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How a NetSuite Connector helps a business using NetSuite ERP?

January 12, 2020

How a NetSuite Connector helps a business using NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite integration is an important business processes that powers a business to utilize its huge chunk of data at backend to share with its business partners and other applications for important business processes like order to cash and sending out advance shipping notices for products shipped to customers. ERP itself is an expensive business process management application has a great number of rich features that can’t be utilized to their full potential unless are not matched with other useful business applications in the changing business environment driven with digitization, cloud and eCommerce.

NetSuite itself a leading cloud based ERP can leverage business processes when is automated with other system and applications for processes like order-to-cash and others to make the best of NetSuite’e ERP Capabilities. The valuable data at disposal of NetSuite when integrated with other applications whether, ecommerce stores, marketing automation, e-mailing  platforms, ecommerce store, etc., is used to develop and brought out multi tasking and multi featured solutions for making business process far easier and simplified. A NetSuite connector for ecommerce stores like BigCommerce and Shopify can help a business to meet its customer demands.

NetSuite Overview    

Offered by Oracle, NetSuite is a leading CRM and ERP platform that helps businesses and enterprises to effectively manage finances, operations and customer relation activities for businesses of all sizes. The area, where, NetSuite ERP is of the optimum utilization is order, inventory and account management. A cloud based ERP that can also be deployed on premise as well ensures that data is flowing accurately and successfully across the organization between different departments for an intended task and duties.

What is a NetSuite Connector or Integrator?

A NetSuite Connector is a software application or solution that integrates with NetSuite API to pull data from the NetSuite database to develop more advanced templated business application and processes.  The NetSuite connector syncs a business data from NetSuite API for business process automation for enhanced performance and efficiency.  It relives a business from separate logins and manual data feeding for external applications to use data for several business activities including marketing campaigns, financial and banking solutions, order to cash and other applications.

Further a NetSuite integrator simplifies complex business process of exchanging data between EDI and B2B business environment. A  NetSuite integrator by combining the NetSuite API with B2B integration brings out the massive and immeasurable business results and completely eradicates any need for a business to handle data manually.  Thus integration apps developed offers seamless connection between ERP-CRM, NetSuite to BigCommerce, NetSuite to Salesforce, ERP to eCommerce and others. A NetSuite connector do tasks like as:-

  • Eliminates need for the manual data integration
  • Optimize APIs without lesser lines of custom codes
  • Verification and transformation of data
  • Automation several business processes like order-to-cash business flows to and from NetSuite
  • Syncs business process data with NetSuite ERP

Benefits of NetSuite Connector/ Integrator

Global system integration market according to some recent researches has a whopping size of $300 billion. A better alternative to complex business customizations integration carries out a diverse business function, primarily, data synchronization and process with quite simplicity and ease.  NetSuite connector makes it quite simpler and easier for a business to meet its scalability goals without much hustle.  A BigCommerce or Shopify NetSuite connector get it’s easier to pull data easily from NetSuite API for business financials, operations and customer relationship. Highly responsive to a business’s integration need, NetSuite integration aids a business to achieve following business results.


NetSuite Connector offers a business massive growth opportunity to leverage Netsuite data to be shared for multichannel business growth through sales avenues at different locations and channels.  It powers an organization with massive up selling and cross selling features.

Business Management and Strategy

The integration enables a business owner to have better business management capabilities with faster and improved accuracy of the data.  It enables and empowers an entrepreneur with capability to faster strategy formulation with the help of instant financial planning analysis and reporting

Innovative User Centric Solutions

NetSuite driven business integration let a business to devise client centric business solution on the basis of rising business requirement of an organization. With data available at ERP a NetSuite integrator, therefore, offers a business capability to create as many as end user centric useful business applications.

Improved Visibility

With an accurate data visibility available with the NetSuite integration as brought at application dashboards, it becomes quite easier for a business owner to make informed business decision.  With integration business decision as backed with faster decision making activities and ideas.

Cost Saving Management

With automation at the core and manual data processing minimized an ideal NetSuite connector enabled integration saves cost incurred over human resource and other associated costs.  It seamlessly reduces operational costs and improves business efficiencies.

Therefore, it is evident that there is no better way than a NetSuite connector for a business to optimize massive business and process oriented data at NetSuite ERP to be used for automated transaction and robust business applications.