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AMAZON MWS AND AMAZON MWS API – Amazon Marketplace Web Services

June 15, 2015

eCommerce businesses have found the missing link that just makes everything so perfect, so well managed. Online business in today’s world means a well-structured and nicely organized venture that works just about robotically. So how does this all happen? Let’s know about Amazon MWS that makes it all possible.

Amazon MWS stands for Amazon Marketplace Web Service, which is an integrated web service API. It helps the sellers at Amazon to exchange data on parameters such as listings, payments, orders, and reports among others. The integration of XML data with Amazon allows higher levels of selling automation to help sell their product and grow the business. With the use of Amazon MWS API, sellers can increase efficiency in sales, lower the requirements of labor and improve customer response time.

With the Cart information API section of Amazon Marketplace Internet Service, you’ll be able to retrieve carts that your Amazon Webstore customers have created and abandoned. The Cart information API section allows you to programmatically integrate Amazon Webstore cart info along with your CRM systems, promoting applications, and different systems that need cart data.

With the client info API section of Amazon Marketplace web service, you’ll also be able to retrieve info from your customer’s accounts. This client data includes client name, contact details, client account type and related Amazon Webstore. The client information API section allows you to integrate Amazon Webstore client account info along with your CRM systems, promoting applications, and different systems that need client data.

With the section of Webstore API, one can plan and fix their Amazon Inventory cycle of replacement and refill, by tracking the products subscribed by the customers. ‘Notify me when available’ tab is an important feature that informs the buyer about availability if subscribed. The API Section of Webstore can also furnish information and data about the various notifications sent to customers when the products are back in stock.

Developers will use the web site Customization API set to make distinctive shopping for experiences and integrate your Amazon Webstore with different applications and systems. You can use the Search Product API to retrieve one product or a group of merchandise. You’ll be able to retrieve merchandise by a question expression, like a group of keywords through the API.

The Search Product API returns everything you wish to drive a product search result application. The Browse categories API supports the hierarchy retrieval of class pages. A category page is employed to categorize or assign merchandise so as to show them on totally different pages of an Amazon Webstore.

Adding to the existing Webstore search and APIs for products, one can use the batch of an API to find data for multiple products; this is done using a service call. The server responds to API calls for each and every call it receives, that includes the ones added in the batch request. After the call is responded, you can then parse the calls and relate the obtained results with original API.

Similarly, the cart API provides the ability for a seller to add, replace and remove products from customer’s cart; these are the all different function of API automated by Amazon MWS API.

With Amazon MWS and API, eCommerce businesses are bound to take a leap and there isn’t going to be any looking back here after. It’s just nothing less than the magic wand your business management ever needed. Also, we provide Shopify Amazon Integration services with customize ERP  software.