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5 Growth Strategies For Getting More Traffic To Your Shopify Store

February 8, 2018

Strategizing is very important in any business. Whether your business is new, or you are looking at revamping options for an already developed business, you must strategize in the right manner and at the right time to achieve maximum growth in the business. To start with, you should look at what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it? It makes perfect sense to evaluate their moves and analyze how they are nailing it to grow their business.

Besides keeping an eye on your competitors, also keep a check on how you are performing as compared to them. As an e-commerce entrepreneur set a benchmark to reach or go beyond.

Once you have set up your Shopify online store completely, it’s time for you to make some sales to gain profits and make a mark in the market.

Strategies for increasing the traffic on shopify store for grow sale

To begin with, ask yourself about how do you want to engage your visitors to buy your products and become your clients? The key to staying afloat is effective interaction with potential customers to convert them into long-term clients. Many online businesses thrive on this strategy as they promptly provide exclusive services to retain them. Those who don’t take care of their customers soon perish from the industry.

We have enlisted a few strategies to help you increase the conversion rate on your site grow your business by expanding your customer base:

  1. Provide Free Shipping:

Many customers hesitate to buy online products because of heavy shipping cost. Once you cut the shipping cost, you will witness a drastic increase in sales. The customers compare the shipping with the cost they must incur for going to the market and buying the products.

You can also set a limit on shopping for availing free shipping. This way customers will buy products pertaining to that amount to avail free shipping and you will get profits from those sales. With Shopify, you can adjust your product cost including shipping, and create a win-win situation for the customers as well as you.

  1. Follow up on Cart Abandonment:

Cart abandonment by the customers is not new in the online industry. You need to strategize to not let your customers abandon their cart and never return. The easier the checkout process the better. However, if your checkout process requires the email addresses of your customers, you can follow up with them later with a reminder to return to their shopping. Integrate your email responses in your Shopify store to interact with the customers regularly.

  1. Improve your Product Images:

This is the most common mistake new businesses make. Online shopping is all about the visual appeal of the products. The better the image, the better chances of selling the product.

It is a no-brainer that images lure the customers in buying the product and the use of sharp, clear images shows the product in the right manner. Keep multiple images of your products to let the customer view it from all angles.

  • Interactive images with added options like pinch, zoom, rotate and scale.
  • Apparels worn by models to show how they look.
  • High-resolution images for clarity.
  • Keep a white background to keep the focus on the product.
  1. Display subscriber counts

Trust is the most important factor for online shoppers. They need to know where they are putting their money. Showing your subscriber counts ensures the customers that they are dealing with a trustworthy business house and their money is safe. Nowadays, few discounts and emails do not suffice, businesses must be innovative and come up with ideas to keep their customers engaged in buying products every time there is a new announcement.

  1. Display product purchase counts

Online businesses like Groupon and Nykaa (online cosmetic brand) show their purchase count of products and have been growing their business consistently. This is another strategy to build trust and grow the business successfully. You can build your Shopify store with this featured and increase your sales.  No of units sold shows the product is reliable and is brought by several others.  Build your product credibility with the count. The higher the count the better.


All these strategies if implied at the right time and in the right direction can bring much-required growth for the business. These strategies are not expensive and can be infused easily in the operations to give a boost to your business and your Shopify store.  Stay focused on your approach and always aim higher to grow your business.

If you find these strategies difficult and do not know where to begin from, you can approach WebBee Global to assist you with these growth strategies and more to enhance your online business.

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