Shopify EDI Integration

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Shopify EDI integration
“You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”
– Warren Buffett

Various Process Based Benefits offered by Shopify EDI Integration

  • Seamless Connectivity with Shopify Marketplaces
  • Order Management from a Single Platform
  • Minimized Data Errors & Chargebacks
  • Faster Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Inventory and Order Management Through

How EDI Integration with Shopify help your operations to become faster?


Different benefits reaped by a businesses using Shopify EDI Connector?

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that offers opportunity to retailers and sellers an opportunity to sell their goods and service through a customized online store provided by the Shopify. The Shopify platform is powered with features like product catalogue creation, storefront customization, payment gateways, fulfillment and shipping.

In order to maintain business relationship with trading partners Shopify EDI brings a great number of business and process related benefits for a seller. Some of the unique and exceptional process driven benefits offered by Shopify EDI integration to a seller are like:

Business Operations Automation

Shopify EDI integration automates the entire back office operations for a Shopify owners, especially shipping, fulfillment and payment gateways.

Simplified Configuration

Shopify EDI capabilities also make the process of setup and configuration of EDI is simplified and easy for a business. The EDI integration effectively important issues of configuration like ongoing monitoring, hostings, backups and security.

Centralized Order Management/Fulfillment

A Shopify EDI connector further saves valuable business and process time otherwise wasted upon invoices from the trading partners.

Automated Management of Invoices

Shopify EDI integration lets a business to be effectively manage the sending of invoices to a client, automatically. It further integrates with all types of inventory for an effective and fast partners and retailer’s communication.

Saves Money on Hiring Staff

Ensuring automated data process EDI integration with Shopify saves a business valuable money otherwise spend over admin, data entry and trouble shooting. You can let your staff to spend money other more important activities like business growth and expansion.

Partner Access to Data Visibility

EDI integration helps business partners and retailers facility to track status of their orders directly through Shopify and capability to eliminate the communication for data access through calls and email updates.

Integrates Different Point of Sales Center

A single EDI solution can serve several different sales channel from a single platform. It integrates your online and traditional orders within a single solution.

Minimize Errors & Chargebacks

With entire process to be automated without any manual interference the entire business process becomes quite simpler efficient. It also saves a business from chargebacks and penalties.


Shopify EDI integration inspired process based benefits

The EDI integration with Shopify store let a business to takes a great number of process based benefits for different business features and activities. The prominent business processes that are impacted by Shopify EDI integration on the store include:
Sales Orders

Automatic update of orders received from retailers and customers into through SHOPIFY EDI.

Inventory Balances

Regular update of inventory in by a 3rd party logistic partner.

Product Updates

SHOPIFY EDI integration with let new products entered into from other POS system or vice versa.

Transport Orders

Creation of a sales invoice in and sending a pickup request to the courier or transport company.

Advanced Shipping Notifications

Notification alerts to a customer after completion of an order for fulfillment and payment completion activities.


SHOPIFY sends invoices automatically to a customer or ERP.

Purchase Orders

Automatic purchase orders dispatch from a supplier into with SHOPIFY EDI for Shopify.

Robust Order Reporting

With syncing and import of orders from Shopify store and sharing them for fulfillment an EDI integration insures effective and robust order management.

Bi-directional Sync

EDI integration with Shopify allows a business to carry out a bi-directional syc between online store and warehouse for automated order and inventory management.

Multi-Location Fulfillment

An EDI connector for Shopify, while, integrated with 3PL partners allow a sell to fulfill orders from different location and marketplaces.

Full Product Catalog Support

The EDI integration helps an online store owner to help its catalog updated in real time and get orders in catalog to be updated simultaneously with stock levels in inventory.

How WebBee Shopify EDI Integration offers an extra edge to a supplier in the market?

The Shopify EDI integration services offered by WebBee is instrumental making the operational activities more robust and efficient for a supplier and trading partner on Shopify. Our EDI integration solution with Shopify offers your business with an extra edge by the medium of full offering full control of your data communication. We offer service leverages for Shopify EDI integrations like:

Full-Service EDI Providers

WebBee is a full-scale Shopify EDI Integration Service Provider offering an array of EDI services for EDI development, management of an ongoing EDI solution and other activities.

Project Ownership

We take the complete ownership of the project while carrying out the changes required by the trading partners and mapping them into the system

Management and Testing

To ensure the consistency and effectiveness of EDI system developed us we manage end-t-end EDI testing in order to ensure that data flow with trading partner is effective and successful.

Communication and Monitoring

WebBee just not setup EDI integration with your business system but at the same time take cares of communication with your trading partners to effectively manage connectivity issues, setup requirements, and support activities. We, simultaneously, also monitor the entire EDI system through an effective monitoring to prevent errors and minimize data entry.

Around the Clock Availability

WebBee team remains available for EDI requirement round the clock 24/7/365 to help you out of any EDI specific need and requirement through e-mail, phone and chat.

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