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Automate your shipping with Shopify Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment App. Sync products from Shopify to Amazon FBA directly and bid adieu to all inventory hassles.

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

What is Amazon MultiChannel Fulfillment?

Have you planned to launch your products on Amazon but worrying about the idea of another channel? Well, you need not get worried about anything as Amazon MultiChannel Fulfillment is the best solution for you. Various sellers consider Amazon just like a marketplace but Amazon’s multi-channel fulfillment service is one of the best ways through which you can score more sales and manage stock as per shipping demands.

How does Multi-Channel Fulfillment work?

Amazon MultiChannel Fulfillment handles all the shipment process for you so that you can sell your products in your national Amazon web version. Amazon not only manages your orders but also processes orders which are made through your website. With Amazon MultiChannel Fulfillment, you can increase your audience and sales. Amazon MultiChannel may be a good option for you if you are selling on multiple platforms for the following reasons –

1) Amazon’s shipping options can play an important role in increasing retention and customer satisfaction.
2) Your business will become more efficient if fulfillment is taken out of the equation.
3) You can easily focus on important aspects of your business such as marketing, growing and redefining your brand that translate into more sales.
4) You can easily save more time and money while still focusing on the growth of your business.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) vs. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Both MultiChannel Fulfillment and Fulfillment by Amazon are different terms yet both appear to have similar results. Fulfillment by Amazon is a special service in which sellers store their merchandise in an Amazon Fulfillment Center and Amazon handles the responsibilities of packaging, shipping and maintaining orders. On the other hand, MultiChannel Fulfillment orders are also handled in the same way but the main difference lies in the initial stages of the purchases. The major difference between these two terms is that Fulfillment by Amazon orders are made by buyers on the Amazon marketplace while MultiChannel Fulfillment orders are placed on third-party websites which are not directly connected to the Amazon. Before using MultiChannel Fulfillment Services, the seller should have a Fulfillment by Amazon account.

The procedure which is followed by professional seller account holders –
a) First of all, the professional seller account holder has to create a listing on Amazon.
b) After that, the seller has to select a date in which items have to be shipped and also register at Amazon Fulfillment Center.
c) Then the seller’s inventory is received at the fulfillment center. When seller utilizes Amazon services for storing, packaging, shipping, the items will not appear on the Amazon website, in fact, they will only be seen on the third-party website which is already owned by the seller.

Fulfilling Orders With Multi-Channel Fulfillment :-

Whenever an order is placed through the different sales channels, the seller must use a web form to inform the Amazon about everything.

  1. Go to the seller account page and tap on the “All inventory” option. After that, you have to choose the “Create Fulfillment order” link.
  2. For order fulfillment, you have to upload all the relevant transaction info, shipping address, shipping method, and other prominent details. Sellers can upload bulk orders without worrying about anything.

There are 3 main ways to fulfill eCommerce orders-

a) FBA or multi-channel FBA
FBA or Multi-channel FBA is a special method in which sellers sell their items through various sales channels and Amazon handles the packaging and shipping aspects for them.

b) Self-fulfilled
In this method, retailers store their own inventory and fulfill orders through their own distribution network. The self-fulfillment method mainly depends on the size and budget of a company.

c) Outsourced fulfillment
Outsourced fulfillment refers to the process of hiring a third-party that can handle all the aspects of the fulfillment process including storage inventory, packing, and shipping of orders.

How Does FBA Work

Shipping Through Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

MultiChannel fulfillment provides three types of shipping options and the buyer can choose according to their wish. The three options are:-
a) Standard shipping
b) Two-day shipping
c) Next-day shipping
The shipping method mainly depends on the parameter of buyers so they can choose the best one as per their own desire.

Multi-Channel Inventory Management

If you want to keep your eCommerce business running smoothly then you must have multi-channel inventory management software. With the help of such tools, you can easily synchronize inventory across channels, avoid overselling and out of stock issues. Efficient inventory management is a critical component of modern business. If you are using the right inventory management software then you can easily overcome inventory hurdles.

Have a look at the important factors which define Amzon multi-channel fulfillment success –

Pay attention to shipping location
It is very important to choose the address you are shipping is actually closer to Amazon’s fulfillment center. Before outsourcing fulfillment, you need to measure each item’s size, weight, etc.

Deliver extraordinary client service
Amazon mainly handles the physical demands of the shipping process but FBA takes care of the merchant’s customer service needs. Whether you are using MCF or fulfilling orders yourself, Amazon tracks everything. When it comes to customer service, Amazon has stringent rules hence it would be a good idea to invest in third-party software to make sure your performance metrics are up to speed.

Order changes
For each order, you have to enter some basic info that is described in below-mentioned steps –

    • Go to the “Manage inventory” page and choose the items which you would like to get fulfilled.
    • On the same page, you need to choose “Create Fulfillment Order”.
    • Proceed to the next page and then enter the customer details in the “Ship-to-address” box.
    • In the next step, you need to fill “Order ID number” in the “Set Order ID field”.
    • Move to “Print on Packing slip” and fill a new ID number, order date, and other required info.
    • In the next step, you need to choose the desired fulfillment action as well as the shipping speed.
    • Just review your order and then submit. Once you submit the order, you can’t change the destination address.

Utilize peculiar messaging
Amazon has a similar standard of visual appearance with respect to transportation all trader items. This implies you’re marginally restricted with regards to marking and personalization. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you can do everything as per your wish in order to add a personal touch to each shipment. If you want to enhance customer experience then you can also choose a customized packing slip that will have a special message from you to the customer. In other words, you can make your packages more personal, regardless of what customers have purchased.

Grow Your Business With Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment

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Sync Inventory From Amazon To Shopify
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