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Personalerweiterungsdienste für ein effektives ERP-Kompetenzmanagement


Cloud ERP Staff Augmentation Services

WebBee provides quality solution in terms of cloud ERP staff augmentation services that help to bridge the skill gap within your organization. We help organizations those who need cloud ERP experts to train your workforce about the use of cloud ERP solution.

If you think that your staffing needs have been changed and you require experts that can help your business in implementations, enhancements, and customizations then, you can hire our cloud ERP staff augmentation services. All you need to describe your exact requirement and we will provide cloud experts that can be a proven milestone for your business.

Hire Our cloud ERP staff augmentation services as per the customized need in your work infrastructure. Businesses can avail our resources on short time basis whether remotely or onsite basis. So, if you have staffing concern in terms of cloud ERP then, just contact us today, we will find you expert resources that can join your project at any time.

our Staff Augmentation Services

Selective Skillful Experience

Selective Skillful Experience

Organizations are driven by results generated by the talent pool they hire. Companies spend a lot of money, time and effort fishing the best possible suitor for the operation. They are willing to go long way sometimes even international for that matter. Staff Augmentation is an excellent option for organizations willing to amass the best talent in the industry. It basically opens up the door to multitude layers of talent to be cherry-picked. Majority of companies today are entertaining the endless possibilities of Staff Augmentation. Ensures having the most talented.

Reinvented Remuneration

Reinvented Remuneration

It is an organizations responsibility to look after its employees. Make sure that the compensation offered to its workforce matches the talent and deliverable capabilities. However, at times companies stack up on employee numbers to undertake a huge project and often after the project completion they are more of a financial burden than an asset. Staff Augmentation practices have reinvented endowment process as a whole. Companies can hire staff on a contract basis as and when required which facilitates company as well the employee.

Undemanding Resource Management

Undemanding Resource Management

Companies managing their resources methodically are bound to out-perform their competition. Employees working in different departments of an organization are the most important and difficult to manage resources. As the complexities in the work and efficiency of an employee differ so is their response to management. Staff Augmentation can break the ice here and save organizations from the hustle of resource management. Companies employing staff augmentation are always in control of their resources which enables companies to perform better.

Controlled Attrition

Controlled Attrition

There are a lot of factors negatively impact the growth rate of a company. Attrition is one of them which have a direct impact of almost every operation of any company. Planned or expected attrition is a soft blow however does impact company’s deliverables. Staff Augmentation is the next generation solution for attrition. Employing the attributes of staff augmentation companies can make sure attrition is planned and counter it effectively. In a situation where the company is already handling a project and a bunch of leads flee the company; staff augmentation can save the day. Staff augmentation provides the freedom of choice with the benefit of precise headcount.

Mutual Betterment

Mutual Betterment

Staff Augmentation is beneficial for the employer as well as the employee. It gives the selection in the time of need to employers and unbounded opportunity to employees. Staff Augmentation ensures the mutual benefit of both sides. There is a good chance that employees can demand a good remuneration based on their skills as the position might be a temporary one. Freelancing individuals can be greatly benefitted from staff augmentation. Companies can accept the remuneration demand and still be in profit as all the compensation components are not applicable to contractual employees. Either way, it is a win-win situation for all!

Project Handling

Project Handling

Companies do all that is in their power to snatch a project from the clutches of their competitors. However, obtaining project is just the tip of an iceberg; real trouble is handling and delivery. Not forgetting to mention, keeping quality and delivery timelines in check. Companies have to be ready as soon as they obtain a project and staff augmentation can serve the demand-supply gap. Companies can hire staff whenever there is a need to and make most of it. Project handling and delivery timelines are positively meet as there is ample talented staff just when it was needed. Project delivery ratio along with profits increases without having to worry about stockpiling employees.

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Utmost Utilization of need, supply approach

Staff Augmentation as stated earlier empowers business to cater to their hiring needs efficiently. Companies get the perk of selective hiring, in terms of need of the company and talent of an individual. Hiring being an integral part of resource management, when clubbed with staff augmentation practices it enhances the entire process. Companies today need to be smart and one step closer to modern day practices.

Talent pores in the organization

Staff Augmentation can significantly increase the quality of resources while keeping quantity under check. Contractual, part-time or freelancing employees offer more than asking. Implementing staff augmentation invite more talent than normal hiring process as the selection parameters are filtered and revised. Companies become more open to various forms of employment and unlock a chance to revolutionize legacy operations.

Dilate and Adjust

Hiring employees often dilate and size and resource pool of a company, however, on attrition it might be difficult for them to adjust. Not only while attrition at times unplanned mass recruitment might shake the company. Staff augmentation provides need-based hiring model and leverages like planned attrition to stabilize any organization no matter the size. Companies need not to worry about staff management and can convert that time to productivity.

Quality is an all-time high

Staff Augmentation adds experienced and skilled employees to the environment. Quality is never compromised as the hiring process is stringent in terms of talent and term based requirement. Employers can handle projects with confidence as the resource pool is always high on talent quotient. Moreover, an environment of sustainable growth is cultivated well within the company where employees feel more valued. Companies can see to it that quality delivering staff can be hired and rewarded to stimulate mutual development.

Reduction in Turn-around time

Companies promise high on delivery metrics to not only gain projects but also to develop faith in the relevant industry. Promise-keeping, however, requires smooth handling of projects along with delivering assured quality. Now, the quality of any project is directly influenced by the members handling the project. Staff Augmentation practices enables companies to hire new employee which has a fire for acknowledgment and rewards. The reward expectation can increase the delivery quality of an employee. However, this approach would only show results in new joiners rather than presently already satisfied employees.

Innovation-Oriented Opinion

There are always multiple ways of solving a particular problem, the question is which the most efficient way is? Companies are constantly on a look out of partnering in technological advances to guarantee innovation in problem-solving. Staff augmentation is the key to drive innovation oriented mass to the door of your organization. Hiring on the go means a possibility to meet several perspectives. It gives companies the element of surprise and the edge to surf ahead of the competition. Innovation is rewarded be it solving client projects or internal repairing internal complications.

Tap Training Time

Companies devote a huge chunk of time and employee resources to train existing resources. For any company cut on employee training could work financial wonders. Moreover, think about all the time organizations could divert from training rooms to project delivery discussion rooms. Needless to say, training is an important part of employee development which in turn adds value to project delivery. However, through staff augmentation companies can smartly hire experienced people for work; saving the trouble of formulating training modules and employing training help.

Recruit only when required

Many companies because of severe and fierce competition see not all months equally in term of project incomings. There could be times where full of the calendar is marked and at times not even a single day. This predicament becomes worse when companies have ample resource but no projects. Staff Augmentation offers a wiser solution, which helps maintain the balance throughout the year. The case could be reversed too when companies have a lot of projects nearing deadlines and short staff to devote. Either way Staff Augmentation is the best possible solution.

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