amazon fulfillment centers with their own WMS (Warehouse Management System) relives a seller for arranging bulk warehouse activities. Amazon FBA provides all warehouse management features under one roof inclusive of:-

• Racking built for pallets and cases

• Forklift trucks to move those units

• Large spaces for receiving and for staging outbound freight

• Docks for loading and unloading trucks.

• Lots of pick faces for picking single items into totes or carts

• Facilities and software for preparing small package shipments

• Conveyors and other automation systems

Amazon fulfillment center relives a seller from the pain of stocking items at different 3PL service providers. Amazon MCF with a managed inventory system let a seller to have total control over inventory.

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Resolving Information Related Issues

Fulfillment by Amazon relives a Shopify seller from the burden of managing inventory and eCommerce fulfillment entirely on two different systems. From its fulfillment centers, it relives a seller from the burden of managing inventory and fulfillment at two different centers. It works as a logistics as well as supply partner. Amazon MCF through Amazon AWS enabled business application and software provide an effortless business transactions for efficient and faster order-to-cash business cycle. It safeguards a retailer from the EDI requirements of large retailers. It offers a uniform bar code label system for every retailer for systematic arrangement of outbound orders to ensure compliance. It offers an overall effective system for order, inventory and payment management.