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8 Simple Tips To Improve Your Conversion Rate On Your Online Store

October 5, 2017

Now that you have set up your online store, it’s time for you to make some sales. Without making any sales, your online store is a mere showcase of products which visitors view and leave.

How do you engage your visitors to buy your products and become your clients? With the onset on online shopping, many players have entered the market but only have managed to stay. This is because they were promptly able to convert their visitors into clients and provide exclusive services to them to retain them. Those who couldn’t woo their customers soon perished the competition.

Therefore, to improve your conversion rate, you need to invest in finding out what your customers need and how you can make that happen through your products, schemes, and offers. Of course, you don’t want to look desperate in your measures as it will harm your business otherwise. With budget constraints and slouching v=conversion rate, how do you make your business grow?

We have enlisted few tips to help you increase the conversion rate on your site and turn those casual visitors into customers and make them your permanent clients for the long run:

  1. Improve your product Images:

This is a no-brainer. When it comes to online shopping, the better the image, the better chances of consumers buying the product. It is one the most important element of your marketing as well as conversion tactics for selling your products faster.

There is no exaggeration in saying that images lure the customers to a great extent in buying the product. Use sharp images to showcase your products. Make use of different angles and also upload more than one picture of every product. Though customer may not look at every picture but giving them, the option is always a good idea. You can also do the following to boost your conversion through images:

  1. Make them interactive and add options like pinch, zoom, rotate and scale.
  2. Give a human touch and show products after being worn by models.
  3. Use a high-resolution image if available.
  4. Use a white background and keep the surrounding space white as well.
  1. Improve your product Description:

Describe your products in detail. The more details you give your customers about the products, the more interested they will be in buying from your site. A detailed technical description comforts the consumer that they are being thoroughly informed about what they are buying.

  1. Include product Videos:

Videos give a three-dimensional touch to your products and enhance the viewer’s vision and imagination about the product. It creates an aura of likeness even before the consumer adds the product to the cart. They are more interested buying the products with high-quality videos and images.

You can also ask your consumers to post their testimonials with videos of using the product at home. This will increase the credibility of the product as well as your brand.

  1. Provide Free Shipping:

Once you lose the shipping cost, you will see a drastic increase in the sales as many customers do not wish to pay for shipping cost. They compare the shipping with the cost they have to pay for going to the market.

Many products online are bought with just the gut feeling of the customer, paying for shipping is an added disadvantage for the customer if they have to return it later.

Add offers to a certain amount of shopping to avail free shipping. Most of the customer will buy products of that amount to avail the benefit. This will, in turn, improve your conversion rate.

  1. Show Product Reviews:

Positive reviews by other customer give a sigh of relief to many others contemplating on buying certain products on your site for the first time. Depending on the e-commerce platform you chose to use, you can either get it built in during your website development or get a free plugin, later on, to add to allow product reviews to be shown on your site.

If not, ask your customer for their reviews over emails and insert them into your site as quotes or testimonials. Another way to showcase review is through star rating. This is crisp and easy to analyse the product’s performance in general.

Do not delete the negative reviews if any. This will show you are true to your customers about your products. Not everyone can like all the products that you sell and sometimes unforeseen incidents happen which makes the customer write negative reviews which are alright.

  1. Boost the quality of your CTA Button:

Your site should be easy to navigate and reflect the products you want to sell clearly. Your customers should feel at ease when shopping on your site and should be able to find the products they are looking for. They should also be able to add them to cart and checkout without any hassle.

This will create a smooth shopping experience for them and they will return to buy more products from your store than going anywhere else. Cost is not the only thing that online store can count on. Make sure your “add to cart” and “checkout” buttons are brightly coloured and prominent on the page.

  1. Display your contact information clearly:

Displaying your contact information clearly on your site simple means you are reachable for any information or issues faced by your customers. This makes you a real entity and someone who is not anonymous.

Trust plays an important role especially if you are a small e-commerce brand and have recently started operations.

  1. Follow up on Cart Abandonment:

Every business experience cart abandonment by its customers every day. Do not let your customers abandon their cart and never return. If your checkout process requires email addresses of your customers, you can follow up with them through a reminder email in case they abandon their cart.

Do not overdo it as it will only show your desperation towards selling your products. One email is sufficient as a gentle reminder to them.


All these methods if implied correctly, involves minimum or no cost at all but gives amazing results in improving the conversion rate of your webstore. Be focused in your approach and always aim higher.

Most conversion optimizers don’t put in the effort and go through the painful but rewarding task of segmenting traffic, slicing up their search traffic, and analysing individual channels. However, once you accomplish this, you begin to gain an accurate picture of your conversion rates.

You can also set up a Google Analytics profile filter to exclude all traffic that is outside of your shipping or service area to instantly see a rise in your conversion rates.  Keep all your e-commerce tracking in order to see the rates based on your filtering.

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