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What’s special about WebBee’s Amazon EDI Solutions?

February 4, 2021

The term Amazon EDI mainly revolves around purchase orders and invoices. EDI or electronic data interchange is related to digital handling of business documents and communications. WeBbee Global’s Amazon EDI solutions are specially designed to support all Amazon marketplace divisions. Our entire team is fully committed to helping you in achieving business goals in the Amazon marketplace. Doing business with Amazon is not that simple, numerous things are involved in this i.e., the order confirming, sending Advance ship notices, freight request, invoice submissions, etc. Sellers can offer their products to Amazon.com through two ways i.e., Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central. Doing multiple processes manually is time-consuming but EDI solutions can make it faster and accurate.

WebBee Global offer Amazon EDI services and help you in implementing an integrated, compliant EDI solution with Amazon so that you can receive purchase orders electronically from Amazon within a few days. By setting up automated Amazon EDI integration, the chances of human errors get reduced from purchase documentation and all orders are managed properly.

Explore more about Amazon EDI compliance

For achieving success on Amazon marketplace, you have to strictly follow all the rules. We at WebBee Global help you in optimizing EDI practices for Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central. When it comes to EDI compliance and labeling, we help you in navigating Amazon’s EDI data formatting requirements so that you can fulfill Amazon’s guidelines seamlessly.

Benefits of Amazon EDI

If you’re not integrating your Amazon EDI’s compliance criteria then you may have to face errors. Our automated Automated EDI Integration helps you in reducing data entry errors, deliver products fastly and update your inventory status. It does not matter what Amazon activity you are currently doing, we help you in maintaining EDI compliance so that you can gain huge revenue on Amazon marketplace. Our Amazon experts are not only limited to EDI, but we also help you in building product pages which are perfect as per Amazon’s search engine requirements. From product descriptions to images, we provide you reliable Amazon SEO services that help you in accomplish coveted commercial enterprise goals through Amazon integration. The benefits of Amazon EDI are different to Amazon supplier depending upon the role played by Amazon EDI Solutions on Amazon marketplace.

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1.Benefits of Amazon EDI overall Business Strategy

For a business that is compiling for Amazon EDI services enjoys following process and operational efficiency related benefits.

  • Amazon EDI services ensure whether good and services are reaching accurately and in time to your customers and vendors.
  • With faster and timely delivery of items at customer door step let a seller to have competitive advantage over other service providers on the Amazon.
  • It helps an enterprise to realize its vision of generating enough saving on business operation by Amazon EDI solutions implemented automation.
  • To have effective and enhance reach to customer and vendors to cater their business needs and requirement that at times is more imperative and necessary than the price.
  • On the vendor central with “eCommerce enabled” tag a seller can look out for better and extend market opportunities.

Most importantly Amazon integration with EDI assists a seller on Amazon improve its payment terms and agreements with customer and suppliers.

2.Operational Benefits with Amazon EDI Solutions

Using Amazon market place using Amazon EDI Services, a business saves valuable process time by executing customer orders in a fast and effective manner. The electronic processing of order improves operations 5 times in comparison to manual handling of same orders. The order processed manually tends to have lesser or zero typing errors thus makes fulfillment, shipping and delivery faster.

3.Effective Human Resource Management

Amazon integration with EDI let a business to save ample human efforts after the automated business process introduced by EDI. An EDI enabled system improves human resource time effectively by reducing time in processes as document preparation, error finding and improving, e-mailing, telephone calls, data-entry, overtime and supervision costs. It helps to save cost around 50% on staffing.

4. Reduced Order-to-cash and Business Cycle Time

With business processes being automated the business reduction time gets improved effectively. A reduced order-to-cash and business cycle time helps a supplier on Amazon vendor central to have increased competitive advantage, decreased carrying cost, reduced shrinkage cost and improved cash flow. It has been observed that Amazon EDI solutions improve business cycle time by 50%.

5. Effective Saving upon Inventory Management

Amazon EDI integration aids a seller on Amazon vendor central to save cost effectively upon on the basis of accurate demand forecasts, improved business cycle time and better coordinated supplier timelines.

6. Improved and Accurate Fulfillment Process

Amazon Integration with EDI allows a business manger to have better and improved data specific reports thus enabling him to have rather informed and accurate business decisions. It helps to have intensive price analysis leading to a successful promotional campaigns and price changes. The EDI enabled manufacturing units saves around average 10% on inventory reduction.

Amazon EDI Transaction Sets:

810 Invoice

820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice

830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability

846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice

850 Purchase Order

852 Product Activity Data

855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment

856 Ship Notice/Manifest

860 Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated

865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request – Seller Initiated

What solutions does WebBee provide with EDI for Amazon Integration?


We utilize high-end security protocols and tools for security monitoring.


We aid you and your mercantilism partner in Vendor Central so that you can get more sales.


Our web-based EDI solutions can be integrated with any ERP/accounting system


We support FTP, SMTP, AS1, AS2, and other data communication requirements.


Amazon EDI Solutions helps a seller to improve its overall order-to-cash cycle resulting into faster and improved business operations leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. It impacts and optimizes all the important areas of operations including fulfillment, inventory, order, human resource and communication by the automation offered by Amazon EDI integration.

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