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Steps Register MWS
“It Is Not The Strongest Of The Species That Survive, Nor The Most Intelligent, But The One Most Responsive To Change.”
– Charles Darwin


Being an e-commerce owner, Amazon Marketplace Web Services is an essential tool to drive your business with more positive results. Amazon MWS offers such a platform whereby you can handle and manage your sales orders, inventories, reports, and shipping etc. more effectively and efficiently.

All you need to perform your registration for Amazon to utilize the above benefits to grow your e-commerce business. Let WebBee guides you to the step by step process to register on Amazon MWS.


You need to perform sign in just to register on Amazon MWS. So, click on sign in button. After clicking on sign in, you will have a complete sign in form to fill. Here, you can either login with your existing Amazon login details or can create a new account.

Once you get success in your Amazon account login, you will be asked to create login credentials. Provide your name along with email address and password to secure your Amazon account. After filling all these details click on continue. Now you have credentials to login your account.


Once you fill out and submit this detail, you will be redirected to a payment gateway page. Now, you can process payment to register on Amazon MWS. Once you process the payment, you will be redirected on a page where you need to fill and verify your telephone number along with your country code.

Now, you have done all. You can access your Amazon seller account now. Here you can see your seller ID along with your marketplace ID. You can also manage access to specific developers. You will also receive a confirmation email for further processing.