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Open your business growth gates with unified API WooCommerce Integration

December 9, 2022

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The best way to grow your business is to have your website or online store so that you can contact your customers directly anywhere in the world. A stunning website will also help your products or service to develop a unique personality. Therefore, you must consider starting your digital journey by expanding a WooCommerce NetSuite API-integrated business if you wish to take your company online. 

WooCommerce is a plug-in for WordPress that allows you to create, run, and administer any online business. Designed particularly for the eCommerce sector, WooCommerce is a free plug-in designed primarily to power all types of eCommerce websites, and it has many features and functionalities. The proper WooCommerce Hosting plan prepares you to sell your goods and services online. However, WooCommerce integration with NetSuite will provide you with the greatest benefits. 

Many people mistake WooCommerce for being the same as WordPress, but they are not. While WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that helps several businesses to build a wide range of websites, WooCommerce is an ideal plug-in for WordPress that helps to build, manage and customize websites. WooCommerce is the ideal partner for you to have for success if you want to launch your own business because of its flexibility.

What is a unified API?

A unified API is a "meta" data model that enables programmers to communicate using a single interface with several different systems' APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). For instance, if you have online stores on Shopify and WooCommerce, if you opt for Shopify or WooCommerce integration with a unified API, you will have one single platform where you can manage everything at once. 

By combining cloud providers in particular software categories, unified APIs enable a single endpoint for applications like banking, accounting, calendar, leads, CRM, and email. The unified APIs connect several services into a single integration by standardizing resources and data models across a single vertical, reducing redundancy.

Thanks to the unified APIs, WooCommerce inventory integration difficulties are eliminated, resulting in the elimination of the debugging APIs. Moreover, with centralized logging, the unified APIs may improve visibility and provide complete observability out of the box. You are aware of what to expect. The unified APIs make filtering and sorting consistent and aid in preventing over- and under-fetching. Also, the unified APIs are cost-efficient, and a single API takes care of versioning downstream APIs. NetSuite is one of the best cloud-based unified APIs at present.

What exactly is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a unified and comprehensive management suite that includes ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and accounting. NetSuite API is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that runs in the cloud that assists businesses in growing and progressing by effectively optimizing business operations. NetSuite eCommerce integration additionally uses a cloud platform to automate company procedures with premium advantages. 

When it comes to anticipating business needs and assisting your WooCommerce company with the Oracle NetSuite EDI integration, NetSuite is always one step ahead. The NetSuite software streamlines essential company operations, including customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, inventory management, accounting, and many more through a single, completely integrated system. 

Moreover, thanks to the fully integrated NetSuite solution, you will have all the necessary tools to manage all your business operations on a single interface. You can use the cloud to run your business more efficiently, eliminate extra operational expenses, and increase the competitive edge, ultimately leading to your business's expansion. Also, NetSuite's framework is adaptable enough to accommodate several business applications like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc.

NetSuite WooCommerce integration

The NetSuite integration for WooCommerce plug-in syncs your orders, inventory, product availability, prices, and customer information automatically, without you needing to upload data manually every time. When WooCommerce NetSuite integration is used with complex mappings like subsidiaries, currencies, customizations, shipping methods, classes, and sales representatives or any other NetSuite conditional mapping characteristics, its features provide significant business improvement opportunities. Moreover, the integration also enables manual item inventory and automatic price synchronization.

Currently, NetSuite offers over 450 connectors for WooCommerce that process payment. If you want a seamless NetSuite WooCommerce integration, you will need a compatible NetSuite WooCommerce connector. Proper communication between your NetSuite ERP, your WooCommerce online shop, and other critical systems is necessary for running a successful business. 

Once you integrate WooCommerce and NetSuite, all of Oracle NetSuite ERP's connectivity functionalities become available to you. You will also see an overall improvement in the user experience, and the integration will manage your product inventory, order fulfillment, and entire financial duties. The link between WooCommerce and NetSuite also integrates product information, order confirmation data, and customer data. 

The integration between WooCommerce and NetSuite will also configure product prices and inventory stocks under the Product and Inventory Sync options. These settings enable automated synchronization of NetSuite product prices and inventory stocks with WooCommerce. Thus, you don't need to waste time and money on the data's manual synchronization. 

How does NetSuite WooCommerce integration help to grow your business?

NetSuite integration with WooCommerce streamlines workflows and assists you in making the best possible business decisions by syncing order details, inventory data, and client information. You can streamline internal operations and boost efficiency with real-time stock and inventory visibility, thanks to the WooCommerce integration with NetSuite, which seamlessly syncs all data between the two platforms. 

The major benefits of the integration between WooCommerce and NetSuite are given below:

Extremely customizable

The first and most important benefit of NetSuite is that it is the most adaptable Software-as-a-service (SaaS) product globally. With a simple click, you set up any NetSuite modular implementation before starting your business and do not require a code. You can modify your business procedures and operations to match your company-specific needs using comprehensive and easy industry-standard tools thanks to the extensive customization features of NetSuite. This modification will continue with updates without interruption.

One-stop solution for all your businesses

For a successful business, you must have your store on numerous eCommerce platforms, and keeping track of your business on different platforms is extremely difficult. NetSuite helps to overcome this difficulty as it provides a one-stop solution for all the platforms on a single interface. The benefit of NetSuite eCommerce integration is that its features extend well beyond its core platform and are compatible with a wide range of other platforms like WooCommerce, HubSpot, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc., to name a few. 

As NetSuite is a unified API, you can continue to manage alternative platforms that better suit your company’s departmental needs while maintaining NetSuite as your primary system, thanks to this connectivity. It also helps you eliminate the operational costs required in all the platforms, thus saving a lot of budgets. 

Automated data transfer

As you already know, NetSuite eCommerce integration automates several challenging and time-consuming processes. There are several advantages to having data entered into one platform and updating it automatically in all your eCommerce platforms, as NetSuite enables automatic data transmission. Order management, cash collection, fulfillment, financial consolidations, expenditure approvals, and invoicing are just a few crucial activities involved in daily business operations. By automating these procedures, you can hire fewer employees than you otherwise would have to. 

Additionally, NetSuite EDI integration assures automatic data gathering. It enables analytics to deliver data about demand, supply, and current market trends, thus eliminating the need for manual labor and reducing the room for human errors. Understanding these data-driven patterns and request designs allows you to update your company's inventory and make important business decisions. 

Helps to increase business productivity

Since NetSuite automates almost all the business operations that would otherwise require copying, typing and calculating, manual labor is almost not required anymore for your WooCommerce online business. Once manual labor is eliminated, you are bound to have more profit. Your employees are not overworked and are more productive in this case. 

Also, when the data transfer across all the eCommerce platforms is automated, there are fewer chances of human mistakes, and your business operation is more efficient. This efficiency guarantees customer satisfaction as you can provide multiple and efficient payment methods, fast deliveries and returns, and enable your customers to track the shipment. Customer satisfaction is what ultimately expands the business.

More visibility

Real-time visibility of your business store is crucial for making judgments. WooCommerce NetSuite integration makes business operational information accessible anytime and from any location without wasting valuable resources on data extraction. All the business procedures are now precise and quicker, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing visibility. 

Enables multilingual facilities

Nothing is more disappointing than having access to specialist software only to discover that it doesn't support several languages. It may be challenging to understand various terms if the language is not your native language because these terms contain industry-specific terminology and ERP-explicit information. This feature causes difficulty in understanding NetSuite but causes interruptions in your business growth.

NetSuite API integration provides you with the benefits of changing the standard language to any language you want. Thus, as a business owner from a non-English speaking country, you can understand the functionalities of NetSuite and also sell your products to several international countries outside your native tongue. 

How to connect your WooCommerce store with NetSuite?

NetSuite WooCommerce Integration is tough, and you must follow a few steps to set up your integrated business. 

· The first step is to set up your NetSuite account and upload your company and business information under the setup tab. Once you do that, you will get your Account ID. You must copy and paste that ID into your WooCommerce account. Now, the Host URL is crucial, and you will find it under the Company URL tab in NetSuite. You have to paste the Host URL in WooCommerce.

· Next, you would want the NetSuite Consumer key, so you need to set up the integration. In the setup tab, you will find the Integration option, under which you will have the Manage Integration option. You must select the "New" option. You must uncheck the two authorization boxes and check the two authentication ones. Once you save that, you will get your Consumer Key, and you need to paste it on WooCommerce.

· You need NetSuite token ID for the WooCommerce NetSuite integration; you need to visit the dashboard and select the Manage Access Tokens option. Further, you will find the New My Access Token, where you will find the Application name that you have entered in the New Integration. If you click on that name, you will get the Token ID and Token Secret, which you must paste on WooCommerce. 

· Lastly, you will need to select the algorithm method and save it to check if the integration is well-established or not. You must go to "Check API Credentials" for the checking part. If the connection is proper, then "Congrats. API connection is successful" will show on the screen.

· For the User Roles permission, you have to go to Setup and click on Manage Roles. To edit the User Roles, you must provide permission for Item Fulfillment, Sales Order, and Fulfil Sales Order. Once that is done, you must go to the Customer field and provide permission for all the required items. Finally, you have to provide permission to the Company field requirements. Then click on Save. 

As mentioned earlier, NetSuite WooCommerce inventory integration is customizable, so you can visit the inventory settings and customize the stock options and pricing details. The same goes for customer synchronization and order management.


WooCommerce is a popular plug-in for WordPress that allows you to build online stores easily. However, if you want rapid business growth, you must opt for NetSuite API integration with your WooCommerce store. NetSuite is the world's best cloud-based suite software that provides you with a single interface for all your eCommerce sites. Moreover, NetSuite also manages to automate most of your business operations, enabling customer satisfaction and business expansion.

You can choose from plenty of WooCommerce NetSuite connectors for the integration. But the Robust NetSuite Integrator for WooCommerce by WebBee Global is a renowned NetSuite connector that allows smooth integration in just a day and is cost-effective. Contact WebBee today to make your business grow fast. 

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