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Amazon SEO Services Perfecting the Amazon Listing for Improved Sales

December 29, 2020

The magnitude of Amazon’s might can be assessed from the fact that half of consumers and household in USA conduct their product search on Amazon. In a search on Amazon, a product related keyword plays a vital role in searching a product and listing it on top of the Amazon listing for a particular seller, manufacturer and brand. Amazon SEO Services, therefore, prepares a strategy developed around a product or item related keyword that helps a brand to secure the top place in its related category on Amazon. The overall Amazon Search Engine Optimization strategy steps are like:-

  • Choosing the Best Keyword
  • Improving Product Visibility on Amazon
  • Product Listing Optimization


The first step towards an effective Amazon SEO Strategy is churning out the keywords from the massive database of Amazon consisted of listings, images and others allied information. The overall activities related to selection of keywords from Amazon data bases follows as:-

  • Use Amazon Seller Report

Search term report for sponsored products located at Amazon seller central can be gained for a marketing campaign. The keyword used at the sponsored list can be a great source of keywords to be used at Amazon Search engine optimization campaign.

  • Amazon Search Bar

When you type a word in the search bar, Amazon provides you with suggestions based on previous customer searches. This is a great way to get and idea of what shoppers are searching for so you don’t miss any valuable keywords.

  • Using third-party tools

Amazon search engine optimization is merely not limited to terms available on Amazon marketplace alone instead, there, is a long list of third party tool as well like Google’s free Keyword Planner and other to assess the right keyword to be used on Amazon listings. One can use the Google keyword listing by downloading the data from the Google adwords.

How to use Search Keywords within Amazon listing for top position?

Use as many as hidden search terms in Amazon flat file where Amazon offers around 1,000 character limit. Through search most of the visitor on Amazon searches product and hidden search terms offers better visibility into products on Amazon.

  • Use Adjectives in Keywords: As shoppers and visitors on Amazon at times use adjectives to search their products, therefore, it is wise for a seller to use appropriate adjective with product related keywords.

  • Use as many as color shades like lime green, teal blue, fuchsia pink and other describing a product.

  • Don’t repeat a word or keyword mentioned in title. Avoid using them in product features and titles.

  • Mention variable uses of products that a seller may be looking for in product listings.
  • Use relevant synonyms: It is not necessary that a keyword inserted is only a search term for an item. Use as many as variable for a single keyword in form of synonyms for a product under a listing.
  • Mention product dimensions in centimeters, meters, inches and feet.
  • Avoid using commas as it eats up an extra space provided by Amazon for describing a product listing.


Along with Amazon SEO efforts, the next important step to increase opportunity to top Amazon listing is improved product visibility on the market place. It is just not keywords, there are many other noble ways by Amazon to assess a products credibility to be listed on Amazon SERP rankings.

Contrary to Google, Amazon A9 algorithm is based upon a product’s propensity to be sold out on Amazon marketplace, whereas, Google prefers a listing that is more informative for a seller. If, anyhow, Amazon thinks that a product is not suitable to bring sales it would not rank it. With Amazon SEO agency help a seller can use the searched keywords appropriately into product titles, features and listing. Though keywords optimization take time, therefore, in a shorter span of time with following steps you can increase your sales velocity so that Amazon improve a product’s listing.

  • A seller can increase his budget on Sponsored Ads bids, especially, on important keywords.
  • A seller can lower down its price for quick and faster sale and can later on change them to a normal price.
  • Can use a repricing software to increase opportunity to own a Buy Box.
  • By improving logistics and supply chain management for an improved customer satisfaction by prompt order delivery.


After the keyword search and an initial boost to sales speed it is time to implement shortlisted keywords by Amazon SEO Services across the different sections of product listings like title, product description, product features and others. The following changes around product pages are made:-

  • Optimize Product Titles: Use your selected keywords into product title so you can they appear easily listings. Spell out measure words such as ounce, inch and pound.
  • Fine Bullet Points: The bulleted information should be long enough while engaging a customer including some of the unique product features.
  • Create Your Own Product Description: Feature your products as a solutions instead merely than a product. Tell a customer, what exactly a product can do for a customer and explain them about product related issues.

This way by an effective implementation of keyword an Amazon SEO services provider helps a seller to top his listings on Amazon marketplace in their category.

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