Tally Shopify Integration App

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Tally Shopify Integration App
“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”
– Henry Ford, founder Ford Motor Company

Tally Shopify Integration in India for Effective and Faster eCommerce Transactions

What process based advantages does Shopify Tally 9.0 ERP Integration offers to a business?

  • Filling the data sharing gap between Shopify and Tally
  • Let a seller to get rid of separate logins on Shopfiy and Tally
  • Automated data sharing boosting business processes
  • Performance enhancement for improved business productivity
  • Automated inventory and order management

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Why should you opt for Shopify-Tally 9.0 integration App for business efficiency?

Tally Shopify ERP 9.0 ERP integration offers business and sellers in India looking for an absolute e-Commerce and Tally 9.0 integration solution for efficient order processing and data backup for their Shopify orders. Developed exclusively for Shopify sellers in India, the Shopify tally integration automates data exchange between Shopify and Tally without any need to have separate logins on Shopify and Tally. It completely relives a seller from manual data feeding between the applications and even makes the data sync between the Shopify and Tally for effective inventory and data management.

The overall business automation, process and data exchange benefits offered by Shopify Tally integration includes.
Increase Productivity

With the help of automated data integration offered between Shopify and Tally 9.0 ERP integration business productivity improve several times. Enabling product information directly uploaded to Shopify catalogue from Tally along with inventory and pricing information the app increase business productivity several times by saving times otherwise wasted over manual data feeding and errors.

Eliminate Errors and Duplication of Data

With the entire process of data sharing between the Shopify and Tally devoid of any manual feeding and completely automated ensures that nay data field is not duplicated or have any typing errors. The errorless data process thus keeps inventory, pricing and orders up-t-date and accurate. This improves customer relations and maximizes business profits.

Data Error Reduction

The integration Tally ERP with Shopify most importantly reduces data error that can be fatal blow to business processes and can have reverse impact upon business cash flow with delayed payment and increased business cycles. With the data, automatically, updated into the system with the help of App, the entire business process becomes efficient and faster in absence of any data errors.

Improved Business Efficiency

With data synchronization in real time between systems without any separate logins and manual data feeding the overall business efficiency improves several times due to faster and accurate data processing between the systems. The improved business process further results into enhanced revenues and profits.

Simpler Fields Mapping

The Shopify Tally ERP integration app further helps to map fields between Tally and Shopify for enabling smooth and faster data sync between the fields. Fields like item number, Item name, department, category name, manufacture, description, etc., hence are mapped.

Comprehensive Reporting for Sales Data

With its centralized dashboard, the Tally ERP integration app provides a comprehensive and complete sales report, order and inventory status to a seller. With the help of integration you can generate immediately important business reports sales and others from Tally ERP 9.0


What processes are being supported for Shopify –Tally Integration?

The success of your business processes within Shopify-Tally integration largely depends upon the mapping of data and field between the applications. The major data synchronization activities being carried out between Shopify and Tally are like:

Export of Data from Tally to Shopify

WebBee Shopify Tally integrator exports important products and items data to Shopify store for catalogue to be updated. Data for catalogue fields like images, product variants, price details, discounts are updated form Tally ERP to Shopify Store.

Import of Orders info and other Data from Shopify

The Shopify Tally integration app by WeBee imports entire new order details from Shopfiy and send them to Tally ERP 9.0 for an effective order management. Within complete order information the different business data information downloaded include product purchased under that order, quantity and variants, shipping information, order amount, customer information and others.

Real-Time Data Sync

The most pivotal task accomplished by a Shopify Tally integration app is of bridging the gap existing between the two applications. The app shares all the important and imperative customer and item data between Shopify and Tally. Whether, it is item information or order information, the data here is being sync between Tally and Shopify.

Automated Product Update

Integration with Tally ERP enables a seller on Shopify to automatically update its store data with respect to inventory fields like products, prices and quantity. The WebBee Shopify Tally integration app therefore update product related information like images, quantity and product attributes into the web-store.

Order Management

The tally and Shopify integration app offered by WebBee ensures an effective and robust order management for Shopify store owners in India. Under its order management process, the app import customer information from Shopify to tally. The app automates orders and invoice processes on the basis of existing business rules. It imports billing information from Shopify to Tally. The app further supports multiple payment gateways to make business transactions more clear and versatile.

Inventory Management

Other imperative process based task helped by this app include is effective inventory management. This Shopify -Tally integration app, therefore, imports product images, description and pricing from Tally and updates product catalogue on the Shopfiy store. Therefore, on the basis of inventory level and price, the app updates variations in inventory level and pricing on the app.

Shipping & Fulfillment Management

The app also manages Shipping and fulfillment management for the Shopify orders through and let customer and orders information to be passed to Tally ERP for further fulfillment from the logistic company. The app also sends fulfillment detail from Tally to Shopify.


The app notifies a customer through email notification about order, fulfillment and shipping status in real time as soon as an order is processed and completed.

Shopify Order Status Updates

The app tells about different order status for Overall, Tally and Shopify respectively.

  • Shopify Order Status: Incomplete, pending shipped, partially shipped, refunded, canceled, declined, awaiting packup, awaiting pickup, awaiting shipment, completed, awaiting fulfillment, disputed, partially fulfilled, manual verification required.
  • Tally Order Status: Pending Approval, Pending Fulfillment
  • Overall Order Status: Incomplete, pending shipped, partially shipped, refunded, canceled, declined, awaiting packup, awaiting pickup, awaiting shipment, completed, awaiting fulfillment, disputed, partially fulfilled, manual verification required
Various Data Sync features and Activities by WeBBee Data Integration!

The app helps the data to be synchronized between Tally and Shopify with respect to different business process efficiencies like fulfillment, sales, order processing and others. The app helps data to be simultaneously exchanged between Shopify and Tally. The data of following data field is shared between the applications with the help of Shopify ERP integration App.

Data List Exported form Tally ERP 9.0 to eCommerce
  • Item #
  • Item name
  • Department/Category Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
  • Image
  • Price – Retail, Price Level A/B/C
  • Sales price
  • Color
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Style Matrix
  • Various other fields
Data List Exported From Shopify to Tally ERP 9.0
  • Order Number
  • Customer Bill To name
  • Bill to Address
  • Ship to Name
  • Ship to Address
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Item Code
  • Item Name
  • Item Quantity
  • Item Unit Price
  • Row Total
  • Discount
  • Tax
  • Shipping Cost
  • Gross Total
How WebBee Shopify -Tally integration app is and different from other Tally Integration Apps in the market?
There are many distinguished features of the App that make it unique and different from other Tally eCommerce integration app in the market.
Simple and Easy to Install

The app is provided with simpler and easier interface and self guided downloading steps so that even a not technical staff in your office can simply configure the app and even begin working with it.

Round the Clock Customer Support

We offer around the clock support for each and every query raised by either by a customer around the app whether it be installation, downloading, configuration and customization on phone. Or you can peek through and across our extensive knowledge base and blogs for learn more about the app.

Fully Integrated eCommerce Tool

With an organization having extensive experience in eCommerce integration our Shopify –Tally integration app is developed with extensive customization maximum features to fully utilize capabilities of Tally as well as Shopify.

Higher Returns

In addition to effective management of business processes across applications for business efficiency, the app offered by WebBee simultaneously improves business transactions thus reducing operational cost resulting into higher returns and improved profitability.

Scalable and Flexible

There is no limit to the orders processed across and through this App, it is a highly scalable app and offers immense scalability opportunity to growing business in terms of efficiency handling with business orders are gets growing.

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