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How Cloud-Based Netsuite Bridges Can Enhance Your E-commerce Business

February 11, 2015

“Building bridges” is the most widely known feature of NetSuite connectors, with most enterprises believing that is all this cloud-based software provides. Integration into ecommerce platforms, such as eBay, Amazon and Shopify are a complex and monitoring these even more of a time-consuming affair. NetSuite connectors overcome these and create seamless integrators, building and constantly updating data between the seller’s account and the ecommerce site. However, that is not all that NetSuite connectors can do. In reality, NetSuite connectors have innumerable possibilities that can dramatically alter the way online business functions and how much it prospers. Here are Top 5 Ways, how NetSuite can enhance your ecommerce business:

• Consistent Brand representation across all web platforms – Many enterprises find it difficult to offer customers a consistent brand experience, across the multiple ecommerce channels. With NetSuite SuiteScript and SuiteTalk, you can retain a similar brand visage and experience, no matter, where you may be selling. Despite the structural differences of Shopify or Amazon, you can maintain the same tone and experience that your brand provides. These include webstores, catalogues and design.

• Unique Customer experience – What differentiates you from the myriad other stores online? NetSuite offers endless potential for customization. You can draft “Order” forms or shopping carts, exactly how you wish them to be. A trained NetSuite development company can create bespoke solutions for each of your ecommerce needs, thus, giving your customer a unique experience. This ensures customer attraction and retaining for long-term growth.

• Enhanced Customer tracking and E-Marketing Tools – NetSuite is a great tool for CRM, as it can take over the responsibilities of marketing. An expert NetSuite provider can help you track customers, via preferences, categorize them and cater to them on their special choices. You can also create emailers, targeted at segments, differentiated by location, price or choice, as per your business principles. If a customer logons repeatedly, you can have the system recognize them and stop from making repeated entries. All these and much more are possible with NetSuite.

• Business Process Management – Continuously streamlining and upgrading business processes is vital for any growing company. With NetSuite, you can automate and customize workflows to have an efficient system that is conducive to making profits and adds to your online credibility. These include data inflow/outflow of inventory, pricing, financials, orders, shipping and delivery. Because of its flexible and fluid nature, NetSuite offers you a more dynamic ecommerce business system, allowing you to respond to the changing dynamics of online sales.

• Real-Time Single Point Automated System – Finally, NetSuite provides anytime, anywhere data access and automated system that reduces the margin for errors almost completely. Sellers using NetSuite actually took 66% less time for order processing and cut the time required to update pricing from two hours to 10 minutes (500+ items.) Besides, NetSuite provides one single system for all channels, making it extremely easy for any enterprise, however small to handle all their online sales.