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How to Find Your First Amazon FBA Private Label Product

April 3, 2018

Amazon’s FBA service is the hottest and most sought-after service for online sellers. Amazon FBA Private label product is one of the ways through which you can sell your products using FBA. But before that, you must have a product or an idea to sell on Amazon. Getting a unique product idea is important to make through the tough competition on Amazon.

There are millions of sellers and most of them do have similar products. The competition is tough and cut-throat, to begin with. The most important thing is to calculate the product’s profit potential and how you can bring it to Amazon to help you grow your business.

Today, we bring you tips on how you can select products to sell on Amazon and even launch your private label:

  1. Align your mindset with Amazon:

Amazon is huge with its largest share of audience across the globe. There are millions of products available for every kind of buyer. However, you must find unique products to sell on Amazon to narrowly targeted and niche audience. Here is what you can do:

  • Find a low competition-high demand product
  • Make bulk purchase from overseas
  • Put your own label on the products
  • Send the products to Amazon Warehouse
  • Let Amazon sell, pack, and ship the products to customers
  1. Brainstorm ideas:

Brainstorm and juggle to get new ideas for products that you can sell. A typical blueprint for a successful product involves:

  • Ideal price between $20-$40 for the product
  • The product should be small and lightweight
  • There should be existing demand for the product on Amazon
  • Minimal competition – defined by the number of sellers & number of reviews
  • Simple items and few moving parts
  • Sourcing available from China

Start by listing around 20-30 product ideas which have minimum competition but significant demand on Amazon.

  1. Choose One:

While you churn new ideas during the brainstorming sessions, evaluate the demand for each one of them. You can also use some free sales estimator tools available online. If your product fits the spot of high demand and low competition, you are good to go.

  1. Find Supplier:

Find a supper which can deliver you the products with quality and lowest price. Try and get the products from China which is the largest source of buying bulk products for selling online. You can try Alibaba, Aliexpress, Global Sources, Tradekey, and more. You should first reach out to the suppliers and get a quote before placing the bulk order. Try getting some samples as well to check the quality of the product.

  1. Import:

Find an overseas supplier to get your products in bulk through the sea or air. Shipping through water is cheaper as compared to air freight. However, it takes longer and involves a lot of paperwork. If you have ample time before you start selling online, it is advisable to save some cost here by getting your orders through the ocean route. Shipping through the air is faster but more expensive in all regards.

  1. Sell it:

Amazon sells millions of products in the US alone. Typically, 500K new products are added every day to the listing. The customers of Amazon buy products that come up in the search results on the top page. Therefore, investing in SEO services is a good idea. Increase your chances of appearing in the search results more often and stay on top of the page for consumers to notice your products.

  1. Build Customer Relations:

Reviews play a major role in building your brand and creating trust among your customers. Your Label should speak of quality and should justify the price you are charging for it. Send follow up emails to your customers and show that you value them. You can use Jump Send to send automated emails to your buyers.

Creating a valuable customer base through these campaigns bring great returns eventually.

  1. Advertise:

Once your product starts selling and you receive a few reviews, start advertising your label. This will bring relevant customers to buy your products and provide you with more positive reviews.

Advertising also creates awareness about your products and offer that you provide to your customers. It enhances your brand value and generates revenue.

  1. Rinse, Repeat, and Scale:

Once your product is successful and you have created the brand value, introduce more products, and expand your brand. This will help you create value for your label and the customer will search for your label than just products.

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