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How Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment BigCommerce App Simplify BigCommerce Fulfillment?

December 28, 2020

How Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment BigCommerce App Simplify BigCommerce Fulfillment?

The Amazon FBA is so simple and convenient for a seller that it requires only for him too label and ship its units to an Amazon warehouse (Fulfillment Center). This goal is achieved through Amazon Seller central, where, an FBA inventory is tracked and refilled by a BigCommerce seller. After Amazon FBA receiving and scanning the units, they become immediately available for sales. Here, the Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment BigCommerce app becomes operational as it sends an automated customer information at Amazon fulfillment center after receiving an order from BigCommerce storefront.

On the basis of customer order received the item is packed and shipped from Fulfillment  By Amazon center.  While creating an inbound shipment, Amazon according to fulfillment center capacity divides the entire shipments on the 33% basis across Fulfillment Center A, Fulfillment Center B and Fulfillment Center C. It is advisable for a seller not to choose the split of inbound shipping on their own, otherwise they could have to pay 30 cent extra per unit extra their fulfillment fee.

Why FBA is a so necessary for a seller that is already selling on Amazon?

The Amazon FBA is very beneficial choice for sellers that are selling on Amazon along with their BigCommerce store. Without a proper fulfillment system a small seller with the help of Amazon multi channel fulfillment can avoid negative impacts of poor customer care experience. A professional Amazon Seller with the help of Amazon fulfillment center can have following shipment related benefits.

  • A FBA seller is naturally eligible to avail Amazon Prime benefits
  • Amazon FBA offers a determining role on Buy Box ownership
  • Improves Buy Box winning chances by influencing factors like fulfillment latency and seller rating
  • With improved customer experience, a seller can have better influence over brand impression and higher sales performance.

An FBA should not always be a seller’s 100% fulfillment choice instead he can choose between an FBA/FBM hybrid. Every product shipped through Amazon FBA is always a good choice for fulfillment due to a variety of reasons like size, sales, performance and margin.

The Various Sales and Performance Offered by BigCommerce Amazon FBA App

Auto Multichannel Fulfillment BigCommerce App by WebBee Global makes Amazon MCF faster and more happening. The app offers a real time syncing of BigCommerce orders data and inventory data thus making the fulfillment process faster and accurate.  The automation of entire fulfillment process in unique capability of this app. The elimination of manual data feeding into the fulfillment process makes the shipping more accurate and transparent.  The app has a quick turnaround time to deliver a package to a customer’s shipping address. The other process and efficiency related benefits offered by  Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment App are like:-

Automated Real Time Fulfillment

The Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment BigCommerce app completely eliminates any requirement to share order status with Amazon FBA through a spread sheet or any other format with distinct logins into the account. After installing the app orders and inventory get automated simultaneously without any need for filling the data manually.

Import of Orders from BigCommerce

The Apps sync and import orders from BigCommerce to further map them with Amazon inventory and process the fulfillment at the shipping address given in the App.

Import of Inventory from Amazon

The App enables the import of Amazon inventory for mapping the SKUs with corresponding orders SKUs and initiate and complete the process of fulfillment.

Partial Tracking of Shipping Status

The app further allows the tracking and fulfillment and informs a seller about shipping status through different notification mails.

SKU Mapping & Bundling

The app maps SKU and offer functionality to map unmatched SKUs manually. In addition a merchant can bundle items for special offers, combos and discount offers with BigCommerce.

Codeless Integration

Most of the app for BigCommerce and Amazon integration offered on BigCommerce App store are easy to install and don’t require extensive codes to install them. On the apps instillation process is quite simpler and easy and self driven.

Therefore, with Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment App for BigCommerce a seller enjoys a painless fulfillment and shipping process for its BigCommerce orders.