Shopify Apps Development

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Shopify App Development
“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do.”
— Stephen Hawking, English physicist

Shopify App Development Company with best scalability features for Shopify stores

  • Save Time and Efforts
  • Improve Data Errors
  • Better Business Insights
  • Customization
  • Simplicity and Efficiency

Get the Best Shopify App for your Business


Shopify App Development Company extending Shopify Store’s Reach Beyond an eCommerce Site

A Shopify store has lots more to offer a seller merely than themes and cloud bases system to a merchant to sell his products across online. Already offered with plethora of eCommerce features like shopping carts, shipping returns, hosting and others, the role and importance of Shopify app is inevitable in extending the functional reach of a Shopify store and adding an array of features and services into a store. Paid as well as free Shopify apps on the basis of development are primarily available in three different sections:
  • Public App – On the Shopify App store to be used by as many as stores on Shopify App Store.
  • Private App – It is developed for a merchant with its specific business requirements that can’t be fulfilled by custom apps. It is mostly developed for a single Shopify store or a small group of clients.
  • Shopify Custom App- The custom app is for the developers having an app tailored for a single merchant and can be installed on single shopify store without any need for any approval from Shopify.
Saves Time and Money Consumed on Transaction and Processes

App integration saves ample amount of time for a merchant, where, they highly rely over manually updating data from one system to another. With limited staff available to work it becomes not only tedious to fetch data but also put stress on company resources as well. An app service provides build a Shopify app on the customization basis.

Eliminates Data Errors and Duplicates

The Shopify App Development and Integration being automated process completely eliminates data and tracking based error that is very natural to human based data entry. A Shopify App development company eliminates these errors, completely, and makes business processes efficient and faster.

Enables Better and Smarter Business Insights

With customization features developed and integrated, custom Shopify App development present real time up-to-date information leads, customers, sales and payments data to a merchant to have a complete overview of business data for analysis and future activities.

Better Control over Customization

The Shopify development service further enables developers and merchants to have better control over the integrations enabled with help of the apps. With the help of customization businesses can modify a store for their specific business requirements like CRM, Payment Gateways, Design, Fulfillment, Shipping, etc.

Integration for Enhanced Customer Experience

Technical excellence at the backend for an appealing frontend experience of the store


The overall services and benefit offered by Shopify App Development include.

Customer Engagement

Brand Awareness

Payment Gateway

Custom Pricing

Custom Functionalities

Order & Customer Management Apps

ERP Connection

Custom Marketing Apps

3rd Party integration Apps

Custom Inventory Apps

Custom Theme Apps

API Integrations

Application proxies

Carrier Service

Fulfillment Services

WebBee Shopify App Development Agency Offering a Great Number of Benefits for a Business to Expand and Grow
WebBee as a Shopfiy app development agency and Shopify development company offers a great number of integration and performance enhancement features to a Shopify store for a better customer experience, shopping and multi functionality features. Shopify App Development is imperative for service provider to expand its service base, an online merchant to facilitate important business services and for an app developer to increase base for its services. The overall business benefits offered by the app and Shopify plugin development for Shopify store are unlimited, however, some of the major one includes.
Boosting Store’s Customer Engagement

A CRM features enables a store to develop a direct marketing channel with its customers to while establishing direct and effective communication with them. It increases brand affinity to a store.

Improved Data and Business Accessibility

Shopfiy Apps integrated with the store improves a merchant’s business accessibility. It allows a business to have strong relationship with its customers to develop strong bonding and relationship with them.

Bringing Better Retail Experiences across Customers

With better customization capabilities a Shopify store with App integration brings improved and modified customer experiences across for better retail experience. It considerably reduces the overhead cost associated in a brick and mortar organization.

Digital Marketing and SEO Requirement

Digital marketing enabled Apps helps a store a lot by providing features as store statistics, discount coupons, gift cards, e-mail marketing and lots of other features.

To Meet Store’s Design & Development Needs

There are many customization and design requirements that can only be met through addition App development and integration otherwise not possible due to the code specific limitation of store.

Frontend Enhancement for Better Customer Experience

Features and customization at the backend to enable a store for better customer services features and enhanced UI at the front end.

Offering an Exciting Range Shopify App Development Services for Different Activities and Processes

As a Shopify App Development agency WebBee has an extensive experience of creating the app for different utilities and processes as required by a merchant for his Shopify store. As a Shopify product customizer, the countless number of Shopify Apps developed by us has enabled merchants and numerous organizations to integrate new and custom features into their Shopify eCommerce stores. Developed by expert software engineers some of our prominent development types are like:

Custom Pricing App Development

The app is developed for incorporating pricing feeds from different third parties shipping, carrier and other service providers.

Custom Function Apps

These Shopify apps are developed according to custom function requirement demanded by a merchant into his app store to smooth business services and enhance customer experience. Along with other Shopify customer service app is our one such specialty.

Order & Customer Management Apps

An integral part of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the order management apps not only help to smooth relationship with a client but also make entire business process far efficient.

ERP Connectors

An important Shopify App Development this app establishes a seamless connection between a Shopfiy store and ERP system like Netsuite and others.

Web Hooks

A specialized app development and custom Shopify development service provider helps a merchant to store and retrieve data from based upon various events without making API calls.

3rd Party integration Apps

These Shopify apps are designed and developed to integrate with third party websites for sharing data and features with each others.

Custom Inventory Apps

Shopify apps that get integrated with custom inventory systems for process based requirements like order, shipping and fulfillment.

Application Proxies

This allows you to display data on a store page from an outside location. This is great for dynamic content that will need to be updated regularly.

Carrier Service

It is one more type of App that is developed using our development that is used fo registering a new carrier (Shipping) service with different shipping rates. Here few common carriers include FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Fulfillment Service

This type of Shopify app allows you to create, edit and delete a fulfillment service that prominently happens to be a third party warehouse managing prepare and orders on a merchant’s behalf.

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App Development Services to Hire Shopify Developer Par beyond an Industry!

WebBee’s Shopify App development is not limited to a particular area however, has domain expertise across different industries, sectors and disciplines. The prominent areas where this expertise is offered are like:

  • Clinical Research App
  • Health Calculator/Survey
Finance & Banking
  • Payments Apps
Education / E-Learning
  • Kid Education Apps
  • School / University Apps
  • E-learning Apps
Travel And Logistic
  • On Demand Taxi Booking
  • Trolley for Shopping and E-commerce
Shopping & Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • Retail Apps
  • Deals / Coupon Apps
Media & Entertainment
  • News App
  • App for Publishers
  • Music Player Game
Why you should hire WebBee Shopify App Development Services for your Store?
The Shopify App Development expertise offered by WebBee is just not limited only to developing highly functional apps as well as they offer quick turnaround time. Our team of expert Shopify Developers creates powerful, scalable and feature rich Shopify store. The capabilities offered by our Shopify app development team include:
Simple and Easy Installation

The Shopify app development service offered by us pays special attention toward better user experience and efficiency. Therefore, every app developed by us happens to be very simple to use and configured and can be setup by a non-technical person in your organization.

Dedicated Team

While working with WeBee, you can hire a dedicated team of Shopify App developers for your exclusive customization requirement. Our team has a deep understanding of app development process and capability to judge a merchant’s store specific requirement.

Attractive UI

When you hire our Shopify app development services, our Shopify app developer designs an attractive user interface that makes it intuitive for a user to work with it. The simplified and easy interface helps your team to work faster and efficiently across your business processes.


We offer feature rich e-commerce apps that is a necessity for a store to survive in current market scenario. Our Shopify app developer makes powerful Shopify apps to trigger your business productivity and enhance your sales performance.

Easy Navigation

If your Shopify app comprises rich functionality and pretty UI but lacks in the navigational property then, there is the possibility of losing potential customers. Your buyers expect easy to use or easy navigational app store. So, hire our Shopify app developer and simplify your app navigation to sustain your potential users.

Customized Apps

As per the need of specific business needs, our Shopify app developer spends time in understanding your working model and the business processes to craft your industry-specific solution. By going in depth, we include all the functionalities that support business framework to accomplish your set business goals.

On-Time Delivery

Every business works on set rules and for desired goals. Once you decide to hire Shopify app development services from WeBee, we give you a delivery date and deliver your project on or before the deadlines. While keeping deadline in mind, we also take care of the quality of your Shopify app.

Third Party Integration

In order to make your site more functional, you can count on our Shopify app developer. We perform third-party integration depending on the core or custom needs of your specific business context. Whether, to boost your shopping cart, payment gateway or more our Shopify app developer’s inputs best practices.

Lower Development Cost

The most affordable cost makes Shopify app development services by us very exceptional and unique. Our prices are most competitive and low in respect to extensive customized development services and long term support offered by us.

Ongoing Support

We believe in long term association and terms therefore offers ongoing support for any query and technical assistance you require in installing, configuring and operating an app developed by us.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need an appealing Shopify eCommerce outlet then it is essential to hire the right Custom Shopify app development company. We at WebBee Global are backed by talented Shopify professionals who are always ready to help merchants in growing their enterprise by providing high-quality services.

Shopify is the world’s most popular online selling platform through which you can create & develop an online retail outlet from where you can promote, sell and ship your products. The special thing about Shopify is that it has low startup cost and easy to use interface. Besides this, Shopify also takes care of server maintenance and upgrades to keep your online eCommerce outlet up to date.

Absolutely yes, you can use your domain name with Shopify. If you don’t have any domain name till now then you can purchase from Shopify or third-party provider. You can connect the existing domain name to Shopify outlet without any hassle.

Whatever the problem you are facing with your Shopify eCommerce stock, share with WebBee Global and the experts will provide you an instant response. You can share your problems via sending emails at [email protected] For official support, visit the

In India, Shopify supports all the popular payment methods which are Credit & Debit cards, Net-banking, bank transfer, EMIs, Cash on Delivery, Wallets, UPI, PayPal.

Yes, you can use Shopify for selling services. In fact, you can sell almost anything on Shopify as the platform provides you outstanding features. Whether you are a copywriter or a computer repair expert, you can sell everything on Shopify eCommerce sales outlet and take your enterprise to the next level. Shopify gives you options to put your enterprise in front of millions of internet shoppers every day. Shopify is a comprehensive eCommerce solution that provides you predesigned templates through which you can create your website and start selling your services online within a small time period.

Stock Keeping Units or SKU is a unique code which is a combination of numbers and letters and used to identify product details, manufacturer, brand, style, color, size, etc. You will be surprised to know that SKUs can grow your commercial enterprise in assorted ways – 1) SKUs are used to track inventory accurately. 2) SKUs help to forecast sales. 3) SKU architectures can be used to boost customer loyalty & satisfaction. 4) If your product is out of stock then SKU can direct your customers to a similar product.

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