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8 Influencing Techniques To Convince E-Commerce Visitors To Buy More

August 2, 2017

When running an e-commerce store, though you’ve got a wide range of products or services, yet you are not the only player in the market. However good quality of your products are, there is always someone selling them for a cheaper price. There, it becomes difficult for your potential customer to make the final call and place the order on your site. There are many visitors friendly options in Shopify e-commerce website to convert them to the buyer.  The need of the hour is to stand out from the crowd and give them what can capture their attention without a compromise on the quality.

Having a basic understanding of some of the most popular influencing techniques can put you ahead in the game. With more insight into customer’s behavior and why they abandon their carts, you can use these tricks to make them buy your products than searching anywhere else.

Here are 5 influencing techniques that will give you an edge on the battlefield and bring in more business:


Reciprocity is a social norm that facilitates one person to get something back in favor of what he does for the other. A sense of obligation plays an important role here. Essentially, this allows a person to ask for something in return rather than wait for a voluntary act from the other party.

The interesting part is that the two values that exchange hands need not be equal. For example, if you wait for me longer than required, I’m more likely to take the tab.

Offer your customers free gifts, discounts, coupons or free shipping and see the change in their buying patterns. A welcome discount works well for new customers and if there is an unexpected gift with the order, customers are likely to recommend your site to others.

2. Transparent Pricing

Give your customers a delightful shopping experience so that they want to come back to your site to buy more products. Keep the pricing clear and crisp. Do not lead them to buy a product and then show hidden charges when they checkout. This is the foremost reason for cart abandonment during online shopping. Transparency in product pricing will build upfront trust and loyalty of customers and they will be willing to buy more from you than your competitors.

3. Shipping Information

Provide clear information about the shipping of the product. If there is a delay due to location or availability, clearly show the customer before payment. Do not leave loop holes to be solved later through customer care. Many customers find it tedious to call customer care and ask for refund or complain. The least they do is never come to your site for shopping again. This way you may lose a highly potential long-term customer.

4. Social Proof

Make use of everyone around you to make your mark in the online business and grow it year by year. Human are social being and word of mouth can either make or break the deal for you. Nowadays, verbal recommendation has switched platforms and come in wrapped up as reviews, likes, shares and testimonials.

Use them to your benefit and show positive reviews of your products and what users must say about it. The new customers buying the product will feel at ease and will trust you as a seller. Positive reviews influence the buyers and brings you more business.

5. Make It Personal

Study the buying behavior of your customers and shortlist the ones who are regulars. Create a personal shopping experience for them by knowing them in detail and addressing them personally. This may include personal emails and special discounts.

Also sending a gift card unexpectedly will cheer the privileged customers and they will soon return to look at the new products in the store.

6. Scarcity

Scarcity states that when the demand is high, lower the supply to create more value for the product. Offer limited-time discounts and deals and show a countdown to when it ends can create a rush among buyers.

You can also offer free express shipping for immediate purchase or within a couple of hours.

7. Price Anchoring

This technique is simple to use. Display the original price along with the discount and how much a consumer saves on that product. Looking at the saving, the buy is persuaded to buy the product. The first, higher price sets the ground and becomes the anchor which makes the second price appealing.

8. Be Reachable

Make sure you provide your contact details with physical address as well. Most of the online brands do not find it necessary to put up their geographical location or office address but trust me it’s all about building a positive rapport with your buyers.

If you have a customer care, share the number and timings of operations and do not leave your customers high and dry. Uber is one such example where the riders do not get to speak to a human for any issues. All issues are addressed by IVR or through emails. This has left many users unsatisfied with their service.

Create a list of FAQs to address most common questions which do not require customer care addressing.


With these and many such small techniques, you can keep your customers hooked to your site and make them buy more from you. These tricks help you persuade the buyers and give them a unique shopping experience which other may lack.

You can create a unique interactive online store for you which can be a platform for the growth of your business. With feature rich website and implementation of above techniques, you can surely get more visitors and convert them into successful buyers.