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How an Integrated Software System Can Enhance E-commerce Profitability?

January 23, 2015

If digitalization is a new way ahead, time-management is the navigator for that road. If we talk about e-commerce, time becomes even more important for any business process. E-commerce is by its very nature an instant window of opportunity for sellers and buyers, eradicating the borders of geographies and time zones. One of the key factors that attract a customer to buy online is the immediate accessibility to a sale and therefore, the onus is on the seller to expedite that sale as fast as possible. This means faster business processes from smart order forms, inventory check, financial transactions, shipping and delivery. If a customer gets an excellent experience at all these, you can be assured that they will return and look at repeat buys, increasing sustained profitability.

Ensuring customers a unique and fast sales experience requires your business processes to be seamless and continuous, without errors or breaks. Unfortunately, most e-commerce sites have rigorous requirement formats that are highly complex and time-consuming. Many enterprises make the mistake of trying to complete these requirements with manual submissions. Such data processing is tedious, time-consuming and can lead to a large gap between your response and a customer’s query.

Let us look at the several different steps that make up an online business transaction and understand how the slightest hesitation can break the entire chain.

• Uploading of products – building web-store – managing catalogue and pricing • Customer log in – search – product cart – order form – payment – checkout – delivery tracking • Inventory amalgamation – product availability – payment method – invoicing – shipping

The above three may be separate systems, but are interwoven with each other. Therefore, it is highly important to have seamless data import/export among all the three aspects.

The only way to ensure non-stop data integration, with minimal error is by inducting a business software system, designed exclusively for e-commerce, such as NetSuite. A generic approach to NetSuite can provide you an amazing e-commerce business process. But, in the hands of an expert NetSuite developer like Webbee, you get a bespoke connector integration, with an inch-by-inch tailored solution to enhance every single feature of your business. NetSuite connectors for e-commerce have immense potential that goes way beyond mere integration. WebBee has the requisite knowledge to harness this potential to make NetSuite a personal tool to enhance your e-commerce business, with an expanded service that also covers CRM, besides the standard ERP. This business integration software is automated, accessible in real time and above all reduces errors and costs required to manually administrate e-commerce sites.

The benefits of a WebBee’s integrated business software system, allow you to capture audiences across the globe, without time or cultural lapses and retain them as loyal buyers.