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A Complete Overview of eCommerce Website Development from Past to Present

October 20, 2020

A Complete Overview of eCommerce Website Development from Past to Present

According to multiple information technology sources, e-commerce development is described as a simple buying and selling of products based services over the internet. It all started unknowingly by selling music albums in 1994. This created history where for the first time a business transaction happened on the internet with an electronic mode of transaction. In today’s world, the e-commerce industry is growing infinitely. In recent market research, it is forecasted that the global e-commerce market is expected to cross $4 trillion in 2020 and these recorded observations are just for the retail sector.

There is a lot of potential and capital involved in the e-commerce industry and thus, retailers must understand all the nitty-gritty of being present in the e-commerce website development. With the greater opportunities there comes greater competition. An established e-commerce giant can make it difficult to create a loyal customer base with its tools and reach by marketing for newcomers in the market.

So, if anyone wants to sell their product or services online, it is crucial to consider a few important aspects like platform selection, design, application development, website development, scalability, sustainability, competition, and others while being part of e-commerce development. Even established e-commerce companies take the support of technology partners to develop or upgrade their store for new products and services. This is why experienced technical support and development partners are so important.

While choosing an eCommerce development company partner one must be clear about to important factors about their custom e-commerce development venture:

  • Business Model: The first thing to be decided is the business and operation model. A company can opt to sell the way, he understands the customer market but choosing a model that will not only bring good customer service but also help manage the operation in an efficient way is important. This has to be decided by keeping many things in perspectives such as the nature and type of product or services they offer to the customers, the investment, the ROI involved, the marketing channel, and others. Otherwise, even, can choose better eCommerce development solutions available in the market provided by different eCommerce Development Company.
  • Target Market: Another important factor when planning to design and develop an e-commerce site is the type of target market of your services or product. Developing a site and bringing it to life is easier than the pre-evaluation of requirements for the website. What will be the target market to place the products and design them according to the customer demands in those particular areas?

When seen briefly, and e-commerce website development is like a shopping mall and products are the stores. If the stores are not organized in a proper structure and are not showcased to a target audience then there will be on sale. Also, there are numerous steps involved in the design of e-commerce development solutions stages starting from planning consisting of requirement gathering, followed by backend and front end development, and finally testing and deployment of the website or application. And with vast experience of working with numerous clients and seasoned expertise WebBee Global is here to help you develop your e-commerce website.

And to help you with your e-commerce website development, here are a few tips from us for a successful e-commerce site development.

  1. Selecting the right platform and theme: A good platform with the right theme is the foundation of the website. Choose between the following proven platforms such as BigCommerce, Magneto, Shopify, or others that can handle the volume based on the requirement like serving national only or multinational customers, trading in different currencies, crowd traffic, and many other things or you to hire is eCommerce development company to offer you custom eCommerce development exactly matching to your requirement. Once the platform is selected the next thing is the theme. This also is based on your requirements like easy customization, is it visually appealing, loads quickly is responsive, and will it support all browsers. If not a platform then a custom frame can be developed with tools like java, HTML, CSS, and many others.
  2. Site performance enhancement and SEO: Page ranking is very important to attract traffic to your website. This can be done by proper SEO usage which will improve site performance using high ranking keywords. Another important aspect is the use of optimized UX designs which will not only improve customer interaction and experience but also scale the site performance.
  3. Creating a mobile responsive website design: Market research shows that about 48% of page views come from mobile devices. This is why a web page optimized for mobile users is important. This allows people to search, browse, and buy right from their mobile devices.
  4. Using trust and safety tools and certifications: It takes to build trust between you and your customer and this is crucial for sales. This is why using HTTPS protocol for every page and not just for the payment page will make immediate improvements in the merchant and customer relationship.
  5. Use of good quality pictures and videos on products: With image and video optimization, posting quality images and videos of products description and use will not only help the customer to stay on the page and choose the best fit for him but also attract a higher crowd.
  6. Creating a painless transaction process: With everything in, place, now it is the time to give customers an effortless transaction process which will not only accept payment in international currencies but also presents the price breakup of the items total price which includes shipping, handling, and products cost and in some cases customs charges.

And, we at WebBee Global can help you establish all these mentioned prices with the client, customer, and product-based customization as an eCommerce Development Company. Want to know more about how we can help then contact us at WebBee Global for boosting integrated eCommerce capabilities.