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Guide to Advanced NetSuite Integration & Solution with WebBee

January 18, 2023

Key Highlights:

          - Multi-Channel Sales Management

          - User Information

          - Better Networking

          - Easing eCommerce Businesses With Advanced WebBee Robust NetSuite Integrator

          - Improved Customer Experience

          - Integrate NetSuite with multiple eCommerce marketplaces

          - Administrator

          - Developer

          - Businesses Analyst

          - Users

           - Order to Cash

           - Tax Management

           - Workflow Management

           - Automating Data For Sky Rocketing Business Growth

The platform NetSuite readily grows and adapts to various purchasing and selling circumstances. It was created on the premise that eCommerce cannot be a solo channel but a crucial element of any successful business. Additionally, it helps the company to transition from a difficult integrated solution for commerce to a simple solution on the siloed internet, in-store, and phone shopping channels. This will provide seamless integration of order administration, inventory, merchandising, finance, marketing, and customer care functions with the point of sale.

Additionally, it will provide a dependable, entertaining, and customized purchasing experience across all devices. They will make a variety of B2C and B2B channels available so that people from different genres may interact easily. It essentially aids in the business.

The Need to Integrate into NetSuite

NetSuite's well-known NetSuite ERP provides integrated solutions to meet the demands of various sectors, customers, and enterprises. As an online business owner, you may tailor the NetSuite connection platform to your specific requirements. NetSuite also provides many methods for connecting partners and developers. For synchronization, you can choose integrators, platforms, and custom code. Most settings are available with a custom code. On the other hand, custom code has risks and is less well-documented. A competent programmer creates the integration application fully from scratch in custom code.

NetSuite eCommerce integration may help you manage your inventory, bills, pricing, taxes, payments, finances, and customers by providing a stable infrastructure that allows your data to flow effectively across your company operations. Now you may ask - Why should you use NetSuite eCommerce integration?

You cannot overlook the fact that eCommerce enterprises are rapidly increasing, and the majority of developing organizations are choosing eCommerce automation. When you integrate eCommerce with NetSuite, you can successfully meet your consumers' expanding needs while being agile in a continuously altering market.

Let's look at some of the advantages of NetSuite integration with eCommerce:

Multi-Channel Sales Management

Currently, a rising number of B2B (Business-to-Business) companies are expanding and changing to multi-channel sales (for example, suppose a company owner has a sales channel on Amazon and WooCommerce). Marketplace platforms such as Amazon and WooCommerce give additional online sales channels for enterprises. Several unique B2B platforms promote the merchandise and products of a variety of businesses.

User Information

By connecting your eCommerce business with the NetSuite API, you may collect consumer information, such as your customers' likes and choices, making your site easier to navigate. If you want to attract more consumers and grow your business, you need to make your website incredibly user-friendly.

You may design marketing approaches that will boost your consumer base by simultaneously simplifying data transmission between many eCommerce platforms. Furthermore, because this business is regularly evolving, you may use the client's input and opinions to decide where changes are needed. You may add more value to your online business by watching customer activity and leveraging the data you collect.

Better Networking

Networking or communication is the most important aspect of every organization, whether it is online or offline. NetSuite eCommerce integration enables easy networking, and your external and internal connections will increase. NetSuite will enable your company's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to easily interchange information, making it available to all departments. Furthermore, you may obtain real-time information anytime you want it.

Above all, the NetSuite API will improve your online store's business procedures and automation. Before the introduction of this technology, people managed their enterprises manually. 

Easing eCommerce Business with Advanced WebBee Robust NetSuite Integrator

Because of its extensive features and benefits, the WebBee Robust NetSuite integrator is all you need for your eCommerce solution. WebBee is one of the most trusted providers for your Shopify NetSuite Integration App. Using WebBee, you can connect your Shopify store to NetSuite Integrator in a single day. A step-by-step lesson is also offered to help with onboarding. With only a few clicks, you can equip yourself with remarkable features.

WebBee helps you save time by providing error-free services. It provides an ERP system that can handle requirements of enterprise-grade infrastructure and data flow in seconds, as well as 24x7 online customer assistance. WebBee has a thorough understanding of omnichannel eCommerce platforms, Shopify stores, and supply chain connectivity, allowing them to assess current systems and recommend future modifications. Because of its real-time link between Shopify and NetSuite, efficient UI, and faster inventory system, WebBee is the safest solution.

Improved Customer Experience

Manual processing introduces errors and hinders the transfer of sales and orders. As a consequence of the NetSuite connection, the management operations you may automate are error-free and not only save time but are also cost-effective. B2B clients have more sophisticated expectations than B2C consumers. As a result, all B2B companies should focus on enhancing the customer experience. NetSuite eCommerce integration may improve the customer experience in two ways. It accelerates client website operations while eliminating catastrophic problems, giving personnel more time to focus on providing superior customer service.

Customers will only utilize platforms where they are certain that their payment information is secure and that they will receive the things they requested. NetSuite helps online businesses to have an efficient and automated sales platform that benefits in building trust with customers. Furthermore, the order process is accelerated, and your inventory information is 100% accurate using this system.

Integrating NetSuite with multiple eCommerce marketplaces

NetSuite can be integrated with the majority of eCommerce systems. Because NetSuite eCommerce integration is a significant participant in company optimization, it seems natural that large or small firms that offer stand-alone eCommerce solutions will connect with this system. You must identify NetSuite and eCommerce links to guarantee that your online presence is linked to your ERP.

NetSuite can connect to the following major eCommerce platforms:

Shopify NetSuite Integration

Amazon FBA NetSuite Integration

BigCommerce NetSuite Integration

Magento NetSuite Integration

WooCommerce NetSuite Integration

⦁ Hubspot NetSuite Integration

⦁ SuiteCommerce Advanced NetSuite Integration

The Benefits of NetSuite Integrator

NetSuite is used by over 40,000 enterprises and is ten times larger than the market's potential galactic rival. Further, NetSuite has many functions, which is why it can operate with your particular corporate requirements. NetSuite is incredibly configurable, which is why this cloud-based ERP software is extremely advantageous for small, medium, and large organizations to undertake their critical activities. You have the tools of the highest quality for every user!

NetSuite is jam-packed with fantastic features, which makes it capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of users. So, when learning how to utilize NetSuite, you must first determine what sort of user you are and your requirements.

Let's take a look at the different types of NetSuite users and the tools that are available to them:

1) Administrator

Only the administrator has complete authority over all customizations. Role management and security give them an excess of control.

2) Developer

NetSuite provides developers with a sophisticated complete development environment that includes a wide variety of Customization options. Product life cycle management allows developers to keep track of the growth of their products.

3) Business Analyst

These individuals can create business rules and separate apps based on their needs. They can also create tables, panels, and fields to display and analyze data.

4) User

Regardless of your background, NetSuite consumer-based UI is specifically developed to provide you with a streamlined and spontaneous user experience. Using the NetSuite dashboard, you may create your own experience completely tailored to your needs.

Features of WebBee's NetSuite Integrator

NetSuite ERP has several features built into the system. It improves the efficiency of company processes. We've highlighted some of it for you.

1) Order to Cash

The NetSuite-aligned O2C workflow effectively manages the whole order processing process. It synchronizes the results of accounting log entries with the time of payment.

2) Tax Management

NetSuite provides an amazing capability that allows you to conduct activities to analyze, track, compute, and pay various taxes based on the sale or purchase of goods and services. NetSuite tax management is built on a solid basis, enabling automation, transparency, and effective tax administration and management worldwide.

3) Workflow Management

NetSuite features powerful Workflow management capabilities that allow it to successfully integrate any unique business processes into the NetSuite system. Businesses may use these capabilities to automate business operations and save time on manual tasks. This functionality can convert more complicated business procedures into simpler activities. Workflows may manage numerous phases, transitions, and processes more efficiently, saving time.

4) Automating Data for Skyrocketing Business Growth

Automation of eCommerce is a sort of software that is meant to change your company's operations, processes, and marketing into an automated process that interacts smartly and at the proper moments. You can make greater use of your resources this way.

Through eCommerce automation, you can offer your team and yourself the most precious resource: time. Furthermore, it liberates your teams to focus on high-value duties required in today's environment, such as training staff in new fulfillment techniques, contingency planning, addressing HR concerns, arranging new supplier agreements, sales and marketing, experimenting, and so on.

How do you automate it?

One of the most effective methods to automate your eCommerce business is to integrate the channel with NetSuite ERP. As previously said, NetSuite is a cloud-based software that gives you all of the ERP benefits you would otherwise lack, with automation being the most important. It makes no difference whether your business is based on Amazon FBA, Magento, HubSpot, Big Commerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce or if you have a multi-channel business. eCommerce integration with NetSuite will provide you with a single platform from which to handle all of your channels.

All you need to do is enable the desired automation by integrating your company shop with NetSuite via an integration app, and NetSuite will take care of the rest. By automating accounting with NetSuite, you can have NetSuite provide data about payments, returns, and refunds instantly across all of your sales channels. You can also automate the procedure of billing. 

In addition, your staff will be under a lot of stress managing the accounts, and manual labor is more likely to result in errors, unhappy clients, and tax issues. You can automate the entire accounting process with eCommerce integration to NetSuite and save time and money. Additionally, automation will avoid calculation errors. Also, it will instantly update the data throughout your sales channels, eventually enhancing business productivity and client delight.

The ability to automate inventory management and provide a supply chain forecast is a key component of the NetSuite eCommerce integration. The ordering, storing, and fulfilling of assets as a stage in the supply chain is known as inventory management. Inventory management entails monitoring the status, location, and fulfillment of the goods acquired from suppliers. This is where NetSuite comes in and assists you in fully automating the procedure. You can use NetSuite to manage your business as a cutting-edge cloud-based solution. However, it excels in managing stock items regardless of where they are kept.


It is crucial to have NetSuite Integration to improve and grow your eCommerce business. One is certain of its importance and utility by its remarkable characteristics and the benefits mentioned above. With its thorough details, WebBee makes it simpler and more authentic to use this ERP integration solution, enabling you to include it in your organization more readily and upgrade it. It is one of the most well-liked products because of the Robust NetSuite Integrator.

WebBee, the best NetSuite solution provider, is here to help to make it all happen with just a few clicks if you want to improve your eCommerce business to stand out from its rivals! You may boost your sales and total revenue. At the same time, you can give your customers the highest-quality services thanks to WebBee Robust NetSuite Integrator. So, your business will be able to incorporate new requirements with an even better future result thanks to this change in your company.

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