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10 Ways You Can Make Your Thank You Page Generate More Sales

October 6, 2017

One of the pages that is most often overlooked is the ‘Thank You’ page which is sent to customers after they sign up on your website or make a purchase. Do you even know that this page has a huge potential in converting your visitors to regular customers? Maybe not, which okay. “Thank You” pages are the most underutilized pages used as sales funnel and very few businesses effectively use them into create a massive missed opportunity. It can help you with the following:

  • Gather Market Research
  • Customer Feedback
  • Increase Your Sales
  • Build Brand Awareness

Once you have convinced your visitors to sign up for your newsletter or updates, they become your potential target audience and are ready to accept your offers. This is your chance to continue building the relationship with your customers or leads.

Do not leave your customers high and dry by just thanking them for signing up. Instead, use this opportunity to engage them further and buy your products. This won’t take much effort but yield amazing results for your business.

We bring you some easy tips to implement to make the most of your Thank You page and lure your customers:

Gather Market Research:

Make optimum use of this page by getting an insight about your customers. Convert your Thank You page into an automated feedback tool and get to know your customers better to serve them better. Apply the following ways:

  1. Ask your customers to take a survey: Surveys are an inexpensive platform to know your customers and what they expect from you. Come up with some questions about your products and services and you are done. With these tips, you can create an appropriate questionnaire:
  2. Keep it short and crisp
  3. Inform your customers about the length of the survey and how long will it take to complete it. Customers generally avoid long and subjective questions.
  4. Make use of Google Forms to create and view responses. Also, it comes as a free tool.
  5. Check competitor’s survey and come up with some easy to answer questions about your reader and information including your products and its use.
  6. Ask your readers to tell some more about themselves: Show interest in your customers to make them feel valued. This creates trust and loyalty with the brand and the more you get to know about your customers the better.

Here are a few sample questions you could ask:

  1. What is your area of concern regarding your health?
  2. What are your goals for this year?
  3. What do you expect from our products?

Take Customer Feedback:

Taking feedback from your customers provides you with a better picture about what, why and how your customers interact with your site, products, and services. This feedback helps in spotting the reason behind their dissatisfaction, their expectations, and opportunities for your business.

  1. Make a comments section on your Thank You page to allow visitors to conveniently submit their feedback.

Here are a few examples of questions to ask to get you started:

  1. What made you subscribe to our site?
  2. Would you like any changes in our products?
  3. How do you like our new range of product?

Increase your Sales:

We already know that the ‘Thank You’ has the potential to increase your sales. Once the customers subscribe, they want to hear more from you.

  1. Add links to your content: Adding links to your content brings your customers to buy those products often. Good content also strengthens your expertise in that area and let your customers know about your knowledge of the product. The relevant content also enhances your Google ranking. You can include:
  2. Infographics
  3. Popular posts
  4. Resource pages
  5. Guides and Tutorials
  6. Display testimonials: Displaying positive testimonial of your past clients always plays in favour of the brand. Other consumers trust genuine users and their views easily than just relying on the product information provided by the manufacturer. Add these testimonials to your ‘Thank You’ page and let your subscribers read about your products and buy them.
  7. Add a video: Adding a video also adds more information about the product which can be a great idea to improve sales. Add these on the ‘Thank you’ page for subscribers to see before they decide to buy the products.
  8. Display a Promotion: Placing a promotion or a hot offer on the ‘Thank You’ page shows you value the subscription and want them to receive special benefits right from the start and not after they buy something from you. You can promote things like:
  9. Special discounts for new subscribers
  10. Products and services, you offer
  11. Adverts

Build Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is included in the goal list of every business. Once the consumers are aware of your brand, they will surely come to your site and browse products and services you offer.

  1. Ask them to follow you on social media: Many visitors ignore the social media links present on the site and this makes it important to ask them to follow you on the social network to know about your brand. If your site requires log in, ask your subscribers to use their social profiles a login to your site and like your page.
  2. Post pictures for them to pin
  3. Put adverts which take them to your social pages
  4. Use the Thank You page to display related posts and links to your social profile
  5. Share the Site: Aske your reader, subscribers, and visitors to share your site on their social networking page and promote your brand. Even if you have a widget on your page to facilitate sharing the page, ask them explicitly to create brand awareness. You can also give them extra discounts for every share and like that comes from their friends and family. This is possible through apps which access the user’s contact lists.
  6. Contribute towards the Community: Give back to the community which helps you build your business and gain profits. Build your brand around it to make it a part of your growth journey. Encourage your visitors through your ‘Thank You’ page to participate in community events, podcasts and forums to be served better.


You can increase the ROI of your ‘Thank You’ with these simple tips and make your way through the customers’ heart to increase your sales by the end of the day. Whether you want to know your customer better, increase your revenue, or promote your products – Thank You page is the perfect place to do so. To know more in-depth tactics involving technical know-how, you can contact e-commerce experts at WebBee Global who can help you with industry insights and get a grip on your target audience.Their knowledge about online market and sales is profound and assures maximum ROI possible. Get your free consultation with the strategists and start growing your business today.