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With online market taking the companies by the storm, it remains undeniable that online presence makes a big difference in buyer and customer turn out for the business.

More and more companies are migrating online and having a social media presence to be available and stay close to potential customers. Magento is one such impeccable solution for online platforms. It supports small as well as large companies.

However, with the expansion of e-commerce, the need for further development of functionalities and customization came into light. When you choose Magento as your online platform, half your worry about your online store is sorted. You can leave the rest to WebBee for further designing and developing your Magento website.

Magento E-Commerce Development

WebBee is a top-notch provider of Magento development services and is engaged in its designing and customization for more than a decade. Our experts provide you with best-in-class e-commerce site which is a perfect blend of technology as well as creativity. Highly flexible, this open source program can be easily molded into the desired site to suit our client’s brand and values.

With Magento development, we offer you a highly customized responsive e-commerce website to bring your brand to the limelight in the online market. Check your website mobile friendly with Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. An exclusive online store which is interactive and easily navigable for its customers to have an amazing shopping experience. It also comes with power-packed web based interface for you to manage the back-end operations effectively.

We keep our clients engaged in the project from the very start to the end to give them exactly what they want without any compromises.

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Magento Extension Development

We sketch out the road-map with each of our clients to be able to understand them better and provide them value-added services. Being flexible, it allows extra plugins and extensions to be integrated to give optimal results. Our Magento development extension service offers Social Media gears, CMS, Anti-spam, SEO, Security extensions, Performance and Cache extensions and more.

These extensions bring the best in the business from the operations point of view and keep the customers engaged and increase the conversion rate. With seamless synchronization of these extensions, we enhance the usability of your business site and your business is open 24*7*365 days of the year. Our extended support enhances the growth of your business without any technical limitations.

There is no downtime for your customers and they can transact through mobile applications. We enable your customers’ happiness through extended support and keep them engaged in your growth all the time.

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Magento Speed Optimization

With online market and data service being on the all-time go, fast uploads and updates sites are highly recommended. If your site is slow and takes a long time to upload images, customers may not wait and will quickly move to other vendors. WebBee’s speed optimization service will gather the right cause behind the site’s sluggish behavior and twist it to perform faster.

After years of analytical experience, we are quick in gathering the root cause of any disturbances that occur in application development and performance. Detailed review and optimization measure will ensure your back on track within no time with our specialized optimization services.

We invest in performing rigorous testing before delivering the project to our client. We make sure our designs are error free and browser compatible so that it works in all locations and for every type of consumer. This also forms a major part of our Magento development process.

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Magento Theme Development

Development of themes on Magento platforms and then customization of those themes comes naturally to our Magento development team. With the proactive approach, we understand several business models and develop the themes to the likes of their business. Targeting the right audience for our client’s business, we use platforms like PHP, CSS, and HTML for developing the themes.

With our theme designs, you can deliver the ultimate shopping experience to your customers at minimal cost and quality service. We also try to achieve our target ahead of time to keep the buffer time for any last-minute changes. This also keeps the customer satisfied and happy.

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Magento Upgrade Services

With our upgrade services under Magento development, we cater to old as well as new clients with updates and upgrades of new versions of Magento. Being on the old version for long can affect your business big time. Bug fixes and upgrades are essential to get performance perfect site for your customers as well as your profits. We take the responsibility of keeping your site updated with new plugins and versions.

With this, we also update all extensions, plugins, and data periodically so that you do not have to run around again for small fixes. This enhances the value of your site and customers appreciate a site which follows the trend is up-to-date every time they visit.

We render all the required support for you to operate optimally in this evolving market scenario. When you partner with us, we make sure you receive unparalleled service from us all the time.

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