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Consolidate Order Fulfillment Challenges & Solutions with NetSuite

February 1, 2023

Key Highlights:

The most crucial element of order management and order processing is fulfillment. It is responsible for selecting, packaging, and delivering the customer's merchandise. This indicates that fulfillment failures may significantly affect customer satisfaction and your potential to satisfy demand. Customers own more influence than ever before and have greater expectations. Moreover, order fulfillment is crucial to your brand's credibility, profitability, and ability to keep customers. Let's understand more about order fulfillment and how to resolve the challenges of order fulfillment.

What is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment, also known as order processing and fulfillment, is receiving, packing, and sending a customer's order. The procedure begins when a customer places an order and continues until the order has been delivered. Workers may perform order fulfillment in-house or outsourced to third-party logistics (3PL) providers. Automating this procedure in-house helps reduce the strain on your eCommerce fulfillment staff as it expands.

Why is Order Fulfillment Crucial?

Order fulfillment is essential to a company's success since it ensures that consumers make their purchases quickly and as intended. Companies may increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by accurately and promptly completing orders. As a result, it will lead to repeat business and favorable word-of-mouth recommendations. In addition, quick order fulfillment helps businesses with inventory management and cut delivery expenses.

Challenges to Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment can present companies with several challenges. Your potential for eCommerce customer retention and offering a positive eCommerce customer experience depends on your ability to effectively manage the myriad of order fulfillment problems that could occur between the order and delivery.

The following are several of the most prevalent order fulfillment difficulties companies face:

1. Incorrectly filled orders

Occasionally, orders are fulfilled incorrectly. Whenever an order is improperly logged or during the selecting and packing process, inaccurate order fulfillment may occur. In either case, the outcome is an unhappy consumer or provider.

2. Stockouts

Inventory management is essential for effective order fulfillment, but if you often run out of stock, especially on high-turnover goods, you're likely to lose consumers. Keeping adequate things in stock to fulfill demand is crucial.

3. Time-consuming packing

Once an order has been placed, you must ensure that the products are quickly collected from your shelf and packaged. Otherwise, the shipment may arrive late, causing clients to wait much longer than they desire.

Addressing these challenges frequently requires automating as much of the process as possible. Further, several methods to do this are:

⦁ Utilizing Order Management Software to accept orders eliminates mistakes in product purchase records.
⦁ Employing a barcode inventory tracking system to enhance accuracy.
⦁ Utilizing technologies to streamline inventory management and avoid stockouts. These solutions streamline your inventory management operations and expedite your    order fulfillment.

WebBee Global's NetSuite integration can help address these common challenges.

In the following sections, we will discuss WebBee Global's NetSuite integrator and how it will help to consolidate item fulfillment challenges & solutions.

About NetSuite

Oracle's NetSuite is the industry-leading CRM and ERP solutions that enable businesses and companies of all types to navigate finances, operations, and customer relations effectively. Order, inventory, and account administration are the areas in which NetSuite ERP is most optimally used. A cloud-based ERP that may also be implemented on-premises guarantees that data flows reliably and effectively throughout an organization's divisions to complete assigned tasks and responsibilities.
NetSuite, a major cloud-based ERP, can leverage business operations when integrated with other systems and apps for order-to-cash and other procedures to maximize NetSuite's ERP capabilities. NetSuite's valuable information, when incorporated with other applications, such as eCommerce stores, marketing automation, e-mailing channels, etc., is used to develop and bring out multitasking and multi-featured alternatives that make business processes significantly easier and more streamlined. Moreover, a NetSuite connector for eCommerce platforms like Shopify NetSuite integration might assist a company in meeting client requests.

What is NetSuite Connector?

NetSuite Connector enables you to connect data across NetSuite, your online marketplaces, point-of-sale solutions, point-of-sale systems, and eCommerce platforms. Moreover, this interface automates data transfer, allowing you to preserve the centralization of your vital information while eliminating the need for manual input. You may save costly human errors, delays, data transfers, and procedures through spreadsheets. The NetSuite connector establishes a seamless link between BigCommerce and NetSuite, synchronizing product information, inventory availability, customers, sales orders, etc. ERP and NetSuite salesforce integrations are also included in the NetSuite integration. Moreover, it enhances the efficiency of supply chain management for all organizations and sectors. Also, the accounting and financial capabilities of NetSuite ERP will simplify the recording of transactions, management of payables and receivables, closing of books, and collection of taxes. Furthermore, this automation will facilitate timely, accurate reporting and grant you more control over your financial holdings.

Why Do You Need WebBee Global's NetSuite Connector?

The connection between NetSuite and BigCommerce includes various capabilities that reduce supply chain difficulties and simplify demand forecasts, resulting in company growth. Several of the reasons why you require the NetSuite connection solution for your BigCommerce business are outlined below:

1.Automated data synchronization

 The NetSuite connector provides automated bidirectional data synchronization between NetSuite and BigCommerce for organizational processes like inventory and   order monitoring, maintenance management, and invoicing. Moreover, the connectors' straightforward user interface facilitates routine retail activities. It integrates   payment methods in a user-friendly manner and provides the ability to view the entire inventory.

2.Multi-channel inventory management & Solutions

  The multi-channel inventory management capability of the NetSuite connector enables its integration with apps such as BigCommerce and Shopify. This inventory   management system also allows offline editing. Furthermore, the NetSuite connection simplifies communication between a firm, its partners, providers, and consumers.   Integration may assist eCommerce enterprises like BigCommerce by providing information on catalog price, order status, and product delivery. You can also utilize it to   allow your vendor to establish automated order limits.

3.Simple and prompt decision making

  Additionally, NetSuite integration enhances business decision-making. The automated eCommerce inventory function gives you real-time access to your business's   performance or online shop. You can make decisions by integrating your business information in one place. Your business's competitiveness relies on your ability to do   this. This integration could also offer a comprehensive view of your organization's procedures. You can now track your customers' orders from when they are placed   until they are fulfilled.

Now, let's check about order fulfillment by NetSuite and how it can address fulfillment challenges.

What is NetSuite Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment from NetSuite guarantees that client orders are delivered promptly and precisely. By standardizing and streamlining their fulfillment operations, businesses may boost their productivity and reduce mistakes. Further, users are directed through the fulfillment process employing pick-and-pack logic and techniques, ensuring that inventory is maintained following business policy. Businesses may further customize and regulate how orders are handled by designing a wave release strategy, establishing wave status, and choosing single or many picking types.

With NetSuite order fulfillment, you can:

⦁ Avoid Expensive Mistakes: Users are guided through the picking process by predefined selection techniques. Utilizing a mobile device guarantees that orders are   selected appropriately on the first attempt each time.

⦁ Improve inventory utilization: Cross-subsidiary fulfillment in NetSuite allows businesses to quickly determine which subsidiaries and locations may trade with each   other and under which circumstances. This enables operational teams to maximize inventory use. So, cross-subsidiary fulfillment allows orders to be completed from   any location. Hence it reduces delivery times and maximizes inventory use.

The Benefits Of NetSuite Order Management

Here are the benefits of NetSuite Order Administration:

1. Efficient order fulfillment

Using NetSuite Order Management, you can connect, maintain, and adjust your order management operations more rapidly and inexpensively. This system offers your team the order coordination and inventory visibility tools required to enhance revenue via effective inventory and order control. Moreover, your business can promptly deliver products to consumers using store inventory and the capacity to fulfill orders from every location.

2. Automated data flow

Using NetSuite, you can link your sales, finance, and operational processes to raise quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors, improve revenue recognition processes, and accelerate and improve order fulfillment and cash flow. Your organization's blood is the cycle of receiving, examining, organizing, following, conforming with, and invoicing orders. NetSuite's extensive order management capabilities offer you complete visibility into the process and help you to automate many techniques along the route. Hence, this allows you to complete and ship the order using the most cost- or location-efficient location. This will allow you to exceed your client's expectations.

3. Enhanced business operations with NetSuite ERP

The NetSuite Order Management automated processes save your team effort by automating time-consuming operations. You may handle credits for each fulfillment channel and accept returns and replacements for your company's items using the module's own grid print templates. NetSuite Order Management's multi-channel solutions empower your personnel to provide superior customer care at every touchpoint. Hence, your firm can provide smooth, dependable cross-channel customer interactions. All necessary billing procedures are merged into a single platform via billing management capabilities. In addition, the NetSuite Business Intelligence module enables the evaluation of all recorded returns, which allows you to make strategic choices about people management and process improvement.

4. Fewer opportunities for mistake

Problems are unavoidable when dealing with a large number of orders and, to this degree of, complicated order processing, particularly billing errors. The reputation of a budding eCommerce firm might be damaged by incorrect items, late billing, improper addresses, and late deliveries. Because of this, a simplified order management system must be implemented. NetSuite manages all of your order data in a single system. You may track your  customers from the first marketing contact through the purchase, billing, delivery, and support stages. Thanks to the linked NetSuite CRM, you have total insight into each presale action. The system collects order information across all sales channels and notifies your warehouse staff to select, pack, and ship the item. Due to the automated information flow, human mistakes in fulfillment or invoicing are impossible. Hence, it results in more productive employees and satisfied customers regardless of the kind of company.

5. Accurate data integrity

Using the NetSuite Order Management makes it easier for NetSuite users to identify issues as they develop in real-time since the whole procedure can be viewed as a whole rather than in individual parts. Over time, making choices based on facts may save you money. Addressing even the smallest inefficiency may encourage supply chain improvements and substantially impact your bottom line whenever order volumes are high.

Difficulties For NetSuite Order Fulfillment Overcomes

⦁ Unproductive Order Release. Send similar orders to the warehouse simultaneously to maximize picking efficiency.
⦁ Unproductive Pick Paths. Instead of processing orders sequentially or item by item, encourage consumers to choose depending on the warehouse layout.
⦁ Inaccurate Fulfillment. Utilizing mobile devices to detect things as they are picked guarantees accuracy in order fulfillment.
⦁ Labor Redundancies. Pick similar things across numerous orders simultaneously to save repeated daily trips to the same bin.

Wisdom Words

NetSuite is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that can improve your online business for error-free, automated administration. Connectors between NetSuite and BigCommerce facilitate the integration of both eCommerce platforms for greater ERP connectivity. Once human mistakes are eliminated, your site's performance will improve. NetSuite maintenance may also automate supply chain management, demand planning, and forecasting. This NetSuite administration will allow you to automate your BigCommerce inventory and provide outstanding customer service.

The integration of NetSuite may bring great online business potential, but the procedure is complex. Therefore, you should seek expert assistance. WebBee Global is a reputable NetSuite BigCommerce integrator that will give you a seamless connection. By linking it with their NetSuite account, WebBee Global's NetSuite Order Fulfillment may help organizations automate and expedite their order fulfillment process. This can boost productivity, decrease mistakes, and enhance customer happiness. Additionally, organizations are likely to save resources and time that would normally be wasted on manual order fulfillment chores by using this service.
Their renowned Robust NetSuite BigCommerce integrator tool is adaptable and delivers solutions within a single day.

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