Neto Multi Channel Fulfillment App

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Neto Multi Channel Fulfillment App
“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team”
– Reid Hoffman, co-founder LinkedIn

Boost Shipping of Orders Through Neto Multi Channel Fulfillment App

Remarkable Automated fulfillment solution to leverage Amazon FBA Services for a faster shipping experience


Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App for NETO

A complete auto fulfillment app for Neto stores owners to save their valuable business time and money through fulfilling their order through this app by Amazon FBA. The app enables a Neto merchant to use Amazon FBA’s exceptional logistics and supply chain capabilities for fulfilling his orders in fast, efficient and simplified manner. Additional benefits of seamless inventory and order management, along with Amazon custom shipping method and speeds.

Order Export to Amazon FBA for Automated Fulfillment

Exports Neto orders automatically to Amazon FBA for faster, efficient and timely fulfillment inspiring performance improvement.

Sync Inventory with Neto for Order Mapping

Sync inventory from Amazon FBA with Neto for mapping of SKUs and automated fulfillment of orders.

Seamless Inventory and Oder Management

Inventory and order management for assessment of stocks at the Amazon fulfillment center to avoid order rejection situations

Better Control of Shipping Speeds

Offers enhanced and increased control over shipping speeds adding custom Amazon shipping methods.

Simple and Easier Installation

A simple installation and configuration of the app without using any code through pre-guided steps and customer support team.

Bundle Mapping for Combo offers

Bundle mapping of items with a specific SKU for discount offer and seasons sales while increasing the cart value.

Accurate Data without Errors

Data accuracy with elimination of typing error on account of automation further makes fulfillment process faster and robust.

Only One Time Login

The Auto MCF app saves a merchant from login on different system to feed data saving time and costs on human resource.

Complete Business Ownership

Offer business ownership on Amazon without relying upon its seller policies saving revenue over Amazon referral fees.

Client Testimonials
“The app offered by WebBee is now an integral part of our business and we can’t imagine our fulfillment process without it. Since I have logged into this app shipping of my orders has been now simplified and fast and I even don’t care of data error anymore. Thanks WebBee! For such a useful app…”
Paul Smith
“I initially download this app to syc inventory from Amazon FBA to our Shopify store to map orders but was amazed to see its awesome features like automatic fulfillment of orders, item mapping and other. Above all the support from the WebBee team is incredible solve any query.”
James Scott

App Screen Shots

While choosing the Auto MultiChannel Fulfillment App, it is very necessary to distinguish between Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment.

Set Up Instructions

In order to setup Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App for Neto a merchant is required to follow instructions under configuration tab for:

  • Neto Settings
  • Marketplace Settings
A. Neto Settings

Under Neto settings a merchant is required to set up three activities for the functioning of the app.

  • Email Notifications to Admin
  • Order Shipping Notifications to Customer
  • Adding Amazon Shipping rates according to order
After Clicking Configure Button
B. Marketplace Settings

Marketplace setting enables a merchant to add as many as allowed Amazon marketplace to the App list and enable and disable then according to his order preferences.

Adding a New Marketplace

For adding a marketplace a merchant is required to provide his Amazon Seller ID and Amazon MWS Authorization Token ID and to authenticate and save them in order to have access to selected Amazon marketplace to fulfill orders.

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