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A Checklist for Selecting a WordPress Development Company

June 27, 2017

A feature rich and easy to navigate website is a boon for any business. Easy functionality gives its users an enjoyable experience and meeting their needs becomes a key success for an online business. WordPress is one of the most widely used as well as trusted website platforms today. It empowers around 30% of the Internet for both small and enterprise scale businesses with millions of global users. Many big companies including enterprise organizations like TIME, CNN, UPS, and Facebook use WordPress as their site platform. With so many companies opting to go with WordPress, let us see what it takes for a website development company as must-have skills and knowledge to become successful –

When you look for a WordPress development partner, pay attention to the below points to assess their usefulness for your project :

  • Ability to Scale WordPress

Scalability is one of the eminent features in WordPress among its array of other beautiful attributes.  For content-focused companies, WordPress proves to be beneficial. The trend of developing valuable content for the site has not only become trendy but also essential.  WordPress is an ideal solution for such companies with its easy to manage pages and modifying content. Ideally suited for blogging, WordPress supports companies that thrive on text more than infographics. Its intuitive content management system (CMS) is flexible, navigable and allows for various features to be set for multiple users. Importing all types of media including videos, photos, and animations is quick and easy in WordPress. With endless plugins, WordPress leverages its scalability beyond limitation.

An experienced WordPress developer will be able to guide its clients on how all the features can be exploited for maximum results.

  • Build Efficient & Custom WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are all over the internet and truly cover a very diverse range of businesses. Leveraging beautiful themes can certainly add to the success of the business. However, most of the time, companies opt for a custom-developed WordPress theme in order to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Yet the basic set-up is picked-up from the WordPress theme only. This may be advantageous for clients as aesthetics, functionality and user experience can be custom-designed to align with the site goals.

When searching for a WordPress development company, be sure to seek out a vendor who has experience in both customizing WordPress themes and creating custom-developed bespoke websites.

  • Understand Security with Open Source Platforms

It is a known fact that WordPress is an open source platform. In a way, this has proven to be a good thing as it offers many benefits for its users. First of all, as an open source platform, it provides ease-of-use for a large community of users and developers together. There is constant development taking place owing to its vast network of developers. New plugins, themes, and features are regularly added. Unfortunately, there is a slight security concern as well but there is no 100% guarantee on any platform used. So, you can relax in that area and continue to use WordPress as your trusted website platform.

As an enterprise, do not get discouraged from selecting WordPress because of its open source status. It is much more of an advantage than a disadvantage for companies. It simply requires an enterprise to select a website development partner who is well-versed in WordPress security and has the internal resources to maintain a website’s security. Additionally, development partners should have adequate resources to deal with emergency situations regarding security and must be able to immediately resolve any security breaches or hacks.

  • Know How to Select & Evaluate WordPress Plugins

As already stated, addressing and resolving security breaches is most important and is another key to success for your business. To elaborate on that a bit more, the biggest area of risk is typically around WordPress plugins. An experienced and knowledgeable WordPress developer will understand the importance of this issue and will know how to select and evaluate WordPress plugins. His wisdom about plugin hacks will ensure they are safe and reputable for the site. Some things to look for include:

  • When was the plugin last updated?
  • What are the plugin’s ratings and user reviews?
  • What does the plugin changelog indicate?
  • Working with WebBee

WebBee Global has spread its wing in the development of WordPress websites as well. A dedicated development team works tirelessly to gain expertise in WordPress. The developers act as consultants-cum-designers for each client to give them a bespoke site for their online presence. All measures are deliberately applied to provide a safe and secure site. Due diligence is the norm at WebBee and the code is checked for security, performance, and future-proofing by the testing team prior to a site going live.

Selecting WebBee for your WordPress site will give you added value that comes in form of customization and in-house guidance to ensure that you have a partner who knows how to work with custom-built sites, support, and security.

  • Recommend the Best Hosting Option

It probably goes without mentioning that WordPress business websites should be primarily hosted on a private server. This is important for security as well as to maintain the speed and performance of the site. Sites with regular traffic or e-commerce transactions, need to take extra care about speed. For e-commerce sites where security, unlimited bandwidth, and storage are important factors besides speed, private hosting becomes mandatory. Check for hosting providers that can give you optimal results and you’re your site always up during peak hours.

  • Technical Evaluation of Requirements for WordPress

An experienced WordPress development firm can help you evaluate if WordPress is the best option for your business type and requirements. At WebBee, we believe that WordPress can cover the much-required functionality for most businesses, but there are times when another platform might sound more appropriate. With us, you will get an honest opinion about your case. We do cater to other platforms as well so, you need not be disappointed and look elsewhere. But before you jump to conclusion, here are few questions you should ask :

  • What are the key requirements for your website?
  • What functionality is required from the CMS?
  • How do you want the site structured, created and managed?
  • How will content be added, edited and uploaded on regular basis?
  • How media and images will be managed?
  • Is there a need search functionality?
  • Who will be the users and how will they be managed?

While there are many more aspects to cover in this topic, the above points may give you a good start on what to look for in WordPress. Keep a tab on these crucial items to consider in your decision for a website development partner.

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