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Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Resolving Delivery Hustles of 3PL Service Providers

December 24, 2020

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Resolving Delivery Hustles of 3PL Service Providers

Amazon multi channel fulfillment has driven a seller ahead driving him away from conventional 3PL method of fulfillment. Now, his point-of-sales exists at different mediums including e-commerce, mobile, technology, social media and wireless networks. However, the selling on eCommerce has virtually changed the art of buying and selling and multi channel fulfillment has credible role in making the order processing fast and efficient across the aforesaid sales channels. Irrespective of the eCommerce platform, the selling and shipping method across different channels, whether, it be Amazon, the multi channel fulfillment is a critical factor making an eCommerce business huge and big.

Multi Channel fulfillment backing an eCommerce business has made it possible for a today’s buyer with smartphone in hand to buy anything, anywhere and anytime and to be delivered to him on the same day or the next day.

Simplifying anything, anytime, anywhere spirit with a perfect doorstep delivery

The anything, anytime, anywhere concept, though, a virtue for customer, however, layers the fulfillment process of an eCommerce company into many layers.  The demands of a sophisticated contemporary buyer has put the extra burden over the logistics and supply chain managers working in a leading eCommerce company operating its business across distinct eCommerce sites and platforms. The reduced multi channel fulfillment fees is the next big challenge faced by an eCommerce company that is constantly growing with number of orders they everyday receives from their eCommerce stores. The issues faced by a logistics manager in absence of an effective delivery system like Amazon multi channel fulfillment as follows.

  • With orders coming from different selling platforms, it becomes inevitable for a logistics manager to process and manage orders effectively. With each selling channel having its own order profile, a fulfillment executive thus is required to adopt channel specific order picking approaches.
  • Somehow, multi channel strategy adopted for fulfillment, while, inventory lying across multiple facilities for distribution, real-time visibility into inventory become more imperative for the success of fulfillment.
  • In addition to fulfillment centers and real time inventory visibility, the alignment of product, labor, equipment and operating systems with fulfillment process is the next important requirement for a perfect item delivery.

Solution Lies with Tying Fulfillment with Storefront Distribution

The answer to better streamlined and faster fulfillment lies with creating a leaner and an advanced supply chain management system of present times.  FBA multi channel fulfillment is one of such example of leaner fulfillment system of present times having a centralized inventory, fulfillment, and merchandising planning system. Under this fulfillment operations model fulfillment gets duly synchronized with a store’s demand patterns. It has been done adopting following patterns and strategies to achieve the goals of multi channel fulfillment.

  • Using Software and Applications: The first method to achieve the synchronization between fulfillment process and store front is upgrading the supply chain software applications or adding the new ones. These software applications replaces previously held paper based and batched exchange of information and allows more accurate, real-time end-to-end visibility. Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment by WebBee is one such automated app for Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment App.
  • Operations Re-engineering: By introducing hardware and better process solutions a logistics manager can roll out faster deliveries in shortest time frame. More, he can upgrade supply chain software’s.
  • Upgrading Barcode System: The changes including in basic infra, the upgrade of barcoding hardware is one important strategy that also decreases staffing cost, effectively. The introduction of processes like wireless, paperless picking and scanning devices, RF technology for real-time tracking orders, batch picking strategies are changes that can be incorporated into the infrastructure upgrade.
  • Supply Chain Analytics: The supply chain analytics aids an online business to dive deeper and have a better retrospective entire set of business activities including inbound and outbound transportation strategies. On the basis of analytics inventory can be located at areas which increases shipping and delivery to customer while minimizing transportation and facility costs.
  • Multi Channel Fulfillment Fees Reduction: Lastly tying up fulfillment with storefront reduces multi channel fulfillment fees to a greater extent as transportation cost gets reduced considerably while aligning systems together.

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment an example to sell across Multiple Channels

In contrast to services offered by 3PL service providers, Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment has emerged as a better solution for a seller that is operating through a third party eCommerce store. Seller on eCommerce stores like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Neto and others taking  advantage of eCommerce expertise and huge fulfillment centers of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) through Amazon Multi Channel fulfillment services. In comparison to 3PL shipping or ordered items, Amazon multi channel fulfillment offers benefits to third part eCommerce store seller in form of improved customer satisfaction and increases speed of delivery to the market.