Marketplace Integration

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Marketplace Integration
“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”
– Sheryl Sandberg

Shopify marketplace integration offering access to clients across the globe

  • Auto listing of products
  • Access to huge customer base
  • Automated product management
  • Fulfillment & Shipping Automation
  • Return & Refund Management

To power your web store with unique integration capabilities


ERP Marketplace Integration Services for a Unified eCommerce Experience

Marketplace integration and ERP Marketplace integration both are an integral part for growing eCommerce store that are looking for expansion but at the same time are inhibited due to processes based hassles. Marketplace integration offers business more avenues for their customer base by creating as many as point of sales whereas ERP Marketplace integration streamlines the entire process for the growing eCommerce company in terms of product, inventory and order management.

Integration of an eStore with Amazon, eBay and other leading marketplace offer businesses massive sales opportunity in terms of access to their massive customer base. A marketplace integration helps a business to not only to scale up at the same on its part take care of operation and process based activities order exchange, 3PL, shipping, warehouse management and others. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wish, Houzz, Rakuten, Sears, Jet, Newegg and the list is numerous of market places with massive integration opportunities.

Some prominent advantages offered by marketplace integration include:
Access to Huge Market Base

Present massive opportunity and huge market base with access to millions of customers across the globe.

Business Intelligence Driven Marketing

Big data and deep learning based algorithm to generate intelligent marketing and business promotion campaigns

Automated Product & Inventory Management

A unified integrated system for simultaneous operation and processes across inventor eu to occurs, simultaneously, whether it be inventory, order or product management.

A Unified User Friendly Customer Experience

Present easy to use interfaces and dashboard with centralized operations from sourcing to shipping.

Accounting & Financing

Efficient and effective handling of processes including PO Management, Inventory Evaluation, ReOrder & Payments, Sales Order Portability and others.

Data Management

Offers effective data management facility for faster and automated data management .

Overall Profit Maximization

Opportunity to sell your product and services more than 50+ marketplaces across the globe .


Some unique features of Shopify Marketplace Integration for a Growing Store

Automatic Order Processing

Finance & Account

Automated Product Management

Automated Inventory Management

Data Management

Listing Management

Fulfillment & Shipping Automation

Return & Refund Management

Product Catalog Management

Work flow Management

Competition Watch

CRM ( Customer Relation Management)

Security & Fraud Protection

Vendor Management

Cross Channel Connection

How WebBee help businesses to become enterprise and expand their businesses across the Globe?
WebBee Global an integration expert offers an eCommerce business enormous capability to expand its business at the same time make it processes scalable and efficient by the means of automation and unifying the entire system. The objective of scalability by WebBee for its clients is achieved by two methods.
Marketplace Integration

Either identity a market place and then integrate it with the client’s business model or customize integration according to a client’s requirement for offering effective business expansion strategy. However, efficiency and profitability is the goal that remains whether, integration is customized is according to business model. The professionals at WebBee expert in market place integration offer a plethora of exciting activities like multichannel experience and others. WebBee Global provides you custom marketplace integration services which perfectly suits to all kinds of businesses and give you peace of mind that sites/eCommerce stores are running efficiently.

What are various advantages of Shopify Marketplace Integration?

There is no better e-store to integrate with a marketplace than Shopify due to a great number of features offered by self hosted platform to run an impressive eCommerce site. There are many benefits with Shopify that makes it a self sustaining and running eCommerce store with attractive catalog and order management system. When integration is established between Amazon and Shopify for Shipping then it is known to be as Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment. Features like straightforward integration, simple attractive and easy to customize themes, simplicity of adding products, metadata and plethora of other options make it most preferred choice as an eCommerce store.

When integrated with a marketplace, the potential of Shopify increases many times. The biggest advantage of Shopify Marketplace integration is instant accesses to the huge customer base of eCommerce market place that extends to a level of millions of users. Multichannel experience is another area that is enjoyed by eCommerce store when integrated with a huge market place like Amazon and eBay. The most common benefits reaped from a Shopify and marketplace integration not by a small but a huge business include:

Market Place Brand Value

The biggest advantage enjoyed by Shopify marketplace integration is an access to brand value and huge client base of a market place. Customers at time prefer buying from a renowned marketplace though the same product is available with owner’s small eCommerce store.

To Score Better Performance than Others in Market

In the retail selling a product that is also promoted by several other sellers, marketplace is a far better place to beat the competition. WebBee market place integration, therefore, helps a Shopify store to take advantage of huge customer base, services and brand name of marketplace to beat the competition.

An Easy Access to Huge Audience

Marketplace integration offers a business huge opportunity to a business to have an ample access to the huge customer base of marketplace to sell and promote its products. Trust factor is another important aspect among shoppers that tempt them to move towards marketplaces to buy a product instead from small eCommerce websites.

Save Time and Money in Marketing Efforts

Integration of online business with a marketplace saves ample time and effort otherwise lost into marketing and promotion. A marketplace not only offers a huge space to sell products with an adequate price as well as planned listing bring better opportunities for your product to appear on the top searches in your product category. A better business result without much investment into marketing and promotion is always welcome.

Reach and Access to International Sales

Taking advantage of pan global presence of a marketplace helps a Shopify store to extend its reach beyond localized markets. In addition to catering customer in your own country next you can reach to millions more from a single platform. It will boost up sales and business growth.

Collaborative Usage of Resources

With an integrated marketplace a seller is not required to add its own infrastructure to meet out its scalability goals. He can leverage upon the marketplace infrastructure in order to reap out benefits and extend his business. The marketplace like Amazon apart from selling also offers services like fulfillment, shipping, delivery and return. .

Simplified Fulfillment and Shipping Management

Market place integration frees a business from managing its own shipping and courier services for fulfillment. Instead the delivery services owned by market place help a business to run its fulfillment without any hassle just paying some nominal fees. It helps a seller to save revenue otherwise invested into arranging delivery services. Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment is one such example of shipping management.

Platform for Launching New Products

Marketplace is the platform where you can try and test your new products among a huge customer base where the acceptability rate for your product much higher than a smaller eCommerce store. If accepted among customers you can increase your inventory and stock accordingly.

Therefore, Shopify marketplace integration is a win-win offer for large and small business with huge growth and scalability capabilities. WebBee, primarily, offers market place integration for market place like eBay, Amazon and others on stores like Shopify, BigCommerce and others.

What makes WebBee Global Shopify marketplace integration services exceptional?
There are certain areas of efficiencies that make WebBee a unique and par excellence company in the field of Shopify market place integration. The areas of operational efficiencies include:
Database Configuration

We effectively configure and manage database so that you can easily identify which product is listed at what market place on the basis of parameters like brand, shipping time, costs, etc.

Category Mapping

Mapping of categories and SKUs at different market place is a unique feature of that is offered by our market integration services. It enables a seller to automate entire listing process and make the changes required by them.

Listing Management

Our integration process makes managing listing quite simplified and easy trough an automated process, where, desired changes can be made while using single software.

Merchandise Synchronization

An essential and most imperative part of WebBee marketplace integration services is efficient management of product inventory across all marketplaces so a seller may not have to cancel his order due to product shortage.

Order Management

We seamless connects your store across different market places including Amazon, eBay and others with a single unique interface to manage all thing from a single centralized place.

Return and Payment management

Our integration services are merely not weaved around for inventory, order and sales management, we also take care of refund and return process integration to offer your customers exceptional after sales services.

An effective integration solution to connect your e-business?