Oracle NetSuite Integrator for Contacts

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Oracle NetSuite Integrator for Contacts
“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”
— Oprah Winfrey, Philanthropist

Power Sales E-mailing Capabilities Through NetSuite Exported Contacts

  • Use NetSuite Contacts for an Effective eMail Campaigns
  • Improved Efficiency of your sales companions
  • Get a faster leads and business conversions
  • An automated sync of NetSuite and Google Contacts

Why should an enterprise choose to export NetSuite Contacts to Google contacts?

In the data driven business environment, the role of a contact containing an email address and phone number is first point of contact with a customer during the process of lead generation and business development. The source of prospect and customer data at ERP system like NetSuite, when, exported to an email system’s like Gmail’s contact list improves the overall campaign capability. The automated sync of NetSuite Contacts with Google contact not only improves campaign capability at the same time improves capability of sales representative as well. The benefits offered by NetSuite Contacts integrated into Google Contacts under a marketing campaign include:

  • Let a sales representative to have all NetSuite contacts available at a place to send a prospect send a mail straight away from Gmail.
  • Save a sales representative from his efforts of regularly copying and pasting the contacts from NetSuite to Google contacts.
  • With an Oracle NetSuite Integrator the process of data sync become automated with a sales representative without any need to sign in frequently into a NetSuite Account.
  • Improved efficiency of sale representative and sales campaign due to better management of contacts from NetSuite.
  • Enhanced e-mail campaign accuracy in absence of manual data entry.

Therefore, an email campaign while inspired from the contacts imported from NetSuite offers a faster and effective business results.


How WebBee Oracle NetSuite Integrator for Contacts Speeds up a mail campaign from Google Suite?

The ‘Oracle NetSuite Integrator for Contacts’ app offers an effective business solution to a sales manager to spearhead his marketing campaign from Gsuite through contacts imported from NetSuite in a go. The app is a Google Contacts Add-on that allows an automated export of customer and prospects e-mail addresses and contact details from NetSuite to Google contacts allowing an enterprise to have email addresses and other useful client information to be actively used for communication with customers and business prospects through Gmail by sales representatives. To be actively used to improve the progress of sales and marketing campaign Oracle NetSuite Integrator for Contacts helps a Sales Representive to effectively use Gmail in following manner.

  • The Add-on relives a seller from frequent signin into NetSuite in order to extract e-mail addresses for launching an email campaign by a sales representative.
  • Sends E-mails and Customer Information from NetSuite Contacts to Google Contacts Automatically without any need to signin frequently into NetSuite.
  • Scheduled updates of addressees in Google contacts from NetSuite according to set time intervals.
  • The app improves the efficiency of sale representative where he can have better control over customer data.
  • With the automated export of contacts details from NetSuite to Google contacts, it ensures data accuracy in absence of manual data entry.
  • With a scheduled verification of contact details, the app completely removes any chance for the contacts details to be duplicated from NetSuite to Google contacts.
  • Allows a sales representative to edit NetSuite contacts in Google contacts.
How does the WebBee Oracle NetSuite Integrator for Contacts App is different from other service providers in the Market?

WebBee Oracle NetSuite Integrator App for Contacts is different from its peer apps in the market with respect to data export from NetSuite Contact to Google Contacts.

  • The app is easy to download and install.
  • The app has a simple interface and guided with steps for quick and easy app setup.
  • Provided with excellent tech as well as customer support around the corner 24X7.
  • Extensive knowledge base to have learning about any topic allied to functioning of the App.
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