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Small Business CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Small Business CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

No business is small for its owner. And at WebBee, we aim to enhance it continuously to help you realize your ultimate goal to make it big.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a name suggests is a simplified tool used by organizations to analyze customer communications, relationships and manage their data throughout the lifecycle of the project. The sole purpose of placing this strategy is to improve business relationships with customers, and to assist them in services provided with the end goal of achieving sales growth.

As a company, if you seeking for options to save on cost as well as on manual effort, implementing a CRM solution is the correct business decision. WebBee simplifies your life by being a one-stop information hub for all your CRM needs. The entire point of installing our customized CRM software is to build positive experiences with customers so that they return to your site or business. This creates loyalty as well a stepping stone towards profitability.

Our CRM software is customized to sync with all kinds of clients. It compiles the required information of their customers through different channels like the company’s website, live chat, direct email, telephone, marketing materials and social media. For our e-commerce clients, our CRM systems can also provide details on customers’ personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

Key Attributes & Qualities :–

Marketing Automation

  • Automation of your marketing strategy to enhance your communication with your customers.
  • Sends sales brochures at respective intervals to your customers to turn a sales lead into a full- fledged customers.
  • Social networking, emails and messages for effective marketing.

Location-Based Services

  • Creates geographic marketing campaigns based on customers’ physical locations.
  • Integrate with popular location-based GPS application
  • Use a networking or contact management tool to find sales prospects for your preferred location.

Sales Force Automation

  • Cuts down on duplication efforts between a salesperson and a customer.
  • Achieve automatic tracking of all contact and follow-ups between both sides.

Contact Center Automation

  • Designed to reduce cumbersome tasks of agents through IVR that assists in customer problem-solving and information broadcasting.
  • Automated tools integrated with the agent’s desktop tools to handle customer requests with the goal of cutting down the time of calls and simplify customer service processes.

Why We are different :–

Lead Capture – Automatically capture leads from multiple sources.

Opportunities – Manage sales pipelines in a staged manner and utilize opportunities as soon as they appear.

Task Planner – Plan activities as per your email/SMS reminders and get timely alerts.

Mobile CRM App – Provides mobile application for field staff to manage sales as long as a computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet connects to the Internet.

Integration – Fully customized integration and plugins are provided to keep your business updated at all times.

Documentation – Manage your business documents and client interactions in one place to get quick information from one place where all the data is aggregated.

Customization – We are expert in customization and integration which provides endless features to our clients.

Sales – CRM solution provided by us enables our clients to close their deals faster.

Online services – Access your CRM solution from anywhere and anytime to get real-time data.

Security of Data – Customer data is stored safely and is secure from cyber thefts and security breaches.

  • WebBee’s CRM software for small business facilitates them to remain, customer, focused.
  • Reduced manual effort in managing client data boosts growth.
  • A comprehensive solution built to increase profitability and decrease efforts.
  • Complete mobility to cover all customers from every direction.
  • Gives clear reports to make informed business decisions.

Redefine your customer relationship through our CRM software and grow your business rapidly. Satisfied customers are the foundation of e-commerce business and therefore it makes complete sense to invest in your valuable customers. We do the same with our clients. With WebBee’s CRM software, you can interpret your customer data in a single view dashboard and take necessary actions if required.


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