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How to capitalize massive selling and revenue opportunity on BigCommerce and Amazon?

March 9, 2021

How to capitalize massive selling and revenue opportunity on BigCommerce and Amazon?

BigCommerce Amazon FBA that seamlessly integrates Amazon FBA with a BigCommerce store for a steeper and faster fulfillment of delivery of an order to a customer’s door stop can also handle BigCommerce store items sold on Amazon as well. The benefit of a commonly stocked inventory at Amazon fulfillment store handled for inventory, fulfillment and order management by Amazon Mutli Channel Fulfillment BigCommerce App is real-time visibility into the business transaction, order and inventory data.

In order to tap the huge revenue potential offered by simultaneously selling on BigCommerce and Amazon, a BigCommerce store owner is required to connect Amazon and BigCommerce for sharing product information from Amazon inventory to BigCommerce Catalog.

However, the product information sharing between Amazon and BigCommerce for selling on both Amazon and BigCommerce successfully occurs through BigCommerec Amazon integration, in which the role Auto Multi Channel fulfillment App by WebBee is paramount and integral.

What does a seller require to integrate BigCommerce with Amazon?

As Amazon has unprecedented edge in US eCommerce market having control over half of the online sales in the country. Therefore, integrating BigCommere store with Amazon offers a seller to have a pie from Amazon’s market share. In order to have a streamlined sales on Amazon a BigCommerce store owner is required to fulfill following business needs and demands.

Amazon Seller Central

You should have an Amazon seller account with a professional selling plan. In order to avail order fulfillment both on Amazon and BigCommerce on received sales order, Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment is applicable instead of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service.

Next a seller should have valid bank account to receive sales deposits and pay monthly selling account subscription fee. The sales, though, generated on Amazon store is accumulated into BigCommerce store Gross merchandise value. This integration is offered absolutely free from BigCommerce, however, Amazon charges fee for using this platform.

BigCommerce Store

The BigCommerce store is next important step of this integration. The store is required to setup with USD as a default currency and shipping to US being enabled. For the inventory, order and fulfillment management for this third party integration app like Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App by WebBee that is suitable for an integration and real time visibility into order, inventory and fulfillment.

BigCommerce Products

In terms to selling on Amazon with the help of BigCommerce-Amazon integration, a seller is required to follow below mentioned instructions.

• Only physical products are supported.

• Product pick list options like bundles and add-on products are neither allowed and supported.

• Each product that’s already available on Amazon’s catalog needs to have a standard UPC, EAN or GTIN identifier.

• Products that don’t have a brand or GTIN exemption need a UPC identifier.

• Each product should correlate to a brand.

• Only 2,000 characters are allowed in product description.