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WebBee’s ERP WooCommerce Integration

WebBee’s ERP WooCommerce Integration

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WooCommerce and ERP solution are the potential software for your business. But, a paucity of integration may cost time and sales opportunities.

Why WooCommerce and ERP needs to be Integrated? WebBee Global’s WooCommerce and ERP integration services offers a nurturing experience for your retail customers.

WebBee Global WooCommerce connector service teams have expertise in custom integration, resolving cloud integration issues. Customer-specific integration of the eCommerce platform and ERP applications are the backbone of the industry.

The WebBee Global ERP integration service is the only solution available which consists of a standard, product and category management features. A standard connector might not address all business requirements; hence our connectors can be customized to address individual business needs.

Avert the probability of order mix-ups and data entry errors. Time, money and costs can be saved by automating WooCommerce store with your accounting, shipping, and stock data.

Our Integration services manage all inventory, stock, fulfilment and financial aspects, and automate the synchronization of the customer data, sales order and product information. This enables businesses to streamline back-end with the front-end, and best resource utilization. All necessary data housed at WooCommerce store enables the best business decisions-making in real-time.

WebBee Global WooCommerce & ERP integration services automates the following:

  • Sync Customers, orders, & fulfilment
  • Live listing and concurrent schedule ending
  • Support partial fulfilment of sales orders
  • Support multiple warehouses in ERP system
  • Automatically transfers product information, pricing and SKUs


Sync, control, and manage Inventory

  • Manage and control inventory from a single centralized location, synchronizing data across your respective stores, and maintaining stock levels in real-time. Sell products on WooCommerce or any e-commerce platform, inclusive of Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, with ease.
  • Automatically maintains the available items as per the status of the sales in the inventory and accordingly modify the customer’s purchase history, permitting future sell marketing campaigns.

Shipping Tracking Sync and Fulfilment

  • Integrate shipping for the rate comparison. Just print shipping labels and choose lists, track shipments, and accordingly notify customers.
  • Automatically modify and update the orders using WebBee Global WooCommerce integration via tracking numbers, providers and tracking links, also as the portions of the order get shipped.

Order Management and Customer Sync

  • Manage order status across entire sales channels from a single location. By default, download orders, process returns, track order status, and record sales transactions in retailer’s accounting system.
  • It transfers orders and customers to ERP software in real time. This determines the repeat clients and customers in the entire system.

Integration of the Accounting

  • Timely execution of the accounting, with accuracy in an organized manner. Efficient executions of the tax compliance. Automatically dispatch all sales and prices from WooCommerce, marketplaces, and payment processors directly into retailer’s accounting system (via Xero, QuickBooks, ERP system).

Export Details

  • Updating retailer’s WooCommerce pages with shipping and tracking related details as soon as orders get fulfilled in the ERP software. Shifting shipping data to WooCommerce pages and sync shipping strategies across WooCommerce pages and ERP system.

Catalogue Management

  • Manage Catalogue information like Name, Images, Price, Description, Variants in ERP and let connector reflect respective amendments on each platform on which retailer sells.

Business Analytics

  • Financial reports visibility of all channels. Access top performing items and get informed about your highly-valued customers.

Complete Customization

  • Our integration is completely customizable; fitting to specific business needs. Optimizing sales potential on WooCommerce pages with ERP solutions. Selling on marketplaces and shopping sites is no longer a difficult process with WebBee Global customized ERP WooCommerce integrated solutions.

Stock Levels and Pricing

  • Monitors accurate stock levels of items with information shared between your ERP system and WooCommerce. Also, pricing details can perfectly be shared between the same.

Save Time & Money

  • WebBee Global WooCommerce Connector is a value-for-money solution, permitting business to concentrate on the core business activities, eliminating requirements of heavy investment cost on hardware or software maintenance.

Steadfast Customer Care Service

  • Our expertise enable retailers to respond and capture customers’ needs with ease, as WebBee Global ERP solution integrator work as an individual customer tracker.

Error Elimination

  • Reduces the chances of errors with automated data entry system from all aspects (products, shipping, pricing, orders, etc.).

Synchronizing Categories

  • Hierarchy synchronization through filtering by parent categories or presentation tabs. The customer can choose whether to sync description or summarize info from their ERP system to WooCommerce.
  • WebBee Synchronizes and filters the Meta-data from ERP system to WooCommerce

Customer Sync

  • The Customer syncs performed from ERP system to WooCommerce site and vice versa. Manages all customer data in either location with configurable advanced mapping in near real-time.


  • Manage the process of refunds in ERP and automatically sync to your website.

Price Levels

  • WebBee Global WooCommerce Connector backs up and supports all quantity based pricing needs of the customer. Using the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension, retailers are permitted to control many price levels as per the requisition. This also supports multi-currency.


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